How to respond to a missed call

Imagine the end of the rainbow is at your doorstep. A pot of gold is waiting for you, only if you just open the door. You must be thinking why are they making this analogy in a blog about missed calls? Well, because it shows exactly what you’re missing when you do not attend a customer call.

An opportunity presents itself in the form of a potential customer, your marketing efforts have paid off and customers are reaching out to you. You are in the best possible situation right now, but wait, you did not know that the customer (rainbow) is awaiting you. Maybe you couldn’t answer (the door) because you were away or simply because you were occupied at that time. The pot of gold or the revenue that the customer could bring is now gone, right?

Wrong! You can still get to the pot of gold. All you need to do is, ask for some time to get to the customer (the gold). The question that you need to ask here is: how to respond to a missed call via text?

What does that precisely translate into? In simple words, it means that when you are unable to attend to a customer call, you have to provide a reason as to why you couldn’t and that you need some time to get back to the caller.

How to respond to a missed call?

When you’re unable to attend a call, it turns into a missed call. You need to ensure that this missed call does not turn into a missed opportunity.

One might think that if a call is missed it’s okay, you’ve still got voicemail. The opportunity isn’t completely lost. While Voicemail has its benefits, it is smart to be aware of its limitations too. Only 20% of callers resort to leaving a voicemail. The other 80% are missed opportunities. Now a question might arise, how do you retain these 80% callers?

There are 2 ways you can go about this :

1. Call back the customer immediately 

While the first method is certainly more desirable, it is limited in the sense that the customer might not pick up your call. He/she might get busy with some other work, and completely forget about it later on! Moreover, assuming that your customer will leave a voicemail is absolutely based on chance as not a lot of customers do that. Purely relying on calling customers immediately or depending on voicemails isn’t enough.

2. Engage the caller by text

Whether a customer wants to book a new appointment, book a service, reschedule one, or raise a query; they can simply reach out to you through the missed call text that you send them. When you miss a call, you can send a text message that is as simple as, “Hey, I am sorry to have missed your call. How can I help you today?”. Whether you run a dental practice or offer home cleaning services, it is important for you to capitalize on any and every opportunity to build your customer base as well as your revenue. There is no doubt in the fact text messaging can do wonders to your business

A quick follow-up with a customer through a text message will give you the opportunity to interact with them before they turn to any other business to avail service. Not only will this missed call text-messaging will be convenient for your customer, but will also help you retain all those missed calls that would otherwise be difficult through call or voicemail.

You can customize the messages as per your operational hours and simultaneously make sure that your customers are being taken care of. When a customer has a platform to connect to your service, they can easily reach out to you for anything they need, whether it is availing a medical service or having a home service requirement. 

How does Emitrr solve the problem of missed calls? 

The Emitrr software allows a two-way messaging option for the customers to convey their requirements. In addition to sending an automated text that you can set up in the software, you can also send customized text messages to understand the needs of the customer. With a record of all the calls that you missed, you can connect with your customers through automated or personalized text messages, and make sure that your unavailability doesn’t cost your business. 

All in all, the art of converting a potential customer requires little effort and a lot of awareness. By awareness, we mean that you should be aware of the calls that you miss on a daily basis, and by effort, we mean that you must know a way to deal with those missed calls and make sure that you engage with those people.

Irrespective of the size of your business, it is important to realize that you cannot afford to miss out on potential revenue opportunities. That is why, when it comes to reaching out to your customers in the case of missed calls, it is important that you have a way to engage with them and provide them with the required service. With this, not only will your marketing efforts will have come to fruition, but will also bring in a good word for your business. 

Wondering how to respond to a missed call? What are you waiting for? Get ready to convert those missed calls with our easy-to-use software and bring in more business! 

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