What is Review Management?

Review management

What is Review Management?

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Reviews constitute an important part of the growth of any business for a variety of reasons. While positive reviews help portray a business in a positive light, negative reviews highlight gaps that businesses need to work on. Nevertheless, irrespective of the nature of the reviews, the credibility of any business lies in what people say about them. In order to understand, analyse, and act upon reviews, review management plays a crucial role. 

Let’s take an example of two different businesses, one with 5 reviews and the other with 0 reviews. If, as a customer, you get to pick between availing a service or buying a product from either of these businesses, which one would you choose? 

It’s obvious that you would find the business with 5 reviews to be more credible, and would pick that business. In fact, the purchase likelihood of a business with 5 reviews will be 270 percent more than the business with no reviews. This is how online reviews impact the sales of any business. 

What is review management? 

Review management is nothing but the practice of managing and monitoring online reviews left by your consumers across various relevant platforms. Irrespective of the size of your business, it is important that you actively practice review management. It broadly covers two elements: 

1. Responding to positive and negative reviews 

It is a simple and effective way of demonstrating that you value feedback. It is important to respond to reviews, whether they are positive or negative. If you receive a positive response, you can simply thank the customer. If you receive a negative review, you can begin by apologising to the customer, and then try to address their concerns. 

2. Flagging and eliminating fake reviews 

Flagging a review means highlighting a fake review for Google to assess it and see if it falls in the context of the review policy. If Google feels the review to be highly inappropriate, then it will delete it. If not, then google will deny your request. 

When you ask a customer to write a review, you’re giving them the power to influence the purchase decisions of potential customers. Did you know that nearly 84 percent of the total consumers consider reviews to be as important as a personal recommendation? Considering that reviews hold such importance in the digital sphere, review management should be a part of your plan to accelerate business growth. 

Why Review management?

  • To ensure a smooth implementation of the review response strategy: Responding to a review doesn’t mean engaging in a back and forth conversation; it should focus on addressing concerns (in case of a negative review) and exhibiting appreciation (in case of a positive review). Irrespective of the nature of the reviews, you must know how to respond to reviews. Ignoring reviews, however, is a big no-no. 
  • To resolve customer issues and enhance customer experience: Reviews act as a transparent medium to interact with the customers, understand their concerns, and solve those accordingly. As you delve deep into the problems faced by customers, you will realise the need for change or improvement and implement those changes, thereby enhancing the customer experience.  
  • To get rid of fake reviews as they arise: It is easy to spot a fake review, in the case you haven’t served a particular customer before, or received very rude remarks on a customer’s end. If you feel that the reviews don’t meet Google standards, then feel free to flag those. 
  • To demonstrate to your customers that you care: Review management is an important component of your reputation management strategy as delivering good service isn’t what you should strive for. You must also tell your customers that you’re at their service even after they’ve engaged with you. That’s the mark of an evolving entrepreneur. 
  • To generate more reviews: It’s simple: good reviews generate more reviews. Always encourage your customers to leave reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher you’ll chart in the search results displayed by Google. 
  • To add value to the brand perception: With honest reviews, you’ll understand what’s working in your favour and where you’re lacking. Knowing the same, you’ll make changes in your products and services accordingly, thereby enhancing your brand. With better reviews, you will have lesser bottlenecks and this will result definitely improve the way your brand is perceived by your audiences. 

Online review management, however, is not online reputation management. Reputation management is a broader concept and review management is a part of it. These differences will help you understand the two concepts in a better light. 

Review management

Quick tips for a successful review management process 

In order to ensure better review management for your business and its growth, keep these tips in mind: 

#1: Identify the top review sites 

To begin with your review management process, the first thing you need to do is identify the sites that have a larger audience and can have the largest impact on your business. Make sure that the review sites you pick are relevant to the industry you serve and have the right target audience. Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Yahoo are some of the most common review sites that you can target, while also looking for some industry-specific review sites that serve your purpose. 

#2: Claim your business on the selected review sites 

Once you know what review sites will work best for you, it is time to claim your business on those. By doing so, you will have authority over your business page on those sites and manage those accordingly. Each review site has a different process, so make sure you are well-versed with the same while claiming your business. 

#3: Learn to respond to negative reviews and identify fake ones 

Responding to reviews on the review sites is a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive online presence of your business. Doing so will demonstrate that you care what people think about your brand, which will only build trust with your business. It is quite natural to believe that not every customer can be expected to have a satisfactory experience with your business. There will be some customers who will not be happy with your service and will express the same in the reviews that they leave. In such a case, you need not panic and handle the situation in a calm manner. You must respond to negative reviews, with the purpose of solving the issue from your end and making things right. If, however, you feel that the language in the comment is offensive or if the reviews seem fake; then you can simply flag it and request it to be removed. 

#4: Have a strong review management strategy in place 

To be able to manage your reviews effectively, you must have a review management strategy to act upon. Before formulating the same, you must keep these aspects in mind:

  • The frequency with respect to responding to reviews (How often will you be reviewing the sites)
  • The team members assigned for the job (You need to have a team for the same)
  • Prioritizing reviews (Focusing first on the reviews that will reflect a positive light on your business)

#5: Invest in a review management software 

If you are new to review management, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming for you to individually request reviews from your customers, monitor reviews on different review sites, and respond to individual reviews. To manage these tasks, you can invest in good review management software that will help you perform your review management tasks under one single platform. 

How Emitrr’s capabilities can help you achieve your review management goals

Emitrr is a platform that enables its customers to track reviews, send review requests (both manual and automated), and respond to reviews, with just a click of a button. With this capability, you can manage your reviews from multiple review sites, without having to frantically check every single review site. The image below shows what your dashboard will look like: 

Review Management Campaign


Review management, in this digital world, is something that needs your attention. It is something that will build your credibility in a sea of competitors, help you reach out to a larger audience base, help improve your online reputation, and above all, assist you in reaching your business goals. So, if you are looking forward to fast-tracking your growth, then book a demo with Emitrr and transform your business. 

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