Dental Routing Slip



Ensuring coordinated patient care demands all hands on deck. It means that the concerned dental professional, the staff members, the front office, the hygienist, and everyone else involved in the patient journey must be on the same page. 

When a dentist assesses the oral health of the patient, diagnoses the issue, and formulates a plan; they need to ensure that everyone involved in this care process knows what needs to be done. 

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, such information is documented in a Dental Routing Slip.  

What Is A Dental Routing Slip?

A Dental Routing Slip is a document that is used in dental offices to communicate important information regarding a patient’s treatment plan. It outlines the specific dental procedures that need to be performed to treat the patient. 

It is an important piece of document as it helps streamline operations. It makes sure that the front desk, the dental hygienist, the dentist, and the support staff are aware of the patient’s oral health, diagnosis, and treatment plan. 

This further allows all those involved to offer the best possible care, thereby improving patient experience and patient satisfaction. 

A Dental Routing Slip typically contains the following: 

  • Patient information 
  • Treatment details 
  • Billing and insurance information
  • Special instructions 
  • Patient consent 

Though it is filled by the main dentist, it has to be signed by the patient as well, giving their informed consent on the treatment prescribed. 

Why Should You Digitize The Dental Routing Slip? 

While a Dental Routing Slip is used for internal communication, digitizing it serves a host of benefits. Here’s why you should digitize this form: 

#1: The form can be easily shared electronically with the patient and other involved individuals, thereby eliminating the need for manual handoffs. 

#2: Any changes in the treatment plans can be made in real time, with the consent of the patient. 

#3: Digitizing the form eliminates any spelling or transcription errors that would occur on paper forms. 

#4: The data can be validated easily by marking certain fields as mandatory, thereby eliminating the need for rework. 

#5: In case other authorized individuals are in different locations, they can easily access the form remotely

#6: The digital form can be stored securely, thereby protecting PHI and meeting HIPAA compliance standards. 

#7: The patient doesn’t need to visit the clinic physically just to sign the form, they can upload their digital signatures on the form. 

#8: The digital form can be easily integrated with the dental software or EHR and the patient records. 

#9: The patient can easily access the form on their patient portals, which further improves patient engagement

#10: Since the form is completely digitized, you save 3-4 hours of your daily time

How To Digitize The Dental Routing Slip? Best Practices To Follow

Here are some key things to keep in mind to ensure smooth digitization of the Dental Routing Slip: 

  1. If you are a dentist, fill out the slip and share it with the patient as a link in a text message. Also, share it with all the people concerned in a secure chat. 
  2. Ask the patient to read the slip carefully, explain to them the purpose behind the document, and encourage them to reach out to you if they have any questions. 
  3. Make sure that the slip is compatible with all devices and operating systems. Any issues on that end will cause delays. 
  4. Send reminders and follow-up messages to your patient asking them to sign the form timely. 

How Can You Digitize The Dental Routing Slip With Emitrr? 

Digitizing the Dental Routing Slip is super easy with Emitrr, here’s how you can do it: 

  1. You can either download the Dental Routing Slip available on this page and customize it as per your needs or you can share your existing Dental Routing Slip with us and we’ll digitize it for you for free
  2. You can sign up with Emitrr for its superior texting services. Doing so will allow you to send the Dental Routing Slip to your patients in a secure way, with Emitrr’s secure texting functionality. This will ensure HIPAA compliance. 
  3. You can easily integrate the form with your dental software system with the help of Emitrr. Check out if Emitrr integrates with your EHR here:  
  4. Emitrr’s forms are compatible with all devices and operating systems, thereby eliminating the possibility of any inconvenience. 

Whether you are a dentist, a member of the staff, or a front desk manager; you need to understand why digital forms are better than paper forms and how such a switch can help you streamline workflows. Reach out to us to get your paper forms digitized for free now!