Debunking 5 common myths around Online Reputation Management

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Bulls get angry on seeing the color ‘red’. 

Cracking knuckles can cause arthritis. 

Human beings use only 10 percent of their brains. 

All the aforementioned statements are common myths and not facts. Surprised? Well, on a daily basis, we often come across things that might raise suspicion in our minds, that may make us believe that they are true. From science to art, from the earth to space, there are uncountable common myths that we could have believed to be true. We, as human beings have the tendency to quickly believe in things without doing a fact check. While we leave the other popular myths for experts to bust, we would like to debunk some myths that you, as a business owner can benefit from. These common myths and misconceptions relate to your digital reputation. 

What people say about you is influenced by a variety of factors, and for you to be able to influence that, you need to be aware of the common myths and the truth that surrounds online reputation management. In this blog, we will cover the top common myths around online reputation management, that will help you make sound decisions with respect to managing your online presence in the times ahead. 

Debunking 5 common myths about online reputation management 

Myth #1: You can delete negative reviews 

Fact: If you land a negative review publicly from a not-so-satisfied customer, you cannot delete it as it becomes permanent. Unfortunately, there is no way you can delete a negative review. But there is surely a way to deal with that review in a variety of different ways. For example, you can simply respond to the negative reviews, by addressing the issue faced by the customer. However, if you think that the review is fake and is making false claims to crumble your reputation, you can simply flag it and request the review platform to verify it. 

Myth #2: It is better to have no online reputation than to receive negative feedback 

Fact: In this ever-evolving digital world, it would be absolutely immature to assume that online reputation doesn’t matter. If you are a small business owner looking forward to building a strong online presence, then you need reviews to back up the authenticity of your services. Reviews reflect the authenticity of a business. If, as a customer, you look for a service, you will pick a business that is being reviewed by its previous customers, over a business that has no reviews at all! 

Fun fact: Around 90 percent of people make a purchase decision after reading less than 10 reviews about a business. 

Let’s understand this by an example: 

Google reviews

These are two different types of businesses that have a star rating of more than 4.0 and have more than 10 reviews. If you put yourselves in the customers’ shoes, then which business would you approach; the one with a lower star rating but more reviews or the one with a higher star rating and just enough reviews? 

Reviews not only demonstrate your online reputation but also give a better understanding of what people perceive about your business. You must ask for reviews from your customers to gain more feedback that will help you establish a strong presence online. Even if you have got negative feedback, you can respond to it, which will further reinstate your credibility as a business. Just remember that you simply cannot ignore digital listings; so instead of running away from those, it is time to embrace such growth opportunities. 

Myth #3: Online reputation management is a cumbersome process 

Fact: With the right tools, managing your reputation doesn’t take too much of your time or effort. Here, awareness is the key. If you are fairly new to the concept of online reputation management, then you might find it a bit difficult to get around. From going through dozens of websites to know what people are saying about your brand to encouraging customers to write reviews for you; from getting more Google reviews and responding to them to assessing competition; everything can be a little overwhelming. That is when you can invest in Emitrr’s capabilities that will help you handle your digital reputation. 

Emitrr’s software enables you to view all the reviews under one single platform, gives you the benefit of asking for reviews from multiple customers at once, schedules your business appointments with customers, and gives you a picture of where you stand with the help of metrics. With so many offerings at your fingertips, you need not waste your time doing everything by yourself. 

Myth #4: To build a great online presence, you need at least hundreds of reviews. 

Fact: Without a doubt, reviews are an important part of managing your online reputation.  But, you don’t need these many reviews to be able to land more customers, build trust or enhance your online presence. The Google algorithm is more intelligent than we think. It sees that if people are posting reviews about a business frequently and are giving it a fairly positive star rating, then it will understand that the business is credible. As a result, it will rank you accordingly on the SERPs. You need to have reviews for the google algorithm to track your business, and even a few good and detailed reviews will work wonders for you. 

Myth #5: You cannot control your online reputation 

Fact: Your online reputation is in your hands, and there is a lot you can do to nurture it. Though it is your customers posting reviews about your business, you can make the most of this engagement to take your reputation to the next level. In the case of reviews, you can show that you value the feedback posted by your customers, which further builds your credibility in the market. If you get positive feedback, you can thank the customers. If you receive negative feedback, you can interact with unsatisfied customers and make amends. In every way, you are reaching out to your customers, which is a crucial element of managing your presence online. So, yes, you can control your online reputation, but it depends on how eager you are to utilize the opportunities ahead of you. 


All in all, to gain a strong online presence, you need to differentiate between the myths and facts to ensure you’re making the right decisions for your business. Irrespective of the nature or size of your business, your online reputation is something that will govern your sales figures, your revenue, and ultimately your holistic growth. Hence, it is important that you learn to control what people say about you, as their reviews will act as an anchor to convert leads and attract new customers. From having a strong reputation management strategy in place to listing your business on Google My Business, there are a lot of things you must work on if you want to shine in the ever-evolving digital world. Are you looking for assistance with respect to managing and monitoring your online reputation? Book a demo with us and kickstart your journey of growth! 

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