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Positive review examples: what to expect and how to respond

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You have created a product or service, launched it in the market, and onboarded customers who have used it. What next? As a business, at every stage of your journey, it’s extremely important to listen to your customers otherwise how would you know if what you’re doing is right and scalable? Revenue growth, yes! But what about building relationships with customers? How will you portray yourself to potential customers? How will you be ‘found’ amid such cut-throat competition?

Reviews play an essential role when looking for ideas to grow your business and elevate your target audience. Whether positive or negative, reviews are a reflection of everything that you’re doing. Irrespective of their nature reviews help you analyze what is working for you and what needs improvement. We will provide you with a couple of positive review examples to help you understand why reviews matter and how to best deal with them. 

In this article, we will shed light on the elements that define a good review, the reasons why you should respond to reviews, and reflect on how the right response from your end matters. So if you are looking forward to escalating your online reputation, then stay tuned as this piece has a lot in store for you. 

Did you know that nearly 93 per cent of customers go through reviews before they make a purchase decision? 

Three elements that make a good review

#1: The ‘why’ is important

When we talk about positive reviews, we immediately consider a star rating to be the ideal indicator. But let us tell you, that is not the case. While star ratings do matter, they are not a clear representation of why a customer liked your product or service. Let us explain to you with some positive review examples: 

positive review example

This Facebook review is detailed and explains what the customer particularly liked about the business the review explains why the business concerned is different from its competitors. This is what drives customer acquisition and also gives you valuable insights into areas of improvement. 

#2: What about customer service?

It is not just about the value that your product or service delivers, customer experience too can make a business unique. Here are some things that make the review a little more special: 

  • Mention of a particular employee’s name in the review 
  • Excellent customer service, walking the extra mile 
  • A great website, in case the customer availed an online service 

As a business owner such positive reviews tell you exactly which department and more specifically employee has been adding value to your customer’s experience with your business. 

#3: Room for improvement 

You would not believe that specific feedback, which includes pros as well as cons is also a great way to demonstrate the authenticity of your business. In fact that you are constantly improvising based on the feedback received is something that acts as an added advantage. 

If a customer leaves a review, mentioning the positives as well as the negatives, you need to be proactive with your response. Firstly, thank the customer for leaving a review and appreciate them for mentioning the specifics of your products or services. Then, address the cons and tell the customer how you are improvising your service based on their feedback. This shows that the customer’s feedback is being valued and it further enhances the prospects of them availing services from your again, and spreading the word about your business. 

These positive review examples perfectly describe this case: 

Positive review example #1: 

positive review

Positive review example #2:

Emitrr positive review

Responding to positive reviews: Why should you do it? 

positive review response

How to respond to positive reviews: 5 tips with positive review examples 

Respond instantly 

Timely responses are the best way to connect with your customers. Even if it is a simple ‘thank you’, make sure that you respond as soon as possible. Responding in a timely manner demonstrates your proactiveness with respect to customer feedback, and further cements your customer’s trust in your business. Here’s a case-in-point example of a positive Google review.

positive review example

Use your brand personality

While responding to customer reviews, always make sure to reflect your brand. Doing so will help you engage with your customers in a better way and will attract more customers. In the below positive review example, the company is representing what it does through the response. Incorporate this strategy and see the difference it makes. 

Positive review example

Respond personally 

There is nothing better than adding a personal touch to your conversation with your customers. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to respond to each review personally and offer your customers the assurance that you constantly strive to deliver excellent service. Leaving a heartfelt reply will only make your customers happier. Here is a positive review example highlighting the same. 

positive review example

Involve humour in your response 

Humour is something that instantly catches the attention of people. Incorporating humour in your responses can help you a great deal. Let’s take a look at a positive review example: 

positive review with humour

In this review, the owner is speaking the customer’s language, while also thanking her for the review. How can something like this not catch one’s eye? 

Make sure to mention your staff if the customer does the same 

Positive reviews not just help build the confidence of a business owner, but also boosts the morale of the employees who are putting their best foot forward towards delivering excellent customer service. If a customer has mentioned the name of a particular employee in their review, make sure that you also mention their name while responding. This will show that you not just value your customers but also your staff. Here’s an example:

positive review example

Extras: Top review response templates at your disposal (with positive review examples)

Do you need help crafting the perfect review responses? Well, here are some templates to help you with the same. 

Template #1: The customer is happy

If the customer is satisfied with your services and has no complaints, then you can simply thank the customer and that is enough. 

“Hey, thank you for your feedback. We look forward to serving you in the future.” 

Template #2: The customer is happy, but highlights areas for improvement

If the customer is satisfied with some aspects of the service and expects some areas to be better and he highlights the same, then you need to craft a response that not only appreciates the customer but also addresses the area of concern highlighted in the review. 

“Hey, we appreciate your feedback. We are happy to have served you. We always strive to provide stellar service and are addressing the concerns raised by you. We hope you revisit us and witness how we have incorporated your feedback to improve our service.”  

Template #3: The customer is unhappy but hasn’t provided any reason 

In such a case, if it is not a fake review always reach out personally to the customer, and ask for details about what went wrong, with the intention to rectify the situation. 

“Hey, we are sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience. We request you to provide us with more details so that we can make it right.” 

Template #4: The customer is unhappy and has highlighted his concerns in the review 

In such a case, start by apologizing to the customer, and address each concern individually, further explaining how you will resolve the issue. 

“Hey, we apologize for not meeting your expectations. We see that you have had issues with the X feature of our app. We have taken that into account and our team is already working on it to make sure that such an issue never arises again. We always strive to serve our customers in every way possible and it is customers like you who encourage us to grow and improve. Again, my apologies for giving you an unsatisfactory experience. We hope to serve you better in the future. 


Responding to reviews is not as difficult as you think. While some reviews can make you happy, others can create a sense of self-doubt. Regardless, your focus must be to serve your customers and ensure that you are delivering the best service possible. Also, always be open to criticism as this is what will help you grow as a business.

Since you might receive tons of reviews for your business on multiple platforms, it can be difficult for you to monitor and respond to them. With a platform like Emitrr, you can manage and respond to reviews under one umbrella and also derive insights from those to gauge your online reputation. Looking forward to building a strong online presence? Sign up for a demo and kickstart your growth journey. 

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