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HVAC leads

Top 10 strategies to generate HVAC leads for your business

Top 10 strategies to generate HVAC leads for your business Table of Contents Introduction to HVAC leads  367.5 billion USD. That’s the estimated market size of HVAC businesses for 2030 globally. Considering the burgeoning market for HVAC businesses, you, as … Read More

Patient engagement guide

The Ultimate Patient Engagement Guide for Healthcare Services in 2022

Table of Contents Patient Engagement Guide Introduction Imagine that a patient is trying to reconnect with your healthcare practice and is unable to do so. After trying to get in touch, they decide to do the predictable- contact someone else.  … Read More

Key brand reputation metrics

Track your online reputation in 2022 with these 8 brand reputation metrics

Table of Contents Introduction Burger King receives backlash over a sexist tweet.  Pepsi advertisement removed within 24 hours of launch. Nivea’s ‘white is purest’ tagline creates a storm.  If we look back at these popular, insensitive, and scandalous advertisements; there’s … Read More

Online Reputation Monitoring Tools

Top 5 online reputation monitoring tools to grow your business

Table of Contents Introduction  4.7 billion. That is the total number of global internet users that were recorded in December 2021. This number is expected to grow to 5.3 billion by the year 2023. Never undermine the power of the … Read More

Common Myths

Debunking 5 common myths around Online Reputation Management

Table of Contents Introduction  Bulls get angry on seeing the color ‘red’.  Cracking knuckles can cause arthritis.  Human beings use only 10 percent of their brains.  All the aforementioned statements are common myths and not facts. Surprised? Well, on a … Read More

Get more Google Reviews

How to get more Google reviews for your business?

Table of Contents About Google reviews  Fun fact: Google records an estimate of 63,000 search queries per second, with a yearly global search being 2 trillion.  Google holds its ground for being the most popular search engine across the globe. … Read More

patient feedback

5 easy ways to get patient feedback

Introduction Providing good care to someone in need is something that has no hidden agendas or motives. It is purely done to improve a person’s quality of life. Healthcare practitioners dedicate themselves to the well-being of those around them. If … Read More

online reputation management strategy

7 online reputation management strategies for your small business

Table of Contents Introduction Reputation management strategies are all about managing how others perceive your business. Now that a lot of this work can be done through SEO, digital marketing, content creation, social media, and more, it’s time to focus … Read More

What is Online Reputation Management?

What is Online Reputation Management?

Table of Contents What is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management is nothing but building customer perception online. Let’s say that you run a dental practice. If a person needs to visit a dentist but has no clue as to … Read More

how to retrieve deleted text messages

How to retrieve deleted text messages

How to retrieve deleted text messages? If your life runs on your cell phone for communication, banking, business, or legal purposes; searching for important texts and finding them missing can create panic and cause disruptions. Imagine that a friend of … Read More