Text recruiting leverages text messaging as a medium to communicate and connect with candidates the fastest and most effectively. Text-based recruiting potentially helps recruiters save time and money and maximize their productivity by reaching a larger group of candidates simultaneously and creating the best hiring experience by responding quickly and interacting with them with a reduced response time. Text Recruiting essentially enables companies to hire people faster. 

A text recruiting platform that helps you reach your candidates where they exactly are. Text recruiting software is an application that helps a recruiter reach a larger number of candidates in a shorter period and deliver the best hiring experience. It is a tool that lets recruiters automate repetitive follow-ups and engage candidates at every stage. It plugs in with your ATS and creates a seamless integration for recruiters to communicate with candidates. 

Research shows that the average open rate for a text message is 98% and that SMS has the highest response rate compared to emails and phone calls. Recruiting the right candidates can be a tedious process and is usually strenuous and can seem never-ending especially when the process is not streamlined and can lead to a waste of time and resources for recruiters and candidates both.

When choosing a Text Recruiting Software, it is important to compare the alternatives available in the market before deciding which one suits your business best. There are a lot of emerging and established text recruiting and staffing software. To choose the right software, consider the following factors:

  1. Features 
  2. Support
  3. Reviews 

To help you decide upon the best Text Recruiting Software, we have listed down the top Text Recruiting softwares in the market and compared them across the above mentioned factors to help you take the right decision. Here are some great options that you can consider and compare: 

  1. Emitrr
  2. EzTexting
  3. SimpleTexting
  4. Emissary.ai
  5. Brazen
  6. Sense

This will help you decide which is the best Text Recruiting platform for your business. 

Businesses need these features to function efficiently and to streamline operations. It is important to analyse these features and choose the platform that is best suited for your business. There are also a couple of other factors that you should consider before deciding on the best software for your business such as support, rating reviews and  Let’s look at those below. 

Customer Support is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a new software for your business. This is a key factor that has a huge impact on the choice you make since customer support doesn’t just help your recruiters but also helps businesses serve their customers better. 

Whether a platform provides end-to-end support to you, across your preferred channel, round-the-clock; would help you determine the software choice you make. Here is a comparison of the above-listed Text Recruiting software and the available support options they offer. 

Support Channels EmitrrEZ TextingSimple TextingEmissary.aiBrazenSense
EmailYes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
FAQsYes NoYes NoNoYes 
Knowledge Base Yes Yes NoNoNoNo
PhoneYes NoYes NoNoNo
Chat Yes NoNoYes Yes Yes 
24/7 Live Support Yes No No NoNoNo

Checking reviews before choosing software is one of the most authentic ways to validate a platform. Reviews show the credibility of a business and can help you make an informed decision to help you with your purchase. Here are a few reviews to help you choose the right software for your business. 

Emitrr has been the best performing Text Recruiting Software in the market as compared to all other platforms on the basis of features and support. Here are some of their reviews that add to the offerings feature offerings that they have.

EZ Texting when compared to other softwares in the market does not offer some of the key features important for a text recruiting software such as scheduling interviews, cancellation follow-ups, recruitment metrics and 24/7 customer support.

Key Highlights: EZ Texting has an overall rating of 2/5 with 1/5 for customer support. Some users also share that it is not value for money and is constantly pushing expenses and lacks certain nimportant features needed to grow your recruiting business.

Simple Texting 

Key Highlights:

  • Costly pricing, expensive at higher monthly text volumes
  • Integration issues with existing systems like ATS

No reviews available 

Key Highlights:

  • The video interface can be buggy or unintuitive
  • Inconsistent performance for scheduled video events.

Key Highlights:

  • Data/info doesn’t always sync properly across devices
  • The initial setup/configuration is overly complex. 

While we understand the comparison of features, reviews, and support it is also important to understand some of the key features to look at while choosing the right text recruiting software. Here are a few primary features to consider when deciding the software.

Bidirectional texting

Real-time SMS communications between recruiters and candidates are made possible by bidirectional messaging. 

1:1 interaction 

Recruiters can mass-acquire individual applicants through customized text discussions.

Texting campaigns

Sending out bulk messages to a large candidate pool makes it simple to announce job openings or invites to events.  

Automated follow-ups 

Plan personalized nurture sequences to gradually re-engage prospects.

Integrating with your current ATS

Easily integrate with your current CRM, HRIS, and ATS systems to create unified workflows.

Custom follow-ups

Customizable follow-ups allow mass personalization, and adjust messages over time based on role, event type, geography, and other factors.  

Multilingual configurations 

Allowing recruiters to communicate with candidates in regional languages allows businesses to meet international hiring demands.  

Text to Apply 

By using text click-to-apply buttons, candidates can begin the application process right away through the text. 

Leading text recruiting systems consolidate capabilities for texting, email, chatbots, and automation into a unified hub. Recruiters spend less time toggling between tools.

Text recruiting software will help your recruiters reach the candidates exactly where they are. When comparing the open rates of SMS and email, a study showed that the open rate for SMS was 98% compared to 28% for email and this goes even lower for the response rate of 8-10% for phone calls. This not only helps you get responses faster but also with the help of automation and AI, a text recruiting tool helps you deliver the best candidate experience which is fast and efficient, helping you save more time and money. 

Let’s break this down a little further and look at some of the Benefits of Text Recruiting Software in more detail. 

Comparing text-based recruitment to other communication channels reveals significant gains in response and open rates. Text messages offer a naturally conversational environment that feels like regular text messaging for candidates. This allows recruiters to engage each candidate with unique, optimized templates at the appropriate process stage by leveraging the software’s batch messaging, automation, and analytics. 

Text recruiting software dramatically improves time and cost efficiency in recruiting through several key mechanisms such as Automation, Scalability, and an Analytics-Driven approach. Let’s see how this works-


By automating manual processes like scheduling, follow-ups, candidate nurturing campaigns, and major communication through texts instead of laborious phone or email efforts, recruiter time-per-hire is shortened significantly. Hours of work become minutes through automation.


With fast bulk messaging, text blasts, and chatbot capabilities, a small recruiting team can effectively engage hundreds of candidates simultaneously without overwhelming internal bandwidth.

Analytics-Driven Optimization

Robust analytics provide deep visibility into the recruiting funnel – which sources, messages, and campaigns perform best. Recruiters spend less time guessing and more time focused on activities that are driving efficiency.

Text Recruiting Software improves the candidate hiring process significantly by engaging candidates in the manner that they prefer while easing operations for recruiters as well. Through well-known messaging interfaces on candidates’ mobile devices, communication becomes seamless and conversational. Recruiters maintain candidate privacy expectations and utilise the platform’s automation and analytics to provide actionable touch points that keep prospects engaged until they are hired. This mobile-first strategy fits with the preferences of modern communication preferred by candidates today. 

Using text recruitment software can significantly improve conversion rates and increase the number of recruits by – Increasing candidate reach, improved response rates, automated nurturing, data-informed optimisation, and an enhanced candidate pool. 

With these major benefits, text recruiting software enables businesses to more easily connect, interact, evaluate, and select candidates from larger, more qualified talent pools. These solutions, which are fuelled by unmatched candidate reach and data-driven automated engagement, result in improved recruiting KPIs.

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