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Imagine a situation where your client has contacted your business to seek information about a new service after business hours or during the weekend. But they didn’t receive any response. Wouldn’t that be frustrating for the client? 

We live in an age where it is common for businesses to set up out-of-office emails and custom voicemails to assure their clients. But that’s not going to cut it.

About 48% of consumers are more inclined to communicate with businesses directly via text messages, per a survey. This implies that auto-reply text messages are a must-have tool in any business’s marketing toolkit. 

What is an auto-reply text?

Auto-reply text or automated text message refers to a pre-defined response that facilitates communication with consumers based on specific criteria or keywords.

Setting up auto-reply text help in keeping information transparent with the clients. It is an effective tool to utilize in absence of other channels to deliver a positive brand experience.

Whether your business is closed on certain days, holidays, or weekends, you can inform your clients automatically to minimize overall response time. It is easy to set up auto-reply text using a software solution that eliminates the need for manually sending messages. 

Advantages of auto-reply texts

As a business owner, you can leverage auto-reply texting to automate messaging tasks and increase customer engagement. Below are enlisted some advantages of auto-reply texts to grow your business –

  1. Save time: Auto-reply texts can save your business a ton of time which you can use elsewhere. By automating texts, you can experience reduced workload and you can put your time as well as energy into other crucial aspects of your business.
  2. Improve customer engagement: One of the obvious benefits of texting auto-reply automation is improved customer engagement. Customers know they are not yelling in the void. Also, you can re-target your customers and help increase sales.
  3. No chance of error: Another key advantage of using automated responses is their high accuracy. There is minimal or no chance of human error which increases your credibility as a business. 
  4. Enhanced brand awareness: Automated texts give you the chance to stay connected to your customers throughout the day. When you are accessible to them, it keeps you on top of their minds increasing brand availability. 

15 texting auto reply examples

Before we dive into the process of setting up automated texts, let us look at some texting auto reply examples to get you started. 

New client welcome text 

Staying connected with your newly acquired customers is essential. Auto-reply text is a great way to welcome and show them that you value them. 


Welcome to [business name]! We thank you for your recent purchase. Keep your eyes peeled for your member-only exclusive discount, and other exclusive rewards. 

You can also set this as an IVR greeting message. Here’s an example –

Hello and thank you for calling [Company]. If you know the extension of the person you wish to reach, please enter it now. Otherwise, please choose from the following options:
To speak with the operator, press 0 at any time.
For sales, press 1.
For technical support, press 2.
For billing, press 3.
For information about our company, press 4.
To repeat this message, press 9.

After hours auto text

Setting up an auto-reply makes it easier to stay in touch with your customers even after official business hours. This also reminds your customers that they can expect to hear from you as soon as you are back in the office.


Hello there, thanks for reaching out to [Business Name]. Unfortunately, our offices are currently closed, but we will be in touch when we return. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 9 pm PT.

The same format can be used for IVR options.

Out of office auto text

Heading for an errand run out of the office? The auto-text replies will assure your customers that they will hear back from you soon. 


Hello! Thanks for contacting me! I am out of the office now but will get back to you ASAP. You can expect a response by [Date or Time] at the latest. Alternatively, you can contact [Team Member] at [Phone Number] for anything you need. 

Appointment confirmation/ reminder auto text

Looking for a way to remind or confirm your customers of their appointments without getting too invasive? Well, the auto-text reply is the best way to send an appointment reminder text with custom date and time fields. This helps improve your business productivity by keeping your calendar full. 

Example: Hi [customer name]. Thanks for your booking! We’re looking forward to seeing you on August 15 at 4 PM.


Hi [Customer Name], you have an appointment tomorrow at [Time]. Reply with YES to confirm your appointment or S to reschedule. See you then! 

Holiday auto text 

Closing your office on a holiday? You don’t want to leave your customers hanging around. This is where an informative auto-reply text will come in handy to let your customers know about business closure. 


Season’s greetings! Our team will be busy celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones. We will respond to your message when we will be back on November 30th. Have a great weekend!  

Thank you auto text

You can use the ‘thank you’ auto response to incentivize customers and prompt them into completing a purchase or directing them to crucial product/service details.


Thank you for contacting [Business Name] through our website. We’ll follow up with you soon. Use the code xxxxxxx to get 20% off on your first purchase. In the meantime, you can learn more about us here: [Website URL]

Customer support text

Auto-reply texts ensure that customers get the attention and support that they need while trying to reach out to your support team. This also reassures them that you will be them shortly so that they do not get more frustrated.


Thank you for contacting [business name] 24/7 Customer Support Desk. We have got your back. A member of our support team will respond to your message within the next one hour. Thank you for your patience.

High-volume notification text 

Getting overwhelmed by a huge volume of calls? This texting auto-reply example can help in explaining to your customers your situation and letting them know that you may not be able to serve them right away.


Hello! We’re currently getting more texts than usual. We just wanted to let you know we received your message and will be in touch before our offices close at [Closing Time]. Thank you for your patience.

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Sales promotion text

You can drive more sales by customizing or adding a promotional message along with your informative sales auto-reply text.


Thanks for contacting [business name]! One of our sales representatives will reach out to you shortly. In the meantime, you can browse our summer sale while you wait: [add a link to your website]

Missed call auto text 

Missed an important returning customer’s call? You can create a customized text response to show you that you care and ensure your customer that you will get back soon. 


Sorry, we missed your call. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you by the end of the day.


Thanks for leaving a voicemail! A member of our team will get back to you by the end of the day. We appreciate your patience. 

You can also set customised follow-up texts on your IVR that immediately sends an acknowledgment message to the customer in scenarios where your customer support is experiencing high call volume. 

Emittr’s 24X7 Answering Software sends two-way text to the customer and helps in retaining them. 

Here’s an example –

Hello! Thank you for calling XYZ business. We are sorry that you have to wait. Press 1 to stay on the line and wait for our support officer. Press 2 if you want us to call you back. 

Self-service support text

You can set up an auto-reply to help customers support themselves in the absence of the support team.


Hi! Thank you for your message! Our customer support team will get back to you very soon. In the meantime, you can browse through our Help Center to get help for your query. 

Auto-response for reporting bugs or glitch 

In case a customer identifies a bug or glitch on your website or app, this response message will let them know that you received their complaint and the bug will be resolved very soon.


Hi! Thanks for reporting. We will try to solve this as soon as possible and will reach out to you at the earliest. Your patience is appreciated. 

Redirect text 

Redirect text response shows the customer that their query is received and they are not ignored.


Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. Please call on our customer support number or drop us an email <mention email id> to help us serve you better. 

Purchase reminder text

You can nudge your customer into re-purchasing certain products or purchasing something that they had been eyeing for a long time with this auto-response text. This will help increase repeat purchases for your business.


Hi! Are you ready for your next order? Order right away so that you do not run out.

Job application response text 

You can set auto-reply text to your job applicants to let them know that you received their application and processing it. 


Hi! Thank you for applying to XYZ business. We have received your resume and currently processing your application. Expect a response within three business days. 

How to set up auto-reply texting and what are its key benefits?

You can set up auto-reply texting to start sending automated messages to your clients and business contacts. Depending on your unique business needs, you can use software solutions with either a built-in auto-reply feature or integrate it with your existing technology. 

Auto-reply text messaging is the best way to improve response time and forge deeper relationships with your customers. These automated messages can be used for any occasion to ease your customers’ frustration and let them know that you have their back.

You can reassure your customers instantly that their message has been received and what they can expect from you further. With the option for opting out of these messages, you can let your customers know that they are in control.

They can boost the customer experience and satisfaction rates drastically while also promoting sales opportunities and customer retention. 

Popular platforms that offer auto reply text


Emittr is a smart scheduling and automated texting software solution that offers seamless integration with your existing IVR to streamline your business communication. It is excellent for small to medium-sized businesses with high call volume. 

With interactive features like auto-response texts and customizable templates, Emittr helps in eliminating exhausting wait times and improves customer engagement. It is easy to automate appointment scheduling texts to facilitate two-way communication with customers. 

Additionally, if any customer call goes to voicemail, Emittr’s answering software can send automated texts to follow up immediately. It is very user-friendly, and intuitive and lets you manage all your conversations in one place. Emittr is available on iOS and can be integrated with your existing apps as well. 

texting auto reply emitrr


If you are looking for auto-texts in SMS messages as well as on WhatsApp for your business, this platform can come in handy. You can choose from a list of standard responses that can be sent right away to your clients and customers. Also, it lets you save multiple messages and comes with built-in smart response options. You can also set a timer to respond to messages. 

texting autoreply whatsapp


Drivemode is a popular app that lets you send auto-reply text with the help of a simple voice command. This is very useful when you are driving. It can be integrated with other platforms like Slack and Google Assistant as well. 

texting autoreply drivemode


Laced with striking features, Messenger can make texting auto reply easier for any business. You can schedule your responses via SMS, create backups and use it while driving as well.

texting autoreply messenger

AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot

This is another worthy texting auto-reply app that works on Android and allows you to schedule messages as well as customize them as per your requirements. It lets you set welcome texts and even work as a personal agent for small businesses. 

Texting auto reply wa bot

What are the best practices for creating auto-reply text messages?

It is recommended to adhere to the best practices for creating effective and professional auto-reply text messages to stay engaged with your customers and ensure business success. These include –

  1. Set clear expectations: Specify the expected response times to let your customers know exactly when you can follow up with them. Instead of using lines such as ‘we will reach back very soon’ or ‘we will contact you ASAP’, it is better to specify wait duration in terms of hours, days, or weeks. This ensures that clear expectations are set with the customers from the beginning for delivering excellent customer service.
  2. Proofread: Focus on the tone and grammar of the message. Make sure to proofread it and use words that convey the message clearly. Avoid jargon or complex vocabulary. 
  3. Add a personal touch: Pay attention to how the message sounds. Make sure it aligns with your business or brand’s voice and sounds warm and friendly. Adding a personal touch makes it sound more human and less automated. Customers are likely to trust the brand and make repeat purchases that personalize interactions.
  4. Include relevant links: To take it up a notch, you can also include relevant links to specific products or services on your website. Such informative auto-reply text messages can help improve conversion rates.  
  5. Provide an alternate way to contact: Service-based businesses must ensure that they are offering alternate forms of contact or support to their customers during their absence. Some alternate options include live chat, email address, and contact forms. 


Knowing your customers requires consistent effort. Hence, it is of paramount importance to use every opportunity and platform to convert it into an excellent experience. Auto-reply texts show that customer support is a priority and you are willing to get it right. 

Ready to set up auto-reply texting for your business? Emitrr is a one-stop solution that can easily integrate with your existing technology to engage with your customers using personalized messages and improve brand credibility. With simple, strategic, and customizable automated messages, you can delight your VIP customers while effectively reducing response times. 

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