VoIP for nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations aim to serve society. Nonprofits do charitable events for the benefit of society on both smaller and larger scales. Thereby Nonprofit organizations need good communication to connect with donors and volunteers. So, they look out for nonprofit VoIP services. 

VoIP is a potent communication channel that helps Nonprofits get in touch with charity organizations and volunteers easily. More and more small-size companies are using VoIP because of its productivity and affordability.  

The best part about VoIP for nonprofits is how inexpensive VoIP is. The setup cost for VoIP is much lower when compared to traditional phone systems. There is no hassle of getting the wiring done for the infrastructure as VoIP uses just the internet. 

So, nonprofit organizations can save a lot of focus on increasing their reach with donors in society. 

Nonprofits need VoIP to maintain constant contact with the donors. With VoIP, nonprofits can record calls to capture important details, do follow-up calls, and even enjoy call transferring so any call from a donor is never unattended. So with VoIP for nonprofits, meaningful connections are formed. 

Effective VoIP software offers solutions such as group chat and video conferencing for better team collaborations. One such software is Emitrr. 

Emitrr lets you enjoy a variety of SMS capabilities, and group chats along with VoIP features. So nonprofits have better team support to deal with charity organizations and volunteers. Nonprofits get all three forms of communication i.e. Voice, video, and text in one platform by using Emitrr’s VoIP for nonprofits. 

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) lets you enjoy a high uptime and good call quality from any part of the world by just using Internet broadband. So it’s a very reliable source of communication for Nonprofits who need to be in touch with their volunteering peers and donors for support. 

The best part about VoIP for nonprofits is you get the features along with robust customer support. The VoIP software, Like Emitrr, offers 24/7 customer support and assistance so that the communication channel is always active. 

Customer support helps volunteers and donors build trust and increase the reach of the nonprofits for scalability. 

Use VoIP to directly contact donors and volunteers and get them to collaborate together. Connect with them at any time, from any place, and build stronger communities for charities. 

Connect with your team through Video Conferencing and set up fundraiser events. Collaborate and share your ideas on group SMS chats using VoIP software capabilities. 

Handle interested volunteers using VoIP services for Nonprofits. contact them from anywhere, record calls to jot down important pointers of your volunteers. Use voicemails for attending the volunteers in case of your absence. 

Share your mission and vision throughout your community using the VoIP capabilities. Expand your reach through VoIP calls. Use softphones to attend any donor’s call from devices like laptops, PCs, Mobile phones, etc. 


The  Emitrr software is a top-notch texting software that offers exceptional VoIP features. Emitrr’s VoIP functionality includes efficient features like call recording, call forwarding, high uptime, etc. Emitrr also has maximum support channels such as 24/7 live rep, FAQs, webchat to text, etc. to always aid its customer queries. 

  • Call forwarding feature through a key press to the phone number, extension, call queue groups, ring everyone or to another call tree 
  • With Emitrr’s VoIP, you can set up call groups with multiple extensions/team members
  • Select and define call routing rupees for each call queue group 
  • Customers get multiple transmission solutions in case of a missed call such as another extension, another number, or a call being transmitted to voicemail
  • With Emitrr, you can set up multiple extensions for every individual 
  • Emitrr allows you to set up user hours, user availability by day, or call forwarding rules for each user 
  • You can set up VoIP to ring everyone or ring an extension during working hours or even after hours 
  • Forward calls to the call tree/IVR system 
  • Automatically record calls to get important information 
  • Setup general business hours for ease of use 
  • Send group texts for better team efficiency 
  • Send bulk messages for business scalability 
  • Import your contact list  with just a few clicks 
  • Emitrr supports more than 1000+ integrations to sync data from your current CRM easily 
  • Send automated texts

The Nextiva software offers seamless VoIP communication for clients. Nextiva is an enhanced VoIP platform with AI services. The Nextiva app offers personalized communication tools for better client engagement. 

  • Nextiva offers call center management 
  • VoIP connection for communication with clients 
  • Offers call conferencing feature 
  •  call queue management capability 
  • The software supports multi-channel communication for its clients 
  •  offers video conferencing features for client engagement 

8X8 software is a platform that offers solutions for video conferencing, calling, and messaging all under one roof 8X8 offers VoIP services for customer engagement. The 8X8 app offers voicemail over VoIP, flexible call flows, and global coverage.

  • Automated Attendant
  •  Call Center Management
  •  Call Conferencing
  •  Call Logging
  •  Call Recording Software
  •  Call Routing
  •  Mobile Access
  •  Online Voice Transmission 
  • IVR/Voice Recognition

RingCentral offers VoIP features for small businesses. RingCentral has good customer support at flexible pricing. Their MVP, RingEx, is a cloud software that offers clients VoIP phone services and messaging options around the clock. 

  • Offers Voice Mail
  •  Offers call recording software
  • offers Call Routing
  • Assist you with Contact Management Software
  •  Voice Mail feature 
  •  IVR Software

Dialpad is an AI-supported VoIP platform. The VoIP functionality offered by Dialpad helps you maintain conversations and turn them into potential conversions.

  • Dialpad offers to organize incoming calls 
  •  offers basic recording capabilities. You can review recordings for better information-gathering
  •  Call monitoring feature in real-time
  •  offers multichannel communication to support integration
  • Dialpad supports VoIP connections to its clients 
  • With Dialpad, users can avail of video conferencing capabilities 
  • Easy integration with CRM platforms  

Emitrr is one of the most reliable software for nonprofit VoIP services. The main of aim Emitrr is to offer a seamless experience that helps the brand with quality connections and a good reputation. 

Emitrr has VoIP services for Nonprofits and offers its best customer support capabilities to make nonprofit organizations reliable for their volunteers and donors. Emitrr’s technical staff takes care of the setup for the nonprofits and its customer support team is 247 available to solve any queries. You get a seamless VoIP experience with Emitrr which in turn helps nonprofits grow their organization. 

With Emitrr’s VoIP services, Customers get full 99.99% uptime on a strong, maintained connection anytime, anywhere. 

Emitrr focuses on giving customers the best call experience. That is why with Emitrr, there are no delays in call delivery or call drops. 

Emitrr platform offers VoIP for nonprofits which also includes its exceptional SMS capabilities. Emitrr offers SMS automation, group chat texting, missed call-to-text, SMS templates, and much more. Emitrr makes sure that its clients are achieving maximum reachability using the highly intuitive features of Emitrr. 

The software structure of Emitrr is highly robust. Emitrr is one of the most highly rated software on reputed review platforms like Capterra, and G2. You would never experience window crashes or abrupt call disconnection. The Emitrr software is free of bugs to give a seamless VoIP experience to its customers. 

The Emitrr platform supports 1000+ seamless integrations for its customers. Emiitrr’s technical team takes care of all the integration steps to provide you with robust integration without any data inconsistencies. 

Which is the best VoIP software for nonprofits? 

Nonprofit organizations need robust yet affordable software that would help them reach out to more donors and volunteers. That is why the Emitrr software is best suited for nonprofits. The Emitrr platform offers the most capable VoIP features along with a multi-support channel system to give its users the most seamless experience. Emitr offers all these functionality at a very affordable price as well This makes Emitrr be ahead of the curve and serve its customers in an all-around sense. 

Is VoIP for nonprofits expensive?

No, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) makes use of Internet broadband to connect customers. So there is no extra setup of hardware or wires like traditional phone systems. This makes VoIP a very affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow their audience. One such VoIP software is Emmitrr which offers all its VoIP functionality at an affordable price and without any annual binding contracts. 

Is VoIP worth it for small businesses?

Yes, VoIP is a very affordable and efficient option for small businesses. Not only does VoIP help in building an audience but it also helps with customer retention. VoIP through its features like call follow-up, call forwarding, and multichannel routing helps in directly contacting the customers without the involvement of any third party. The key point to remember is you should go for a robust and trusted platform like Emitrr to start your journey seamlessly with VoIP. 

How do you switch to Emitrr for VoIP?

The switch to Emitrr for VoIP is fairly simple. You just have to request a demo on Emiitrr’s website and the support team of Emitrr will get in contact with you. Then The technical team will handle your onboarding, setup, and rest of the necessary steps. 

After discussing all the best possible VoIP for nonprofits in this comprehensive guide, we have the Emitrr software as a clear winner. Emitrr offers the best VoIP capabilities to support the long-term goals of nonprofits at a very affordable price. Want to know more, book a demo here!

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