10 Ways To Use Text Messaging For Your Dental Office

Text messaging communication has proven a boon for dental practices. Out of all communication means, text messaging reigns supreme. You must know how to properly leverage its advantages. Has it happened that previous methods of your dental office text messaging plan have failed to prove its efficiency? Dental office text messaging should be worked out properly and implemented with even better care. Here are 10 ways dental office text messaging can help grow your practice and how you can use it efficiently.

1. To Handle Missed Calls

Missed calls can surely turn into a lost business opportunity. You need proper means of dealing with missed calls and you need to make sure they are quick. And what’s better for your practice other than text messaging?

Imagine you miss a patient’s call and they immediately want to turn to another practice. Bad, right? What if you could retain them? That’s where immediate dental office text messaging can help. A follow-up occurring quickly through text can engage the patient in conversation and help them with whatever they need. Two way texting powered by AI technology can engage in such smart conversations and ensure retention of your patient.

 2. To Handle Missed Texts

 Again, missing texts is just as damaging as missing a call. With texting comes the expectation that the dental office text messaging service will be instant. So, the last thing you want to do is disappoint your patient with a bad customer service experience.

Quick and instant reply can be expected and your dental office text messaging service won’t ever miss a text.

3. To Handle Queries On The Web

Your practice surely has its website and you’ve put a lot of effort into it looking perfect. Congratulations, it has done its job and, now patients are leaving queries on your site and they expect them to be answered. If you take too long to respond to them, patients might forget that they even posted a query and dismiss your reply. But what if they got a reply as soon as they posted the query?

Converting the web chat to text could be an optimal solution. Not having to wait on the web would help convert a simple query into a conversation. Once the customer is engaged in conversation, it is easier to turn them into a patient.

4. To Get Reviews

 You want to know how your patient’s experience was with your practice. What’s the best and quick way to achieve this?

Dental office text messaging service is a great way to get patient reviews. After an appointment, you can instantly reach out to the patient for a review and this can be scheduled automatically with your dental office text messaging service. Patients are more likely to give reviews on text rather than call.

5. To Schedule Appointments, Reminders or, Confirmations.

 Studies show that about 30% of patients prefer reminders over text for their next scheduled appointment.

For appointments, having a say is important for the patient. Thus, using two-way texting to help schedule appointments is the best way to go ahead. This makes it easier for your patients to schedule or reschedule appointments.

Confirmations of appointment timings can also be sent through text. As the SMS has the highest read rate than any other means of communication, a whopping 98%, you can be rest assured that your dental office text messages will be read by the patient.

Numbers Talks When It Comes To Text Messaging

 6. To Help Increase Recall

 Regular communication over the text helps engage patients. They are then

more likely to pay attention to messages containing useful information. Messages such as those indicating time for check-up are more likely to be viewed and booked if it is easy for them to do so.

Patient loyalty is difficult to gain, but with regular follow-ups, you can get a step closer. Research shows that 75% of patients are likely to communicate with trusted brands. This makes the success of recall messages easy.

 7. To Better Outreach Campaigns

 As a practice, you probably have events that you host at least once a year. You need your patients to turn up for it, right? Well, what better way to inform them and get them to participate than with your dental office text messaging service? Campaign Marketing through SMS can get great responses. As mentioned earlier, messages have a 98% read rate so be assured that your campaign message will be read.

Make a list of your patients who have signed up for updates and put your dental office text messaging service to use.

 8. For Instant and General Communication

Reaching out to your patients for last-minute changes or any miscellaneous reason can be achieved through your dental office text messaging service.

Your practice may have to close early or take a day off due to unforeseen events. These situations are inescapable but being ready for them is your responsibility.

Dental office text messaging services can help you with it. With Emitrr’s backup receptionist you can personalize your message for each patient and have it delivered instantly.

9. For Payments

Dental office text messaging services can also be used for payment purposes. You can send messages with links for payment as and when required. As you have an existing conversation thread with the patient, trust in terms of authenticity is already developed.

With  2-way text messaging services you can also remind patients of upcoming and overdue payments.

You can also inform them according to their healthcare plans and if there would be any out of pocket expenses along with their payment schedules.

 10. For Handling FAQs

 If your dental office text messaging service is equipped with the knowledge of dental jargon, it makes it easier to answer FAQs related to them.

Anything ranging from questions about insurance to general FAQs can be dealt with properly with the help of 2-way text messaging.

One of the many advantages of 2-way  text messaging is its instant nature and the ability to give accurate responses.

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