Boost Revenue and Build Customer Experience with Business Messaging​

business messaging

Boost Revenue and Build Customer Experience with Business Messaging


The era of digitization has created room for a world of possibilities with respect to the way people do business. The ability to shop at the comfort of our homes and quick shipping are some factors that have transformed customer experiences at large. This has also led to a significant change in the expectations of consumers from any business that they engage with. These expectations are set the moment they start looking for goods or services that meet their needs. Nowadays, it is easy to find or engage with a business, thanks to the world wide web. Gone is the time when people used to call or visit businesses to engage with them. Business messaging has become the ‘new normal’ for the present consumers as well as service providers. 

Interesting Fact – SMSs have a 98% open rate while Emails have a 22% open Rate 

While it might be impossible for all businesses to match the efficiency of giants like Amazon, Business Messaging is certainly becoming the preferred tool to keep your customers constantly engaged and updated.

What is it that customers want? How do customers interact with businesses in general? What best practices do businesses need to adopt to establish a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with their customers? 

Stay tuned to find out! 

What is business messaging? 

Fun fact: About 86 percent of the customers find messaging to be the most preferred channel to communicate with a business. 

The advent of globalisation, coupled with the internet revolution have together changed customer demands. What they now want is the ease of connecting with businesses. On the other hand, businesses are trying hard to acquire leads and amping up their marketing strategies. But are we mindful of the demands of the customers? As a business owner, are you aware of what customers want? They simply want to connect with you using the most convenient medium available. If calls and emails are still the only way for customers to get in touch with you, then you might be losing considerable business.

business messaging channels

Business Messaging is a way for brands and consumers to communicate with each other through a set of messaging channels. From sales and marketing to customer support, business messaging seeks to resolve a multitude of problems, thereby providing a great engagement experience to the customers. From pre-sales to post-sales, consumers can interact with businesses through the aforementioned messaging channels. The very ability to address real-time concerns through business texting has transformed the way businesses and customers interact. 

How business messaging can elevate your revenue? 

Businesses use a lot of tactics to boost their revenue, from launching a new product line to increasing their prices. However, many of those tactics can turn out to be costly in a variety of aspects. While launching a product line can make you invest hefty amounts of money, increasing the price of your products can make your consumers turn to your competitors. So, how is it that you grow your revenue? There’s a catch here: a lot of customers out there are willing to buy what you already offer. To tap that opportunity, it is important that you make your business more accessible and provide excellent customer service. Remember, communication is key! Here, business texting will help you bridge the gap between you and your customers. 

If you invest in a customer communication software, there are a lot of gaps that you can fill with respect to your communication needs. Capabilities like missed-call-to-text and webchat-to-text help you tap conversion opportunities and build your customer base. 

Did you know that businesses miss about 22 percent of the calls that they receive? Imagine how much loss of revenue they are incurring on a daily basis. The Missed-call-to-text feature seeks to address every missed call so that your potential customer doesn’t have to move on to the ‘next best alternative’. Similarly, the webchat-to-text feature seeks to convert web visitors into customers with a simple text message. Considering that webchat increases the conversion chances by 20 percent, there is no way you can’t contemplate incorporating it to get more customers. These simple solutions can bring your business to a whole new level and can help you accomplish your revenue goals.  

Benefits of business messaging for customers 

  • Ability to reach out to businesses through their preferred communication channels
  • Ease of responding to conversations as per their convenience 
  • Access to communication history 
  • Ability to exchange content in various forms 
  • Convenience with respect to submitting requests round the clock

Benefits of business messaging for businesses 

  • Enhance customer acquisition: The highly-conversational nature of business messaging makes it easier for businesses and customers to connect easily, creating an environment for real-time communication. For businesses, this is a win-win situation as they get exposed to a wider customer base and witness a surge in their revenues. 
  • Handle multiple chats: When businesses use a business messaging software, they can handle multiple chats at once, which results in lower cost per resolution. Thus not only is it time-saving but also cost-effective.  
  • Achieve customer satisfaction: When businesses offer instant solutions to their customers, the customers feel satisfied and trust the business. 
  • Enhance customer engagement: Business texting acts as a platform for businesses to connect with their customers, and make them feel valued. 

Choosing the right business messaging platform for your business

If you are a business owner, then business texting can work in your favor, thereby helping you achieve your business goals. For you to be able to create a successful messaging campaign, here are the factors that you should consider: 

  1. Pricing: Understand the features that you want for your messaging campaign. Check the price for each feature and make sure that there are no hidden costs involved. 
  2. Features: What goals do you seek to achieve through the messaging platform? Do you want it for marketing, sales, or customer support? Ensure that the features you select align with your business goals. 
  3. Access to API: Having access to API is a way to achieve a better user experience. Make sure you have this in your messaging platform. 
  4. Channel support: What all channels of communication does the platform support? 

Some examples of business messaging 

Business messaging examples

Top use cases of business messaging

When customers engage with businesses, what they want is a seamless communication experience. They need faster response times and prefer human beings for communication instead of self-service-enabled chatbots. It is business messaging that can help you offer such an experience to your customers. Let’s dig in further and observe how you can use business messaging: 

#1: Appointment booking

Incorporating business messaging eliminates the manual hassle of scheduling appointments and managing schedules. Your customers can easily book appointments with whichever channel they prefer on your business texting platform, and you can direct your focus on growing your business. You can also schedule instant appointments by integrating live chat with your calendar. 

business messaging
#2: Customer Support

As a business owner, your priority must be to serve your customers and assist them right from making an inquiry about your services to their post-purchase concerns. With a simple ‘message us’ button on your website, you can address your customers’ concerns or queries in real-time, thereby gaining their loyalty in return. Business messaging can help you transform customer support for you in two ways: 

  • It will help you respond faster to queries
  • You can analyse the messages that have come across and direct those to the right agent for addressal 
#3: Sale conversions

To be able to convert potential leads into customers, you must have a stellar website that is optimised for SEO and has compelling content. In addition, you also need to have a business texting platform in place to be more accessible to your audiences. Having a live chat integrated on your website and including excellent imagery during conversations are some ways to promote and increase sales. 

#4: Enabling notifications 

Notifications are an excellent way to engage and re-engage with your customers, which can further help you drive conversions and retain customers. You can make use of business messaging to stimulate user engagement by sending them updates in real-time. You can utilise business texting to send personalised offers, news updates, and even reminders.

Also, notifying your customers about some special offers, urgent updates, or any last-minute deals is another great way to use business messaging. 

#5: Social engagement 

It is your accessibility to your potential or current customers that decide whether you’re a business that can be trusted. The more reachable you are, the more credible you’ll be considered. Having a social media presence is as important as having a website in an era where more than half of the world’s population uses social media. Have people reach out to you through simple Direct Messages, and open your business to conversations that are not time-sensitive. This will make people trust your brand and will also help you land conversions. 

#6: Marketing efforts 

Business messaging allows you to interact with people, present yourself as a brand, and enhance your online presence. With business texting, you can easily use data to segment your users and also improve interaction by providing them with personalised content. 

How Emitrr’s capabilities can help you achieve your business goals

Emitrr’s two-way texting software enables you to communicate back and forth with your customers, 24X7. It allows easy integration with your applications and also doesn’t involve any binding contract. With Emitrr’s two-way texting capability, you can respond to your customers faster, witness better engagement, and address their queries from across various channels in real-time. Even if you’re messaging your customers, there is a certain texting etiquette that you must follow while engaging with them. 

business messaging template


In a world where people prefer texts over calls, it is absolutely crucial that you use messaging to your advantage to acquire more customers and ensure customer satisfaction altogether. If you are new to messaging, then Emitrr’s capabilities will surely help you engage seamlessly with your customers. So book a demo and get ready to transform customer engagement. 

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