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How to text from a computer? Introduction

Accessibility, convenience, inexpensiveness, and immediacy are some of the core factors that make texting a preferred mode of communication. As much fun and convenient as texting is, there comes a point when constantly switching between your mobile phone and your computer becomes a huge challenge.

There is no doubt in the fact that technological advancement has opened doors for diversity with respect to texting, and in case you’re wondering how to send a text message from a computer, then you’ve knocked on the right door. This article will give you insights into what texting from a computer means, what benefits it brings, and the multiple ways (both free and paid) you can text using a computer. 

How to text from a computer: Top Free methods

1. Text from your computer using iMessage on MAC

text from a computer using mac

If you are using an iOS device, you can easily text from your computer using the iMessage platform. iMessage is available on all devices in addition to your iPhone, such as MacBooks, and iPads. If you want to send a text from your iOS device, then follow these steps: 

Step-1: Use your Apple ID to login into your iCloud 

Step-2: Select the Apple device that you want to connect to

Step-3: Once you connect, your messages will automatically be synced and displayed on your computer 

Step-4: Enjoy sending and receiving messages from your computer

iMessage is a completely free-to-use service and using the above method you can send and receive texts using any ios device of your choice. 

2. Text from your computer using Android Messages

text from a computer using android

If you are not an iOS user, then don’t worry because Google has your back. The Text from the Web system of Google allows Android users to send and receive text messages from a computer. 

Follow these steps:

Step-1: Login to (Make sure that you have the latest version of Android Messages). 

Step-2: Scan the QR code. Under the QR code, there is a message that says ‘remember this computer’. Check that box, and you won’t have to scan the code multiple times. 

Step-3: Once you scan the code, all the messages that you have on your mobile device will appear on your computer screen. That’s it, enjoy texting from your computer! 

The pricing for these texts depends on your carrier plan, but you pay the same per text as you would have texting from your mobile device.

3. Use a free SMS website to text from your computer ​

You can also consider the option of sending messages from free SMS websites. Here are some websites that allow free SMS services that you can easily access using your computer:

However, free SMS websites do come with their own set of challenges – 

  • In some cases, you won’t be able to receive responses directly on the website. You might have to provide an email address to receive responses and some sites may even require you to sign up and register to see responses.
  • Many free SMS platforms have a limitation on the number of messages you can send per day. 
  • Another downside to these websites is that not all carriers support free texting platforms, Hence, certain messages may not be delivered. 
  • Group text messaging services are usually not available through free texting websites, To send bulk messages you will end up paying a fee. 
  • The biggest persistent issue with using free websites to text from a computer is the lack of security and privacy, the data and message content you use may be stored and even sold to third parties. 
  • In some cases, these free websites have been found to contain malware or other harmful software which can affect your device, as a result, using these websites to text from a computer is not highly recommended, especially for business use.    

4. Using Email to text from a computer

Sending emails to text is one of the most interesting and ‘safe’ ways to send a text from a computer for free. It is quite easy to send a text message from a computer using email. 

You just need to follow these simple steps: 

Step-1: Log in to your Email account. 

Step-2: Click on the ‘+’ sign or the ‘compose’ in the top left corner of your Email to compose the message.

Step-3: In the “To” section enter the Email ID IE the 10-digit phone number of the recipient followed by the carrier gateway extension (Refer to the table below)

Here’s an example for your reference:  If the recipient’s phone number is 12341234 and they are an AT&T customer the email ID you’ll need to use is [email protected]

Once you send your message to this address the recipient will receive it as a text on their mobile device and can respond from there the response will come back to you as an email and the conversation can continue on the same thread.

sending email to text

While sending email to text, you can refer to the below table for the SMS and MMS gateways. 

text from a computer using email to text - address extensions

5. Use a wireless carrier's website to text

There are a lot of wireless service providers that offer standalone texting portals for customers. Verizon and AT&T are the most common providers that offer the functionality to send messages directly from their websites. 

If you are a Verizon user, then you can go to your ‘My Verizon Account’ and easily use texting on your computer.

If you are an AT&T user, you just need to sign in by entering your user ID and password, and you’re good to go. 

The process is usually quite simple just sign in to your account on your service provider’s website and enjoy texting from a computer or laptop.

text from a computer using a carrier website
send text from a computer using AT&T

6. VoIP Texting App (Free)

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a service that allows communication over the internet. A VoIP texting app helps you send and receive messages seamlessly, and through such apps, you can easily text from your computer. 

Wondering how it works? Well, it’s fairly simple. Here are the steps: 

Step-1: Download a VoIP texting app on your computer.

Step-2: Register in the app and verify your account through email or phone. 

Step-3: You can just log in to the app from your computer (for eg- Facebook, Viber) and start texting from your computer, in some cases you might have to scan a QR code on a specific URL (for eg with WhatsApp –

Step-4: Enjoy sending and receiving messages on your computer. 

There are a plethora of free VoIP texting apps that you can use to text from a computer:

  • WhatsApp 
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber 
  • Signal
  • WeChat 
  • Telegram
  • Skype 
  • Discord 
  • Google Voice 
  • Line 
The only challenge with using VoiP texting platforms to text from a computer is that your recipients will have to be active on the same platform that you choose to text from.

Note – If you need to use VoIP texting apps for business purposes, then we’d suggest you sign up for the paid version of these texting apps to enjoy advanced texting features. 

How to text from a computer: Paid methods

1. VoIP (Paid)

VoIP texting is a great way to send text from a computer. In this type of texting, the user is able to send and receive texts through an active internet connection. 

A VoIP texting app replaces traditional texting as it is done over the internet. It is a cost-effective way of sending text messages from a computer and also gives the option of sending group and multimedia messages, and scheduling and deleting messages. 

VoIP texting apps offer advanced features such as unlimited texting, group messaging, file sharing, customer support, advanced security, message scheduling and integrations. These paid VoIP texting apps offer functionalities that aren’t available with free texting apps. Here are some examples of paid VoIP texting apps: 

  • Zoom Phone 
  • Google Voice 
  • RingCentral 
  • Whatsapp Business 
  • Line2

You can not only have a virtual phone number but also add new phone numbers, upload contacts, add team members, send text blasts, create drip campaigns, and even integrate it with other business applications and run automated text campaigns. 

Google Voice is a popular platform for VoIP texting but isn’t the most efficient, particularly for business use. There are plenty of other Google voice alternatives that can help you text from a computer using VoIP.

emitrr voip texting

2. Business Texting Software

The problem with the above-mentioned options for texting from a computer is that they are constrained to the texting app. For instance, if you use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. to text from a computer, all your recipients should also be on the same app in order to receive your communications and the free methods, in general, are very difficult to execute at scale as it is impossible to manage a high volume of text conversations and additionally, you do not have access to any advanced texting features that business texting softwares’ offer. 

If you want your texts to be delivered on your recipients’ native texting app on their mobile devices while keeping them engaged and informed constantly then using a business texting software is the best option available.

You can use business messaging software like Emitrr to solve multiple problems and improve the efficiency of your business communications. For eg- sending promotional content using group texting, sending reminders, collecting feedback through surveys, generating reviews etc. there can be a lot of use cases based on the nature of your business all of these texting capabilities can be easily managed through your computer.

Here are the top use cases of using business texting software’ for sending text messages from a computer:

  • Automated appointment reminders 
  • Automated review requests
  • Ability to send group texts and mass texts 
  • Automated two-way texting  
  • Assigning conversations to team members
  • Centralized and uninterrupted messaging 
  • Managing conversations 
  • Creating and sharing customer surveys 
  • Scheduling messages to be sent out at a future date or time etc.
text from a computer using emitrr

What is the best way to Text from a computer?

You can send texts from a computer using any of the methods mentioned above, you can make an informed decision based on the features that are most relevant to your use case and how they stack up against each method of texting from a computer.

Here is a quick summary table to help you with your decision:

Text from a computer comparison

Benefits of texting from a computer

  • Easy to send lengthy messages: If you wish to send messages longer than a few sentences, then text messaging from a computer is a lot more comfortable. Even sharing attachments and MMS messages is a lot easier on a PC.
  • Sending messages to multiple people: If your customer database is above 100, your texting campaigns will be much easier to execute and manage on a computer than a mobile device. 
  • Saving/managing conversations: Texting from a computer will also come in handy when you need to record, tag, and assign your conversations to other team members. It’s overall a lot easier to better handle a large volume of conversations.
  • Helps avoid phone distractions: If you are constantly distracted by the notifications on your phone, then you must text from a computer to avoid those distractions.  
  • Cost-effective: Texting from a computer is a cost-effective way of reaching out to customers or team members when compared to channels like email and phone calls. Not only there are free SMS apps available, but the paid ones are also quite reasonably priced. Businesses can identify their usage and choose the best-suited plan.  
  • Streamlined customer service: For any business, customer support is a very important function. Text messaging from a computer allows for easy identification, management, and resolution of customer queries, thereby resulting in quick and excellent service. 
  • Improved security: Many texting platforms offer end-to-encryption as their core feature, which adds to the security of texting and also prevents any data breaches. If you are texting from a computer and using a text messaging service or an app, you can relax as your data will be secure some texting apps are HIPAA compliant as well
  • Better communication: Efficient and effective communication are the core benefits of texting from a computer, as it allows the users to easily share information, provide updates, and respond to queries. Also, a single interface can be used to manage communications from various channels.
  • Access to a larger screen and keyboard: The obvious advantage – the larger screen is a little less stressful for the eyes and access to a proper keyboard makes it a lot easier to type long messages.
  • Ability to sync messages across multiple devices: If you send texts via computer through a messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram, or using iMessage, then you can easily sync the messages across multiple devices and manage all conversations from your PC.

Use cases of texting from a computer

Texting from a computer brings along a plethora of use cases. If you’re a business owner, then texting from a computer can prove to be highly effective for you especially when you’re using a text messaging software that integrates with your CRM. 

  1. Order updates: Texting from a computer allows you to easily send out updates to multiple customers at the same time, customize your messages, and easily organize conversations. 
  2. Customer service: With faster response times, easy tracking of conversations, and personalized messages; texting from a computer can be used for reducing ACW, AHT and also improve the CSAT score. 
  3. Appointment reminders: Emitrr integrates with your CRM and allows you to send automated and personalized reminders to your customers, cutting down no-shows by 90 per cent. You can even define the frequency and cadence of the reminders. 
  4. Internal communication: You can send texts via computer for internal communication as well. Emitrr’s capabilities allow users to assign conversations to team members, thereby improving productivity and resulting in streamlined operations. 
  5. Marketing campaigns: Texting from a computer offers ease of sending out marketing communications to customers. From importing your contact list to crafting the message, from sending personalized SMS broadcasts to tracking progress and metrics.
  6. Automated Customer communication and engagement: Texting software like Emitrr allow seamless interaction and engagement with customers through its text messaging features. You can automate reminders, recalls, reviews, payments, and more. 
  7. Review collection: Whenever you serve a customer, send an automated text asking for a review. Doing so will help you garner more reviews and make your business more approachable to potential customers. 
  8. Customer acquisition: Use Emitrr to acquire new customers and retain existing ones by answering queries and resolving issues in real time, thereby improving the overall customer experience. When you send texts via computer, you can easily communicate with your customers and manage conversations seamlessly under one platform. 
  9. Schedule-based texting: With Emitrr, you can comfortably send texts via computer, scheduling texts to be sent out at a later date or time. With this, you can automate text messaging and save up to four hours of time. 

How to Text from your computer with Emitrr?

Emitrr is a text messaging platform that businesses can use to text from their computer. 

Follow this process to text from a computer using Emitrr: 

Step-1: From  the top right corner select ‘send’ 

Step-2: Select ‘new message’ 

Step-3: Add the recipient’s phone number or select contact if it’s already in the database. 

Step-4: Add your message. 

Step-5: Send immediately or schedule to send at a later date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to text from a computer without a phone number?

Yes, you can use web-based messaging services to send text messages from a computer without a phone number. With these services such as TextNow and Google Voice, you get a new number for texting and hence you need not use your personal number. 

Is it possible to use iMessage on a Windows computer?

iMessage is only available on Apple devices and not on Windows computers, which is why it is not possible to use iMessage on a Windows computer. However, you can use a third-party app like Facebook Messenger on both Apple and Windows devices to send text from a computer. 

Can I send and receive text messages from my computer for free?

Yes, you can send and receive text messages from your computer for free. You can use web-based messaging services, email, and phone messaging apps for the same. 

Are there any security concerns with texting from a computer?

When you send text from a computer, there are some potential security risks associated, hacking is the most common. To avoid the same, make sure you have a secure connection, avoid using a free wi-fi network, and be cautious while sharing personal information especially if you are using free SMS websites. 

Can I schedule text messages to be sent from my computer?

Yes, schedule-based text messaging from a computer is possible from third-party messaging apps. With this feature, you can schedule a text message to be sent out at a later date or time. 


If you own a business, you know how important it is to maintain good communication with your customers. Texting, with its 98% open rate and 40% response rate is a great way to ensure continued customer engagement. However, texting does not have to be limited to mobile phone devices. 

Practically speaking, one may not be able to text customers in bulk with mobile phone devices. Business messaging needs a more refined and simple approach, this can be achieved by texting from a computer. There are many methods to do so, as discussed in the sections above. We would personally like to recommend a business texting software to text from your computer seamlessly. 

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