Encrypted text messaging platforms


Encrypted text messaging or secure texting is a communication method that enables users to exchange encrypted messages, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the shared information. 

Encryption ensures that the messages remain inaccessible to anyone without the encryption key. Various encryption techniques are employed to guarantee that only the intended recipient can access the messages.

But why ‘secure texting’? Isn’t regular texting secure? 

Well, NO

This is because regular SMS can be easily intercepted and accessed by unauthorized individuals, they lack encryption and are susceptible to data breaches as they are stored on telecommunication providers’ servers.

As a business, you need to prioritize the security and privacy of customer information when communicating via text messages. Measures should be in place to protect customer data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Some industries, such as healthcare or financial services, have specific regulations like HIPAA or GLBA that govern communication and data security.

In this article, we will shed light on encrypted text messaging, how it differs from regular texting, the top platforms that you must consider to make texting more secure, and a lot more interesting insights into the world of texting. So stay tuned! 

What is Encrypted Text Messaging?

Encryption means converting information into a coded or encrypted form. This method is used to ensure that only authorized parties have access to the given information.

Encryption in text messaging ensures that texts can only be exchanged between the sender and the receiver. No third party would be able to access the information. 

The process of encryption works in the following ways:

Encryption turns data into scrambled text. The scrambled text can only be descrambled through a decryption security key.  Broadly speaking there are 4 steps in the encryption text messaging process: 

  • Key Generation: A pair of security keys is generated for both the sender and the receiver. The type of keys generated will determine the encryption type which is public encryption and private encryption. In private encryption, the same key is generated for both the sender and the recipient. The public encryption method uses a private key and the recipient’s public key. 
  • Encryption: The message is converted from plain text to ciphertext. 
  • Transmission: The message now in the encrypted form, is transmitted through a communication channel such as the internet or a messaging app. 
  • Decryption: The ciphertext is converted back to plain text using the encryption key. This method ensures that no one apart from the bearer of the encryption key can access the transmitted information.

How Is Encrypted Text Messaging Different From Normal Text Messaging?

Secure text messaging allows the use of advanced security features that ensure that any information you send out via text can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

Fun fact: Normal text messaging isn’t HIPAA-compliant by default.  

Here are some factors that make secure messaging stand out:

  • The information stays encrypted and confidential. This means it cannot be intercepted during transmission. 
  • The information transmitted can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. Even the service providers and network operators cannot access the content of the message! 
  • The messages sent by the provider can only be accessed with the encryption key. It also involves verifying the identity of the recipient. 
  • If someone with malicious intent is trying to access the message and fails the identity verification, they won’t be able to break into the platform through which the messages are being shared, which further avoids message tampering
  • The messages are shared using a dedicated texting platform such as Emitrr that offers such functionality. In the case of Emitrr, the user will have to enter the OTP received on their mobile number on the secure texting platform to access the message. 

All such features aren’t available in regular texting, which makes it less secure and prone to data breaches. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you use encrypted text messaging to communicate with your customers. 

Can You Send Encrypted Texts Through iOS And Android?

Encrypted messaging is possible on both iOS and Android through their native apps. 

iOS encrypted messaging:

Apple’s iMessage also  end-to-end encryption, but it only works when you’re messaging other iOS users. If your recipient is also using an iPhone, your iMessage conversations are automatically encrypted.

Android encrypted messaging: 

You can engage in encrypted messaging on Android through the Google Messages app. However, just like iOS, both the sender and the recipient need to be using Google Messages to engage in secure communication. 

PLEASE NOTE: Businesses cannot use iOS and Android for customer communication as they lack important certification such as HIPAA and SOC 2. (discussed in the coming sections.)

Encrypted Text Messaging VS Patient Portals

When we talk about sharing PHI or generally communicating with patients, patient portals are a popular way to do that, However, it should be noted that most patient portals are not HIPAA compliant as they offer general texting and no secure text messaging capabilities are built into these platforms.

Patient portals are secure and dedicated online platforms that allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers, access their personal health information, and manage their appointments.

Did you know that even patients prefer secure texting over patient portals

Here are some key differences between secure texting and patient portals:


Basis of difference

Patient portals

Secure texting platform


Limited interoperability 

Can integrate with countless EHRs/PMSs


Lacks basic texting features, comprehensive access to medical records, and appointment scheduling

Offers a plethora of basic and advanced texting features to allow seamless communication 

User Experience 

Tough interface, difficult to navigate 

Friendly user interface and intuitive workflows

Learning curve 

Digital divide due to lack of access to technology in certain areas

Zero learning curve involved 


Limited adoption especially by the elderly 

No extensive logins required 

As a business, you need to prioritize the security and privacy of customer information when communicating via text messages.

In order to protect customer data from any data breaches or unauthorized access, while also ensuring seamless communication; you need an encrypted text messaging app.

We have curated a list of the top encrypted text messaging apps that you can consider and compare as per your texting needs.  

In addition to a detailed analysis of all these apps based on their secure texting functionalities, their other texting capabilities, support, pricing, and customer reviews; we also have a comparison table to help you make an informed choice.

So, without any further ado, scroll further and find out which of these apps best fits your use case! 

Top 6 Encrypted Text Messaging Apps To Compare in 2023

  1. Emitrr
  2. TigerConnect
  3. Notifyd
  4. Klara 
  5. ClickSend 
  6. RocketChat 

Before we jump on to the detailed analysis of all the aforementioned apps, it is first important to understand the things you must look for in an encrypted text messaging app. 

How To Choose An Encrypted Text Messaging App?

We get it, these words may seem a little daunting to you. Not everyone is tech-savvy. What do you actually need to know and keep track of, to choose a platform that is safe for you and your customers? Don’t worry we got you covered! Just check if the platform that you choose has the following: 

  • End-to-End Encryption: End-to-End Encryption or E2E ensures that the message is accessible only by the sender and the receiver. No third party can intercept the message. No one, not even the service provider can access them. This Encryption is an absolute necessity for safe communication with customers. 
  • Open source code: An app’s source code made available to the public allows security experts to check the code and ascertain its levels of security. It can also be put to multiple tests to check for bugs and other vulnerabilities. 
  • Privacy policy: An encrypted messaging platform should have policies in place that reflect the protection of data and user privacy. 
  • Control over data collection: While numerous secure messaging applications employ encryption, they have the potential to gather metadata related to you, such as device details, your IP address, and location data. The most robust applications refrain from collecting such information or provide straightforward means for users to decline data collection.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Choose an app that works on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc.) to ensure you can communicate with a wide range of contacts.

An easy way to check if a texting platform ensures the above-mentioned criteria is just by asking them for an SoC 2 report and HIPAA Compliance certification.

Best Encrypted Text Messaging Apps for Businesses

1. Emitrr


Emitrr is a text communication and engagement platform that businesses can use for secure communication with their customers. Let’s see how Emitrr performs in terms of features, support, reviews, and secure and encrypted text messaging.


Emitrr offers a range of features that businesses will find useful. At every point of the customer journey, the business can be in touch with customers in a secure manner through Emitrr’s communication features. Some of the features include: 

1. Two-way text messaging: Businesses can use the two-way text messaging feature to engage in text communication with customers. Two-way texting means that even the customers would be able to reply to the messages. You can use this feature to send marketing messages, general updates, etc.

2. Mass texting: The mass texting feature allows you to send text blasts to a larger number of recipients. To use this feature on Emitrr, all you have to do is craft a text message, upload a list of contacts, and hit send!
Watch the video here: 

3. Group texting: The group texting feature allows you to create a group with a specified number of people where each person can see the message that the other is sending and respond to it as well. Group texting is different from mass texting in that it creates one thread between all the group members as opposed to an individual thread between the sender and one receiver in mass texting.

4. Reminders: Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to send appointment reminders to your customers. Each customer has a different date and time for their appointment and reminding each of them of their upcoming appointment manually can be a tiring task. With Emitrr you can automate sending appointment reminders. You can also set the cadence of the reminders i.e. decide the number of reminders to send and the interval for these reminders.

5. Forms: If you own a healthcare practice and wish to bring patient communication online, there are multiple ways in which Emitrr can help you. One of the most useful features is the Form feature. With this, you will be able to create forms (eg patient intake forms) and deliver them to patients digitally. We understand how important data protection is when it comes to healthcare communication and so all communication will be done in a HIPAA-compliant manner!

6. Surveys: The survey feature allows sending surveys to customers via text. Just like forms you can also create surveys and deliver them. 


Support plays a major factor in determining the value of a platform. How quick is the team to respond to customer troubles? This is one area where Emitrr shines. It has been rated 5/5 for customer support on Capterra. Here is what some of Emitrr’s customers have to say about their support:

“ Support was great and they really worked with my to customize services to what I needed.” (Capterra)

“Customer support is another area where this platform shines. The support team has been responsive and knowledgeable, promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns that arose during implementation and use.” (Capterra)


How have current users of Emitrr rated it? Emitrr has an overall rating of 4.8/5 on Capterra. Here are some reviews you can look at: 

Emitrr Review
Emitrr Review
Encrypted texting features: 

Emitrr has two methods by which you can communicate with your customers. Normally and in a secure way. If you wish to communicate in a secure way all you need to do is turn on secure messaging in the message box. This way the message becomes encrypted end-to-end. 

To access the same, the customer only needs to enter their mobile number and the OTP received on that number. This 2FA makes the portal secure and free from any breaches. This is how the message box looks once secure chat is on. 

encrypted text messaging Emitrr


  • End to End Encrypted
  • Plethora of features
  • Pay only for the features you use 
  • Option to turn on secure texting
  • Stellar support


  • Not designed specifically for the healthcare industry
  • No video calls 
  • Doesn’t have a free trial 



2. TigerConnect

tigerconnect logo

TigerConnect is a communication and collaboration platform curated specifically for the healthcare industry. It offers a variety of features that are relevant in the healthcare industry. These are:

  1. Broadcast messaging: This feature allows broadcast texting within the healthcare organization. This is an inter-organization messaging feature.
  2. TigerText: Used to communicate with patients 1 on 1 or with a group of patients’ caretakers and the patient. 
  3. Alarm management and event notification: This feature allows for interfaces with nurse call systems, physiological monitors, EHR/critical lab results, smart beds, and more to acquire alarms, events, and values. 
  4. Patient engagement: You can communicate with your patients in a HIPAA-compliant secure manner through encrypted messaging

TigerConnect has a rating of 4.3/ 5 for customer service on Capterra. 

Here are some of the reviews about their customer support:

“Tech support is not very friendly or helpful.” (Capterra)

“Occasionally there are a few issues but the IT team seems to get them fixed pretty quickly and this has only happened a few times over the 3+ years we’ve been using it.” (Capterra)


TigerConnect has an overall rating of 4.7/5 on Capterra. Here is what some of its users have to say: 

Encrypted texting features

To ensure that sensitive patient information remains safe and secure TigerConnect has the option of encryption in communication. It sends patients a text message containing a link to secure chat, which remains active for a certain time. Once the patient clicks on the link, they can start a secure chat with their provider.

TigerConnect’s secure messaging is a feature that is revered by many healthcare professionals. 



  • Offers communication + collaboration features 
  • Made specifically for the healthcare industry 
  • Features such as alarm management and event notification 


  • Not the best support 
  • Integrations are not easy 
  • Conversation assignment to team members difficult 



TigerConnect rsecure texting

3. Notifyd

notifyd logo

Notifyd is a messaging app specifically for home healthcare. The features it offers are built around making communication easy for professionals involved in home healthcare. It helps makes scheduling and coordinating care simple fast and efficient. 

  • Scheduling: With the scheduling feature the scheduler can send a message to all the staff about shift details. Whoever is available can select the shift by replying to the message. 
  • Inter-team communication: This allows the user to access a directory of team members and select which of them they want to start a conversation with and thus help coordinate patient care in real time.

You can contact Notifyd’s support through webchat on their website or fill out a support query. 


We could not find Notifyd on any listing platforms, however, there are some reviews we could find on Apple Store and Play Store. 

Notifyd review
Encrypted messaging features:

Notifyd is a HIPAA-compliant messaging app. However, it does not offer text messaging. Users can communicate in a HIPAA-compliant encrypted manner over the Notifyd app. 

Notifyd claims its HIPAA compliance by partnering with AWS for the same.


  • Is HIPAA Compliant
  • Made specifically for the healthcare industry 
  • Has team centric features such as scheduling and group messaging 


  • Can not be used for texting 
  • Communication is dependent on the app itself 
  • Targeted only to home healthcare professionals 

4. Klara

Klara is a patient engagement platform servicing the healthcare industry. It enables users to connect with patients remotely through secure messaging. Klara can also be used for inter-team communication and collaboration. Some of the features offered by Klara are:

  • 2-way text messaging: This feature allows patient and provider to communicate over text in a HIPAA-compliant manner, 
  • Webchat: Patients can communicate with the healthcare staff by visiting the practice website. 
  • Patient intake: Patient intake forms and insurance verification can be collected remotely before the patient visits the practice. 
  • Appointment reminders: This feature allows for sending text appointment reminders to patients.
  • Surveys and reviews: Users can use send satisfaction surveys to patients and write online reviews. 

Klara has a rating of 4.3/ 5 on Capterra for Customer Service. Following are some reviews about Klara support:

“The responses from the Klara team are timely but the results are pretty poor.” (Capterra)

“My boss often complained about poor customer service dealing with Klara. I think if they had better customer service, we possibly would have stayed.” (G2


Klara has an overall rating of 4.5/ 5 on Capterra. Here is what some of the users have to say about Klara:

Klara review 1
Klara review 2

Key Insight: Klara users tout is an expensive platform for the features its offers

Encrypted texting features: 

Klara is an encrypted messaging app. You can send secure messages to patients. Patients will receive a link where they can start an encrypted messaging thread with their providers. 


  • Made for the healthcare industry specifically. 
  • Inter team communication and collaboration features available.


  • Heavy on the pocket
  • Difficult to use 
  • Does not integrate will with an external EHR 

5. ClickSend

ClickSend is a communication platform for businesses. 

  1. 2-way conversational messaging:  Both the user and their client can communicate with each other and reply to the messages via 2-way conversational messaging. 
  2. Mass texting: One can use this to send mass alerts, updates, and promotional messages to customers, or even for inter-team communication. 
  3. Reminders: This feature can be used to send appointment reminder texts to customers. 

ClickSend offers 24/7 human support 365 days a year. Customer Service is rated 4/ 5 on Capterra. Here’s what their customers have to say about Support.

“ Recently, texts started failing. We can’t figure out why. We have reached out to Customer Service twice to resolve the issue. While we aren’t a big user on their platform, the fact is the failed text messages are costing us. We can’t troubleshoot effectively this way. No one is reaching back out to us.” (Capterra)

“ Wasted an entire day with customer service back n forth to find out that their chat agent has given me the wrong price for the service and they tried to quickly show me price charts and etc. real professional.” (Capterra)


ClickSend has an overall rating of 3.8/ 5 on Capterra. Here are some of the customer reviews: 

Clicksend review 1
Encrypted messaging features: 

Clicksend is built with enterprise-level security which means that it protects its data, IT systems, and information assets from theft, data breaches, or cyberattacks.

ClickSend provides several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access. This includes Encryption in transit with TLS


  • Good integrations
  • Omni-channel communication management
  • Decent price


  • Not easy to use 
  • Software is slow to use
  • Bad customer service 

6. Rocket Chat

encrypted text messaging app

Rocketchat is an open-source communication platform. This communication platform can be used for both team communication and customer communication. It allows for omnichannel communication and management as well. 


  1. Team communication: Rocketchat is a great tool for team communication as it allows collaboration through one on one messages, channels, Discussion and Audio/Video calls. 
  2. Omnichannel customer communication: Regardless of where the customers try to reach you, you can easily manage all channels of communication through RocketChat. 
  3. Chat engine: Allows you to embed secure web chat on your website or mobile app. 


Rocketchat provides support in the form of a Knowledge base, Tickets, and Community Support. Direct support is available only in their enterprise edition pricing plan. Here is what customers have to say about their support: 

“Limited support because of RocketChat is an open-source platform, support options may be limited compared to proprietary messaging platforms.” (G2)

“ RocketChat has excellent customer support. Whenever I’ve had a question or issue, the support team was quick to respond and offered helpful solutions.” (G2)


Rocketchat has an overall rating of 4.2/5 on G2. Here are some of the customer reviews:

Rocket chat review
Rocket chat review

Encrypted text messaging features: 

Rocketchat allows you to chat with your teams, customers, partners, and vendors without exposing their data. Some of the security features include: End to End encryption, 2-factor authentication, data loss prevention, and availability of open-source code. It is also a HIPAA-compliant platform. 


  • Feature rich
  • Omni-channel communication management
  • Team and Customer communication features both


  • Direct Support available for higher plans only
  • Too many bugs
  • Bad customer service

What Is The Best Encrypted Text Messaging App?




Ease of Use

Customer Service


Value for Money































Rocket Chat






Note: All platform ratings are based on Capterra except Rocket Chat which is based on G2 Ratings. 

Key highlights: 

  • Emitrr ranks the highest in all the categories. 
  • Tiger Connect ties with Emitrr in the Overall and ‘Ease of Use’ category. 
  • Notifyd is not listed on either Capterra or G2, therefore no ratings are available. 
  • ClickSend ranks the lowest in all categories. 
  • Rocketchat ties with Clicksend in the lowest category for Customer Service and Value for Money 

Why Is Encrypted Text Messaging Important?

Importance Of Encrypted Text Messaging For Healthcare Businesses

Secure texting is important for several reasons while communicating with patients: 

  1. To protect PHI: The exchange or transfer of sensitive patient information needs to be private and confidential as per the HIPAA security law, in order to avoid any breach of privacy and legal liability.  
  2. To build trust with patients: When information is communicated through a secure medium, the patient would also feel comfortable sharing their details and would be assured that all their personal information is safe.  
  3. To communicate on the move: When patients have concerns regarding their health but do not have the time or the resources to visit the doctor in person, they can simply express their concerns by texting securely.  
  4. Maintain compliance with HIPAA rules: According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, healthcare providers and entities are required to safeguard and protect Patient Health Information (PHI).  
  5. Keep track of communication: Secure texting is a great way to document past conversations or refer to any information that is required by the patient or the provider.  
  6. To access data faster: When you implement secure texting to communicate with your patients, you can easily access data from them quickly and securely, without worrying about data breaches or any compliance issues. 
  7. To manage potential risks: There are a lot of risks associated with texting such as man-in-the-middle attacks, data interception, improper data handling, malware attacks, and SMS phishing. Reinforcing secure text messaging helps keep all such risks at bay. 
  8. To coordinate care: To ensure proper coordination of care, you need secure texting as it helps your employees communicate effectively with the patients and get real-time data. This further improves clinical workflows and maintains patient privacy. 
  9. To reduce errors: Secure messaging in healthcare helps accelerate clinical workflows which further improves patient throughput and improves clinical outcomes. This leads to fewer medical errors and improved patient satisfaction

Importance Of Encrypted Text Messaging For Other Businesses

Even when you’re not a part of the healthcare industry, it is important to ensure that every piece of information that you send and receive is securely transmitted. 

Here’s why secure texting is paramount to your business, irrespective of the industry you belong to: 

  1. Encrypted text messaging helps prevent any service disruption 
  2. Secure texting keeps all information safe, be it yours or that of your client 
  3. Having a secure platform to send a receive information keeps you away from legal liabilities 
  4. When your customers know that their data is safe and free from any breaches, they feel at peace 
  5. Protecting customer’s important information directly translates to forging good and lasting relationships with them. 

If you are ready to prioritize encrypted text messaging for your business, it is just about time to invest in a good encrypted text messaging app that serves your needs, gives that extra layer of protection, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Start Texting Securely With Emitrr’s Encrypted Texting Functionality

It is understandable that texting by itself is not secure. However, it can be made secure and HIPAA-compliant if you use the right texting platform.

Emitrr for instance, offers a secure texting feature with which users can communicate securely. The messages are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone except the user.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can easily share PHI with your patients using the secure texting feature, with a simple login process. You need not remember passwords or worry about security as Emitrr’s secure texting capability can handle it all. Here’s how secure texting works:  

Step-1: Open the Emitrr app and click on the relevant conversation 

Step-2: On the right side of the message box, click on ‘Start secure chat’. Doing so will send a link to the customer. 

Step-3: The customer can only access the messages by clicking on that link. All messages on that separate portal can only be read by the customer. 

To access the same, the customer only needs to enter their mobile number and the OTP received on that number. This 2FA makes the portal secure and free from any breaches. 

To understand this process in detail, check out this video! 

Bonus: Templates For Secure Texting

“Good evening, this is {Business Name}. Due to inclement weather, our office will be closed tomorrow for the safety of our patients and staff. We will give you a call tomorrow to reschedule your appointments. We apologise for any inconvenience. If you are experiencing pain, please give us a call immediately. Stay safe and warm!”

“Hello {{firstName}}, you have an appointment at {{Business name}} with {{providerName}} at {{officeName}} on {{appointmentDate}}. 

 It is our policy to collect copayments and/or deductibles at the time of the appointment. Please plan accordingly. 

 Also, bring the list of medications you need to be refilled to your visit. This allows us to securely and efficiently complete refill requests.

 If your appointment is scheduled as virtual, you will receive a link from our registration desk before the appointment. You will click on the link and follow the prompts to connect with us.”

“Hi {{firstName}}. Perfect Smiles Dentistry is sending you a gentle reminder that you have an upcoming appointment on {{appointmentDate}}. You can reply with C to confirm the appointment.

  “”Smokers: Do not smoke before coming to your appointment and remember to brush your teeth for a better evaluation and treatment.”””

“Hello, this is a friendly reminder that a copay is required for your appointment with your provider at the Psychiatric Wellness Center. We have upgraded our payment system, please follow the link provided in this text to make a payment.” 

“Hello, this is the {Business Name} about your appointment.

 For (DATE) (TIME).  We need to reschedule your appointment due to an emergency.

 Please call the office to reschedule at {Number}. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.”

“[First Name], your positive rating and or feedback plays an important role in helping others. Please select the link and leave us a review or a 5-star rating, Thank you!”

“Virtual Appointment reminder:

To access your virtual appointment with Nadia, you will need to log into your patient portal account around your appointment time. Once Nadia is logged on, there will be a button to start your session.”

“Ovarian cysts are sacs, usually filled with fluid, in an ovary or on its surface. Ovarian cysts are common. Most of the time, you have little or no discomfort, and the cysts are harmless. Most cysts go away without treatment within a few months. Repeat imaging will be recommended to recheck the cyst.”

“Hello, this is {Business name} we appreciate your patience. We are texting to let you know that PETNAME is in recovery and the dental cleaning went smoothly. We recommend going home with CET Chews & CET water additive today to help maintain good dental health. Pick-up time is between TIME pm – and 5:45 pm. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at pick-up. 

 Thank you.”

“Hi, You are all set for Monday, June @ 9:00 a.m. to complete an updated background and drug test in our office. We are located at {Address}. We look forward to meeting you! Regards {Business name} Coordinator”

“Good news, {{firstName}}! Your dental insurance plan has been verified. The total estimated fee for your consultation and treatment is $277.00. This includes your visit with the doctor, two sets of radiographs, a CBCT scan, a cold sensitivity test, percussion test and root canal treatment. According to your benefits, your estimated portion is $150.00. And we’re expecting an estimated $127.00 from your dental insurance plan. Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing back from you. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you kindly.”


  1. What does it mean that your text messages are encrypted?

    Encrypted messages are not available in their usual plain text format. They are jumbled into scrambled texts, that can only be turned into plain text with the help of a security key. This security key is available only to the sender and the receiver so no third person can access the encrypted message. 

  2. How do I send an encrypted message?

    Look for applications that provide encrypted messaging services. Some common encrypted messaging apps are Whatsapp, Signal, Viber, etc. If you are looking for encrypted messaging for business use, however, you need to look at different applications. 

  3. How to enable end-to-end encryption in Android?

    The default Android messaging app is the Google messaging app. It uses a type of encryption called Rich Communication Services (RCS). All you need to do is enable this. Open the Messages app->Tap the profile picture or icon in the top-right corner to open a menu->Select Messages settings->Tap RCS chats or Chat features->Hit the toggle to Turn on RCS chats or Enable chat features.

  4. Does Apple have end to end encryption?

    watchOS, iOS, and iPadOS, are encrypted on the Apple device and can’t be accessed without the owners passcode. iMessage and FaceTime are designed so that there’s no way for Apple to read your messages when they’re in transit between devices

  5. How can I check if my texts are encrypted?

    You can tell Messages is using end-to-end encryption if there’s a little padlock next to the send button


In this day and age, businesses need to be proactive when it comes to secure communication with their customers. This is because communication with customers often includes private information that shouldn’t be at risk of data breaches. Data breaches could prove to be a great financial burden on your business. 

If you are in the healthcare industry it is especially important to use applications that are HIPAA-compliant and use encrypted messaging. Therefore be extremely careful while selecting a platform for your encrypted messaging needs!

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