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Introduction To Texting From a Landline

Landline texting is a service that allows you to seamlessly connect with people who prefer texting as the mode of communication using your existing business-landline number. 

Interesting fact – As per a report by Gartner, around 75% of conversations will become digital, with text messaging as the most popular platform by the year 2025. Did you know that around 2.7 trillion text messages were exchanged in the year 2020 globally? 

Considering that people are rapidly adopting texting as a means of communication, it is important for you as a business owner to text-enable your business, by initiating texting from a landline you will be able to use a number that your customers know and trust.

Landline texting allows you to provide timely customer service, answer customer queries, reduce phone time, streamline operations, manage more conversations and many other advantages that come with using texting for business messaging.

Can you Text From a landline?

The short answer is yes you can text from a landline, this doesn’t mean texting from a handheld landline, but the landline number using something called hosted messaging.

It means having your number hosted for texting services, this allows you to use your existing landline number for texting using a text messaging software

You can text from a landline number to a mobile phone and even receive texts on your landline number. For this, there are two primary requirements:

  1. You need to have your landline number text-enabled.
  2. You need a texting software to facilitate two-way texting on your landline number.

Note – Without these prerequisites, you cannot send or receive texts on your landline number. 

Interesting fact – 1 out of 3 of our users realize that their customers were already texting their business landline number well before they text-enabled their number.

Process to Start Texting From a Landline

Here’s how your landline number is text-enabled: 

Text enabling a landline number isn’t something that one can do with a click of a button, there’s a small process involved. 

Step 1 – LOA and Proof of ownership

Let’s say that you want to start texting from a landline using Emitrr, we cannot text enable the number by ourselves as there are permissions involved. 

We can do it with our partners, but they require proof that:

  1. The particular landline number that you want to text-enable is actually owned by you. For this, a utility bill, phone bill etc. is usually used as proof.
  2. Emitrr has the right/permission to host this number.

To attain permission, Emitrr will need a Letter of Authorization allowing us to enable texting from a landline on your behalf

A Letter of Authorization is a legal document that verifies that Emitrr has the right to act on your behalf. This LOA contains details such as the name of the business, phone number, address, etc. 

Here’s a sample LOA: 

Sample LOA

Step 2- Approval from the network providers

These documents are submitted to network providers, they then verify the details of the business and if the details are correct, it gives permission to Emitrr to host the number. This process usually takes 24-48 hours

Without this process, it isn’t possible to start texting from a landline number. Imagine if everyone could enable everyone else’s landline numbers. Scary, right? That’s why these regulations are in place. 

Step 3 – Enable hosted Messaging on your Landline number

Once your number is eligible for hosted messaging you can keep your existing number and unify it for both texting and calling, thereby providing a better customer experience. Essentially the voice/calling part will continue to function with your provider as always and Emitrr will now be able to enable Hosted messaging on the same number.

Note – While you can text-enable landline numbers and VoIP numbers, you cannot enable personal wireless numbers for business messaging as it poses a risk to the privacy of the users.
By wireless numbers, we mean the personal mobile numbers of individuals.

If people could enable personal wireless numbers for business texting, they could send messages to anyone, posing as owners of the wireless numbers.

This leaves no room for the protection of the privacy of the people who use wireless numbers, Hence, there is a process defined to qualify a particular number to be text enabled.

As long as it’s a business number, landline, toll-free, VoIP, 10DLC or short code, it can be enabled for texting. 

Here’s more about text-enabling a landline and the benefits it can have for your business- 

Why should you start texting from your landline?

When you text-enable your landline number, you make it available for not just placing and receiving calls but also for sending and receiving text messages. Here are some key benefits that texting from your landline number can bring along: 

You get to keep your existing business phone number

You may decide that you want to send text messages through a different mobile phone number and keep the landline number only for calls. This may not be the best idea for a couple of reasons. 

  • Using a mobile phone’s default messaging app to text is more prone to hacking, Hence it is better to text from a secure texting platform.  
  • If you decide to text customers from a different mobile number they might not recognize the number and mark the number as spam, causing repercussions to your marketing campaigns overall. 
  • Sending text messaging campaigns via a mobile phone to thousands of customers at once is a tiring and time-consuming process. Running those campaigns via a text messaging software is way more efficient and convenient. 

When you enable texting from your landline number, these risks can be eliminated. Texting softwares’ are compliant with the laws around texting and will ensure the privacy of customers. Also, your messages will be getting delivered from a number that your customers already know and trust making it easier to drive engagement. 

Customers are already texting landlines

Your customers might already be texting your landline number assuming that texting is already enabled. It’s better to be prepared and be able to respond to these customers who are texting your business. Getting your landline number text enabled will help open a new channel of communication with your customers who prefer texting as you already know as a business owner you shouldn’t miss out on any customer communications.

Customers prefer texting with businesses

As much as 90% of customers prefer texting as compared to calling. Texting also has an open rate of 98% and a response rate of 40%, thus increasing engagement with customers. It is convenient, allows quick and easy communication, offers a degree of flexibility and privacy, drives more engagement, and can enhance customer experience and satisfaction as it can be easily personalized.

More businesses are texting with their customers. Almost 40% of businesses have switched to text communication with their customers. 

You can take advantage of automation to save time and increase efficiency

Texting software allow you not only to send messages to multiple customers at a time but also automates the entire process.

For example, you can use Emitrr’s texting software to not just send text messages but also

  • Send group texts for internal as well as external communication
  • Send mass texts to thousands of customers 
  • Automate text messages by adding triggers  
  • Schedule text messages and set the cadence for those 
  • Send reminders, confirmations, review requests and more 
  • Personalize messages 

It helps to save time, increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

When it comes to achieving efficiency both in terms of time and cost, texting stands out as text messages have an open rate of 98 percent and a response rate of 45 percent. This is in sharp contrast to emails that have an open rate of 20 percent and a response rate of just 5 percent! Considering that 96 percent of Americans own a cell phone, SMSs are a great way for you to connect with them. 

How does Landline Texting work?

Once your landline number is eligible for hosted messaging or is text enabled it is extremely easy to start sending and receiving texts from your landline number using a text messaging software.

All you need to do is log in, You just need to go to ‘new message’, enter the contact number or name of the people you wish to send the message to, compose the message, and hit send. Your recipients will receive the message on their native messaging apps. 

Any response from their end to your landline number will be reflected in the conversations panel of your text messaging software dashboard. This is how landline texting works. 

Here’s an example of how your conversations will look like:

emitrr conversations

Why Choose Emitrr to Text from a Landline?

Landline texting should be done by using a texting software that brings all conversations under one umbrella, streamlines operations and easily integrates with existing software.  

Emitrr is a complete communication platform that allows you to easily communicate with your customers and even centralize your communication. Alongside, your run-of-the-mill texting features here are some unique features that Emitrr offers which will help your business-

  1. Two-way business texting: Emitrr allows you to send text messages to all channels from one single platform and manage your conversations on one dashboard. 
  2. Mass texting: Through Emitrr, you can send personalized mass texts to thousands of customers at once, and follow up easily through drip campaigns. 
  3. Group texting: You can create closed conversation groups and enjoy seamless texting both within and outside your business.  
  4. Schedule-based texting: While sending out text messaging campaigns, you can even schedule a time for sending out messages to your customers.  
  5. Automated texting: You can easily automate your texts and these can automatically go out based on certain pre-defined triggers. 
  6. Missed call to text: Whenever you miss a call, Emitrr will send an automated text, during and outside office hours. This will put an end to missed calls and thereby to lost customers. 
  7. Integrations: Emitrr supports 500+ integrations and automatically syncs your data to your current CRM. 

Alongside the above, you can use folders, assign conversations, use dispositions etc. as well to be constantly on top of all conversations. 

Not many platforms offer all these functionalities, and it is the ease of use and round-the-clock customer support that make Emitrr the best platform for you.  

As an Emitrr customer, you don’t need to worry about getting your landline text enabled. The permissions, compliance, and hosting will be taken care of by our support team, and you can sit back and relax as we host your number for texting on our platform. 

Top 10 questions about Texting From A Landline Answered

What happens when you text from a landline?

You don’t text from a hardcore landline, but the landline number that is text-enabled. Once a number is text enabled, it works similar to a normal business number, and you can send individual, group or broadcast messages to as many people as you like.  

Can you text from a landline to a mobile phone?

Yes, with the help of a text messaging software and hosted messaging, you can use a landline number to send text messages. 

Can I use a landline to receive text messages?

Yes, as long as you’ve text enabled your landline number, and using a third-party service provider, you can easily receive text messages on your landline. 

What are the carrier guidelines for texting from a landline?

While different carriers have different guidelines for landline texting, here are some general ones to keep in mind:

  • Using a dedicated landline texting service that complies with industry standards
  • Obtaining consent from customers 
  • Avoiding spam messages 
  • Complying with terms of service such as content restriction or frequency
  • Using a trusted and reputable service provider
What are the laws and regulations regarding texting from a landline?

The four main laws and regulations for landline texting are:

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act for regulating the text messages sent from landline numbers 
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) for regulating debt collection practices that include those pertaining to messages sent from landline numbers
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for regulating personal health information contained in in text messages sent from landline numbers
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) for regulating the collection, usage, and sharing of personal information including information that is contained in text messages sent from landline numbers 
Are there any security concerns while texting from a landline?

There are no major security concerns as text messaging platforms are required to comply with industry standards and address all security concerns while hosting numbers for texting.   

How do I know if my text has been delivered?

Normally, you’d get a notification if the text doesn’t get delivered. The delivery notification of texts will depend on the service or platform that you’re using. If the platform doesn’t offer read receipts or delivery confirmation of the message sent, then you might need to confirm with the recipient manually.  

Do I need to pay a subscription fee to text from a landline?

Yes, you need to pay a subscription fee to be able to send text from a landline, and this fee varies with the service provider or the text messaging platform that you use. 

Can I use my existing phone number to text from a landline? 

Yes, you can use your existing landline number. Doing so will make it easier for you and your clients to have just one number for both calling and texting. 

Will text enabling my number affect my voice calls? 

No, enabling texting on your landline number will not affect your voice calls. The voice capabilities will continue to function separately with your carrier as they always have, and your texting provider will host the texting capability on the number. 


Texting from a landline is way easier than it appears. All you need is a dedicated service that can serve as the means for you to text from a landline and connect with your recipients. With Emitrr’s texting capabilities, you can seamlessly connect and engage with your clients as well as team members. To explore all things texting at Emitrr, book a demo now!  

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