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PatientPop is a popular healthcare marketing and patient engagement platform that caters to healthcare practices. This software offers attributes such as scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient data collection for healthcare practices to streamline their operations and achieve scalability. 

However, a lot of PatientPop users have started facing a couple of issues with the platform such as feature dysfunctionalities, poor customer support, and rigid pricing. Hence, people are looking for a PatientPop alternative that ideally aligns with their use case. 

If you’re also looking for a PatientPop alternative for your practice, then look no further! 

We have gathered all the information about the best PatientPop alternatives in the market to simplify your search. Happy reading! 

  1. Emitrr 
  2. AthenaOne
  3. eClinicalWorks
  4. SimplePractice 
  5. Nextgen 
Emitrr best patientpop alternative

Emitrr is a texting software and the best PatientPop alternative that offers ensure seamless patient communication and engagement. With Emitrr, all businesses, irrespective of their nature and size can achieve scalability without spending too much time, effort, or money. Emitrr serves as an all-in-one platform for all your needs.

  • Engage in one-on-one conversations with your patients 
  • Send automated reminders and confirmation messages 
  • Automate follow-ups with your patients 
  • Send automated review requests to your patients 
  • Integrate Emitrr with your existing EMR/EHR
  • Send text messages from your existing business number by getting it text-enabled
  • Read responses from reviews in a single conversation inbox
  • Send mass text alerts to patients regarding changes in schedules, upcoming offers, and more 
  • Emitrr allows customers to respond to your company’s marketing texts which go right into your inbox.
  • Create lists to segment your audience and set up multi-touch text messaging campaigns
  • Respond to messages from SMS, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, and website on one platform
  • Track metrics like missed calls, unique calls, total calls, message open rate, failed delivery
  • Automate patient appointment reminders by text, email, and voice and customize your message in line with your brand to reduce no-shows
  • Use editable templates to personalize your reminders so that patients feel more engaged with the business 
patientpop alternative athenaone

athenaOne is a one-stop solution for efficient patient engagement. The software manages quality patient experience with administrative services. athenaOne app is responsible for ensuring full payment, tracking all physician orders, deliver high-quality care.  

  • Engage in one-on-one conversations with your patients 
  • Scheduling appointments and sending alerts/notifications
  • E-prescribing, billing, and invoicing
  • athenaOne also helps in sending schedule reminders to patients
  • Physician management and physician scheduling 
  • Customizable dashboard to better serve the needs of the consumers
  • Patient intake and outtake management through forms 
eclinical works patientpop alternative

eClinicalWorks is a patient management platform that offers powerful and customizable cloud-based EMR services to healthcare providers for better customer experience. This software deals with patient care by providing administrative functionality. eClinicalWorks claims a seamless workflow for automating tasks for its users. 

  • Online booking feature  and independent patient ports for use 
  • A complete system of revenue management that includes dashboard alerts, performance evaluation tools, KPI monitors, and periodic metric reporting 
  • EMR/EHR integration 
  • eClinicalWorks has basic support channels such as email/Help desk, phone support, 24/7 (Live rep)
  • E-prescribing and medical billing support 
  • Remote treatment support for patients 
simplepractice patientpop alternative

The SimplePractice app is made for health practitioners to manage all their patients from one platform. With SimplePractice, practitioners can easily access crucial details like appointment scheduling, billing, and payments to HIPAA-compliant Telehealth, insurance claim filing, and more. SimplePractice takes your business needs to heights with a strong support team and minimal yet effective software experience. 

  • Get real-time notifications 
  • Health practitioners have control over which times, services, and locations are available for slot booking
  • Schedule and confirm appointments with a few clicks
  • Send automated text, email, and voice reminders  with SimplePractice
  • Filter appointments based on new client status, incomplete documents, unpaid balances, and insurance type
  • Send alerts and notifications
  • Customize forms for the best patient experience
  • Analyze reports and manage activity dashboard 
nextgen patientpop alternative

Nextgen software is primarily used as a practice management app. Nextgen software solutions include digital intake forms, online presence management, and patient feedback management. Nextgen simplifies the chores of the practitioners and users. With Nextgen, medical bills, physician payments, and patient insurance are all handled in a single place.

  • Request appointment scheduling
  • Get alerts and notifications right away
  • Automatic transcription
  • Automated appointment booking
  • Customize reports for better patient engagement 
  • Customizable templates for practitioners 
  • Reporting and statistics for reputation management 
  • EMR/EHR integration 
  • Send customized reminders to patients
  • Revenue cycle management for creating industry-specific leads
  • Capture patient-reported outcomes through texts, email, or on mobile devices for smooth patient engagement 

PatientPop is a decent patient engagement platform but with limited features. The website design features of the PatientPop platform are not up to date and lack flexibility.  The online scheduling feature has bugs and doesn’t update correct information for the patients. The marketing metric report feature doesn’t generate digital forms for surveys, or customer reactivation. 

The automated web design template of PatientPop needs more seamless customization. For targeting the right patient engagement, customers wanted a customized web presence experience. But PatientPop platform customized platforms were messy even after fixing. 

PatientPop pricing is also a grave issue for customers. Even after terminating their contracts with the PatientPop platform, they were being charged through their credit cards. The pricing of patientPop has been stated as quite high by the customers. But the platform also has hidden charges. This has made the users look for a PatientPop alternative.

A constant issue with the patientPop platform is its Inadequate customer support

While customer support should be one of the top priorities for the software, that’s not the case with the PatientPop app. The customers have found a delay in resolvement of issues and a slow customer management team. Customers were not happy with the wait time with customer support. Their emails were not responded to despite offering email services as their support channel.

Some consumers have found the contractual obligations with PatientPop restrictive. Practices have found that the actual experience contradicts the promised flexibility in cases of dissatisfaction or significant business changes.

The lack of a free trial or money-back guarantee has also been a point of contention for some users.

PatientPop software users have reported experiencing unreliable communication with the support team. After onboarding the users, the support staff provided limited help. The PatientPop staff lacking responsibility was one of the persistent issues. Even canceling the subscription was a tough task for users as the PatientPop staff would never respond to these issues. 

PatientPop is a decent practice management app for healthcare practitioners. Being in the market for a decade, the platform has its own shortcomings. Users of PatientPop have complained about poor customization, not up to up-to-par features. Customers have felt that the PatientPop platform doesn’t deliver value for money. On the other hand, when we compare Emitrr to PatientPop, Emitrr performs far better in patient engagement. Emitrr not only offers scalability but swift integrations, making the experience of healthcare practitioners seamless and quick. Emitrr has delivered great results for its customers using its advanced reputation management tools. 

PatientPop platform claims patient engagement, patient experience, and growth practices but has proven ineffective as stated by its users. Here’s how Emitrr effectively caters to all these concerns:  

  • With Emitrr, your business can manage customers from a single software. Send customers customized messages, review links, and messaging campaigns. 
  • Emitrr lets your patients self-schedule appointments at their convenience.
  • With Emitrr, patients can reschedule last minute. Let your patients reschedule and choose a convenient slot later. This can reduce your no-shows by 90%. 
  • The web chat-to-text feature of Emitrr lets your practice scale by solving queries of customers with automated responses
  • With Emitrr, your business can manage customers from a single software. Send customers customized messages, review links, and messaging campaigns
  • Emitrr customers engage seamlessly with patients across all messaging channels like SMS, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram
  • You can send automated reminders with Emitrr
  • Emitrr offers scheduled campaigns for unconfirmed appointments, no-shows, and last-minute cancelations
  • The unique feature of missed call-to-text of Emitrr ensures that no call gets missed 
  • Reactivation/recall to increase patient retention for your business
  • Monitor missed calls webchats conversations, and channel-based conversations by different timelines of  your patients 
  • Emitrr lets you track metrics like missed calls, unique calls, total calls, message open rate, failed delivery
  • With Emitrr you can schedule quick follow-ups and reschedules in case of no-shows
  • Easy platform integration with your current CRMs (EHR/EMR, PMS) to auto-update confirmations in your systems
  • Emitrr lets you send customized surveys to analyze the metrics
  • Track survey response rate on the dashboard
  • Manage all growth metric data from your single dashboard and generate reports of the same

With its intuitive and feature-rich interface, Emitrr stands out as the top PatientPop competitor.

How much does PatientPop cost?

The PatientPop software pricing varies with plan. PatientPop provides three different plans – Essential, Advanced, and Pro. There is also an additional setup fee for the PatientPop platform.

Which platforms are the top PatientPop competitors?

The top competitors of PatientPop in the current market are:
1. Emitrr 
2. AthenaOne
3. eClinicalWorks
4. SimplePractice 
5. Nextgen 

Does PatientPop offer EHR/EMR integration?

PatientPop offers integration with limited EMRs.

Does Emitrr offer EMR/EHR Integration?

Emitrr integrates seamlessly with 500+ EMRs, which allows you to streamline workflows efficiently.

How to shift from PatientPop to Emitrr?

If you wish to switch from PatientPop to Emitrr, you just need to contact the support team. Emitrr’s support team will take care of data transition, number porting, integrations, and training; and will offer assistance as and when you need it.

Now we have drawn a clear comparison between all the PatientPop alternatives. A healthcare practitioner needs a single software solution for smooth workflow and easy scalability, without compromising on features after all their software properties are the pillars of a trustworthy relationship between you and your patients. 

Curious how Emitrr helps you achieve all these business goals? Book a demo now to explore more! 

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