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The real estate industry is among the top industries that use text messaging to communicate and engage with their customers and prospects. About 20% of real estate companies use real estate text messaging to reach out to prospects, nurture leads, and follow up with contacts. 

What is real estate text messaging? 

SMS for real estate is an easy and effective way to communicate with team members, fellow realtors, customers, and prospects. Gone are the days when emails used to be the primary means of communication for realtors and real estate companies. Text messaging has taken center stage, owing to factors such as instant delivery, convenience, and cost. It has helped real estate professionals speed up the process of lead generation and conversion, on a budget. 

Having said that, while it is important to have the right tactics in place to attract and convert leads, it is also crucial to have the right tools to apply those tactics. Suppose you’re a real estate business owner and are looking forward to connecting and communicating with your customers and prospects effectively and building lasting relationships. In that case, you need a real estate text messaging software. 

What is real estate text messaging software? 

A real estate texting software is a tool that helps real estate business owners and professionals capture leads, promote available properties, communicate buying opportunities; and streamline their communication. With the help of a real estate texting service, you can scale client outreach, close deals faster, save time and money, and build strong relationships with your clients. 

A lot of real estate text messaging softwares have emerged in the market, offering useful capabilities, good customer support, and affordable pricing plans. Check out this article and explore the texting software for real estate that best aligns with your needs!  

  1. Emitrr 
  2. SimpleTexting 
  3. Textline 
  4. ClickSend 
  5. HeyMarket
  6. TextMagic 
  7. EZ Texting 
  8. Twilio

Emitrr is the best real estate text messaging software that helps you drive client interaction and engagement with its excellent capabilities. The software is intuitive and easy to use and allows users to send marketing campaigns, send follow-ups, alerts, and reminders. In addition to offering a host of features and ample integration options; Emitrr is also known for its superior customer support. 

Features of Emitrr

  • Run automated text campaigns to promote new listings 
  • Set up text campaigns to share important information with customers
  • Send visit reminders and open house reminders to customers 
  • Engage in one-on-one conversations with your prospects and clients with 2-way texting 
  • Schedule text messages to be sent out later 
  • Send an automated text message every time you miss a call 
  • Set autoresponders to answer general queries 
  • Send follow-up messages after visits 
  • Use real estate SMS templates to send messages quickly
  • Text-enable your existing business number 
  • Import contact lists in a few clicks 

SimpleTexting is a popular texting solution for real estate professionals that is easy to set up and use. 

Features of SimpleTexting 

  • Build client communication with 2-way texting  
  • Set up autoresponders to trigger actions from your contacts 
  • Send text message alerts to collaborate with your team 
  • Send text messages from different numbers 
  • Share new listings to potential customers in real-time 
  • Share review requests with your customers 
  • Send open house/showing reminders 

Textline is an SMS marketing software for real estate companies that helps you boost client communication and engagement through various texting capabilities. 

Features of Textline 

  • Automatically follow up with new prospects 
  • Engage in one-on-one conversations with prospects, customers, and team members 
  • Personalize messages by adding properties 
  • Schedule reminders for showings and open houses 
  • Automate review requests, confirmations, and follow-ups 
  • Set up campaigns to promote new listings 

ClickSend is a text messaging solution for real estate businesses that offers features to help you close deals faster, schedule visits easily, and keep conversations flowing. 

Features of ClickSend 

  • Schedule messages to be sent out later 
  • Answer generic queries by setting autoresponders 
  • Send show reminders and confirmations via text 
  • Integrate with your existing CRM to streamline workflows 
  • Manage communications with a centralized dashboard 
  • Send important messages to your contacts 

HeyMarket is a popular real estate text messaging software that allows its users to close more deals and drive engagement. 

Features of HeyMarket 

  • Send personalized text marketing campaigns 
  • Engage in two-way conversations with customers and prospects 
  • Send automated showing reminders and confirmations 
  • Set up autoresponders to answer generic questions
  • Schedule text messages to be sent out later 
  • Use real estate SMS templates to automate processes 
  • Text-enable your existing business number 

TextMagic offers texting solutions for real estate businesses to help them attract more leads and engage with their customers seamlessly. 

Features of TextMagic 

  • Send personalized offers to customers 
  • Provide important information related to property listings 
  • Automate showing and open house reminders 
  • Schedule text messages to be sent out later 
  • Integrate with your current CRM to streamline processes 

EZ Texting is a text marketing service for real estate businesses that helps them convert prospects into customers, and engage seamlessly with all contacts with its texting capabilities. 

Features of EZ Texting 

  • Add SMS keywords to listings to attract more leads 
  • Send listing reminders and confirmations to prospects 
  • Promote open houses by sending bulk text alerts 
  • Engage in two-way communication with your clients 
  • Follow up with clients by setting up drip campaigns  

Twilio is a popular real estate texting service that offers SMS marketing capabilities to its users. With its extensive analytics, you can track and scale your outreach efforts. 

Features of Twilio 

  • Schedule text messages for later 
  • Track metrics such as message delivery, failed messages, and more  
  • Send notifications for open houses and listing appointments
  • Engage in cross-channel communication with prospects from Twilio 
  • Send mass text message alerts to customers 

A real estate text messaging software helps you connect seamlessly with your prospects in real time. With the help of such a communication tool, you can keep your prospects engaged, understand their requirements, and answer any queries that they might have. Also, you can send important information regarding property listings and open houses. Instant communication with the help of a real estate SMS software helps form a good first impression on the prospects and increases the chances of conversion. 

With a texting software for real estate, you can communicate seamlessly with your existing customers, prospects, and team members. You can engage in two-way text messaging to send automated reminders, confirmations, survey forms, review requests, and more; securely and quickly. 

Reaching out to clients becomes difficult when you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. But with the advanced texting functionalities of a real estate texting software, you can set up automated SMS outreach campaigns for your clients and can also easily follow up with them through drip campaigns. 

Why spend your time and resources on tasks that can be automated? You can set up automation for all redundant tasks and free up 2-3 hours of your daily time. Whether it’s answering general questions from prospects or sending reminders for listings and open houses, sending review requests, or payment reminders; you can use a real estate text messaging software and replace hard work with smart work. 

Team communication becomes simple when you have a text messaging software for your real estate business. With this software, you can assign conversations to your team members and even add notes to set a context for those conversations. Also, the centralized dashboard allows all team members to stay updated with the status of ongoing conversations and follow up accordingly. 

With the help of a real estate text messaging software, you can send mass text messages to your contacts in just a few clicks. What’s interesting is that you can personalize each message that you send by adding various properties such as first name, last name, and more. Personalized communication increases the chances of conversion and a texting app is the best way to do it conveniently and timely.  

Check out the top features you must look for in a real estate texting service:

Do you have a lot of website visitors that you wish to engage with in real time? Look for a real estate texting service that allows you to continue your conversation with website visitors by text. With this webchat feature, you can ensure that you never miss a lead and can converse with leads even when they leave your website. 

Opt for a texting software that offers one-on-one texting with leads and customers. Engaging in two-way texting will help you communicate with your contacts in real time, which will further improve their overall experience.  Giving people the ability to reach out to you easily will help build trust and rapport with them. 

Your ideal texting software should offer ample real estate text messaging templates for different use cases. This will help save considerable time and effort in writing each message from scratch. Also, look for a real estate texting software that allows you to add properties to those templates so that you can personalize each message.  

Pick a real estate text messaging software that offers seamless integration with your current CRM. With an SMS integration, you will be able to manage your processes seamlessly, collaborate with the team in a more efficient manner, and will be able to offer a good customer experience. 

Make sure that your real estate texting software offers group texting functionality, which can come in handy when you need to collaborate with your team. Conversing with your team members in closed groups will improve collaboration, which will translate into better customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Send one-to-many messages with a text blast software for real estate that offers text blast functionality. With this feature, you will be able to send messages to as many contacts as you like. All you need to do is import your contact list, type your message, and hit send. 

When you schedule a text, you relieve yourself from the hassle of sending the message at a particular date or time manually, scheduling text messages is the act of setting timed messages that can be sent automatically at a later date or time. Look for a real estate texting service that offers the ability to schedule text messages for later.  

Communicate all important and time-sensitive information with a real estate texting service that offers the capability to send text message alerts

Text message automation is an important feature if you want to send personalized messages without having to spend too much time and effort. You can create lists to segment your audience and set up multi-touch text messaging campaigns. Whether you need to send survey forms, event reminders, or important messages; you can do it all with automated texting, with minimal human intervention. 

Look for a real estate texting software that allows you to add ample keywords to your list to engage with your members. Keywords help you share your message more easily and effectively. Whether you need to announce openhouses, notify contacts about new listings, or communicate with your contacts about changes in schedules; all can be done through keywords. 

It is always crucial to track the status of your text messaging campaigns, in order to see what’s working and not working for you. With a good real estate texting app, you can track detailed metrics such as failed messages, delivery rate, and response rate. With such analytics, you can make changes to your strategies and run campaigns more efficiently. 

  1. Send alerts for new listings: You can send text message alerts for any new listings to your prospects and contacts in your area. Also, with a texting software for real estate, you can respond to questions and share relevant information by setting autoresponders.    
  2. Recruit new realtors: With a real estate text messaging software, you can send job opening notifications to interested applicants, follow up with them, and send automated interview reminders and confirmations.  
  3. Share discount offers: Use a real estate texting software to share messages related to any discounts on properties, and other occasional offers with your customers and leads.  
  4. Send showcase reminder: With a texting software for real estate, you can send reminders for property showcases with your contacts. You can even schedule reminders to be sent out later and set their frequency. 
  5. Inform about Openhouse: Have an upcoming open house? Spread the word by sending mass text messages to your contacts. Import your contact list, type your message, or choose from different real estate SMS templates, and hit send.  
  6. New subscriber text: Send welcome messages to your leads by using a real estate messaging app. Use different properties to personalize your message and follow up accordingly.  
  7. Confirm real estate appointments: Reduce no-shows by confirming scheduled appointments for listings and open houses through an SMS software for real estate. You can even set up automation for such a task.   
  8. Follow up after open house: Make sure to follow up with your prospects after an open house. Use a text messaging software to pursue those who attended the open house and set up a drip campaign to follow up with them seamlessly. 
  9. Re-engage past leads: Reactivate past leads by setting up a marketing campaign using a texting software for real estate. Include interesting offers in your messages to attract those leads.  
  10. Send feedback requests: Ensure complete customer engagement and satisfaction by valuing their feedback. Send automated feedback requests to your customers and measure the performance of your efforts. 

Emitrr stands out as the best real estate text messaging software due to the following reasons: 

  1. Emitrr offers all the features you need to efficiently communicate with your team members, customers, and leads. 
  2. Emitrr’s texting capabilities help boost lead generation, drive engagement, improve conversions, and deliver great customer experience.    
  3. This real estate text messaging software offers a range of SMS templates that you can use to ensure quick communication. 
  4. Emitrr is known for its unwavering support, through phone, chat, live rep, FAQs, and more. A lot of real estate texting services don’t offer live support. Also, Emitrr is rated 5/5 stars for its customer service on popular review platforms such as Capterra and Software Advice.
  5. Emitrr’s pricing is quite flexible; you pay for what you use; with no annual contracts or hidden fees. 
  6. This real estate text messaging software is fairly easy to use; there’s no learning curve involved. 
Why should you use a texting software for real estate?

With a text messaging software for real estate, you can close deals faster, scale client outreach, save time and money, and build lasting relationships with your clients.

Is real estate text messaging legal?

Real estate text messaging is legal as long as you’re getting written consent from your contacts to send marketing messages. If you don’t get the express consent of your recipients, you are liable to pay hefty fines and face legal issues as per the TCPA.

How to send a real estate text message?

You need to invest in a real estate texting app to send messages to your prospects and existing customers. Sending a text message from a real estate texting software is fairly simple; you just need to select your contact, type the message, and hit send.

What is better for real estate communication: text messaging or calling?

There was a time when businesses used to call their customers to confirm appointments, ask for reviews, and share important information. However, the convenience and deliverability of text messaging have made texting the preferred method of communication for both businesses and consumers. Not only is it time and cost-effective but also offers instant communication.

Can realtors send unsolicited text messages?

As a realtor, you need to stay compliant with the TCPA guidelines to send text messages to your customers. Any non-compliance can result in hefty fines and other penalties.

What is SMS in real estate?

SMS in real estate refers to the process of utilizing text messages to communicate and engage with prospective buyers, existing customers, fellow realtors, and team members. The non-intrusive and convenient nature of text messaging makes it easy for you to effectively communicate with your contacts. 

Signing up with a text messaging service for your real estate business is the best way to engage your customers, drive meaningful conversations, and build lasting relationships. Are you curious to find out how Emitrr fits your use case? Book a demo to explore the offerings!

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