How to Schedule a Text Message?

If you run a business, you should know how to leverage the power of texting. As high as 40% of businesses already use text messaging to connect with their customers, and rightfully so. Almost 75% of customers prefer receiving text messages as the mode of communication with their trusted businesses. 

That being said, what are the different ways in which businesses can use text messaging? Or more precisely, how can businesses schedule text messages to send out to their customers. A question might arise, why is there a need to schedule messages in the first place. Let’s see why scheduling text messages can help a business. 

There are a lot of uses for scheduled text messages. Some of these include – 

To be able to schedule appointment reminders will not only eliminate the risk of forgetting about sending the reminders but also allow you to schedule multiple reminders to go out at different intervals. 

With the ability to schedule you can set up reminders to go a week before the appointment, a day before or 4 hours before the appointment. That is totally up to you.

For payments that are recurring monthly or yearly, being able to schedule reminders will be a load off your back. One can simply schedule these reminders at the moment of the purchase and be assured that timely reminders will go to the customers. These scheduled texts can also be used to send invoice and billing updates as well.

Text messages can be a great tool for marketing campaigns. You can schedule text messages to send promotional messages, new product updates, offers and discounts and so much more. 

Now that we know how multi-variant the use of scheduled text messages can be, let us look into how using different methods one can send scheduled texts. We will be discussing three methods of text message scheduling.

How to schedule a text message?

Unfortunately scheduling messages on mobile devices isn’t that straightforward, because that capability is still missing on these devices.. Although there are some other ways around it to accomplish scheduling messages, they vary according to the mobile device you are using. In this section we will discuss how you can schedule messages on your mobile devices. 

     1.Schedule text messages on Ios
     2.Schedule text messages on Android
Schedule text message using a third party texting software

How to schedule a text message on an Iphone?

Scheduling messages on iphone using imessage is unfortunately not possible. One way in which you can remind yourself to send messages for a particular date and time is by using the reminder app. You can follow these steps to schedule a reminder and use it to send messages. 

  1. Open the Reminders app
  2. Tap “+ New Reminder”
  3. Give your reminder/message a title
How to schedule a message on Iphone

   4. Type and compose your text message as a reminder



5. Add details (optional)
6. Add it to a list (optional)
7. Tap the calendar icon to schedule your reminder
8. Tap Done when you’re finished



9. Copy the message from your reminder
10. Paste your message into the Messages app on your iPhone

Another method to schedule messages on the iPhone is by using a third party app. Apps such as the Scheduling App can help you schedule texts on your iPhone.

How to schedule a text message on Android?

Scheduling messages on Android(Samsung)has more options than Iphone. All android apps come preinstalled with the google calendar app. This can be used as a way to set reminders to send the message and structure the content of the message beforehand. You can follow these steps to create an event through Google Apps. 

Step 1. Open the Calendar app.

Step 2. Create a new Event.


Step 3. Choose a date, time to send and write out your text.


Step 4. Upon receiving the reminder, simply open the reminder, copy the text you have structured for the message and paste it into your phone’s default messaging app and send the message. 

If you are a Samsung phone user, scheduling is even easier. You can use the default message app and use it to schedule the messages. Follow these steps : 

Step 1. Open Messages.

Step 2. Compose your message, add recipient and content of the message. 

Step 3. Schedule the message. Tap + or tap the arrow on the left side.

Step 4. Set a time and date.

How to schedule a text message using a texting software

With a business it becomes quite difficult to send messages to customers via mobile phones. If you wish to schedule messages for a marketing campaign, you would want to send it to multiple recipients and also have the ability to personalize the messages. This is where texting softwares can help you. 

With a texting software like Emitrr, you would be able to easily schedule messages. 

You can start a new campaign, by simply going to campaigns and creating a new campaign.


  • You will be able to personalize the message by going to ‘ USE A PROPERTY’ and choosing suitable tags. For reference, in the image the tag used is ‘.Firstname’.
  • You can choose to send the message immediately or have it scheduled for later. In the image you can see the message has been scheduled to go after 7 days. 
  • You can also schedule follow up reminders to go after the first reminder text.

In the following steps you will be able to add the list of contacts you wish to send the scheduled message to.


Finally you can review how your reminder campaign will look like and hit send!


And that’s not the end! Once your campaign has been delivered you can come back and check to see how it has performed.


If you own a business the best way, undoubtedly, to schedule text messages is by using texting softwares like Emitrr. The capabilities of Emitrr are not just limited to scheduling. You can use it for a variety of things including Voicemails,calls, converting webchat to text messages and so much more! Head to to know how your business can benefit from these capabilities.

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