Patient Demographic Form



To be able to make more informed decisions about the patient’s care and offer the best possible treatment, it is important to gather both clinical and non-clinical details about them. 

You might have collected details about your patient’s medical history, information regarding their healthcare proxy, and even important details about their family history

But do you have any information regarding other important aspects of providing adequate care? What about the patient’s emergency contacts, insurance, employment status, etc.? 

Well, recording all these details is important to understand the patient’s social determinants of health; address their needs, and provide tailored and effective care. To gather all such non-clinical data, you need a Patient Demographic Form.  

Let’s understand what benefits follow when you digitize this form. 

What Is a Patient Demographic Form? 

A Patient Demographic Form is a document that is used by healthcare professionals to collect administrative information about the patient. It is usually filled out by the patient and includes elements such as contact details, mailing address, insurance information, emergency contact details, and consent. 

This form provides a complete account of the patient’s social determinants of health, which further helps the healthcare provider make informed decisions about the patient’s course of treatment. In addition to providing all the requisite non-clinical details, the patient also needs to give their consent for the release of important health information mentioned in the form for payment and insurance purposes.

If you have been getting the Patient Demographic Form filled out by the patients in your facility’s waiting rooms, it is time you digitize this process for both the convenience of you and your patient. 

Why Should You Digitize The Patient Demographic Form? 

Here are some reasons why you should digitize this form:

  1. Your patient need not physically visit the practice just to fill out the form; they can open the electronic form on their device and fill it out at their own convenience.
  2. You can relieve yourself from the cumbersome process of downloading, filling, scanning, and uploading the Patient Demographic Form, just by digitizing it. 
  3. The digital form can be accessed remotely, as and when required. 
  4. The digital Patient Demographic Form can be integrated with your EHR, which will further streamline operations for your practice. 
  5. You can mark fields as important in the form, which will reduce any rework or errors
  6. If you digitize this form, you can ensure HIPAA compliance since it is stored securely in your system

How To Digitize This Form? Best Practices To Follow 

If you wish to digitize the Patient Demographic Form, here are some key things to keep in mind: 

  1. Send the form electronically to the patient as a link in a text message. Make sure that the message is secure and encrypted
  2. Make sure to give a deadline for the patient to complete and submit the form. Encourage them to reach out to you if they have any doubts. 
  3. Remind your patients to fill out the form on time. You can send text reminders and follow-up messages. 
  4. Make sure that the form is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems for easy access. 
  5. Integrate the form with your EHR, to ensure streamlined operations. 

How Can You Digitize The Patient Demographic Form With Emitrr? 

Emitrr is  HIPAA-compliant form builder and texting software that helps you simplify your workflows, save 3-4 hours of daily time, and improve patient satisfaction. Here’s how you can use Emitrr’s capabilities to digitize the Patient Demographic Form: 

  1. You can either access the form available here, download it, and customize it as per your needs. Make sure to consider the laws of your state while customizing the Patient Demographic Form. 
  2. If you already have a Patient Demographic Form, you can send it to us and we’ll digitize it for you for free
  3. You can also make use of Emitrr’s advanced texting services to send scheduled text reminders and follow-up messages to ensure that the patient fills the form within due time. 
  4. You can sync the forms that have been completed to your EHR, thereby eliminating the headache of scanning paper forms and manually entering data. Check out to see if Emitrr integrates with your EHR. 
  5. You can digitize every step of filling out the form such as entering contact information, adding ID proofs, uploading photographs and signatures, uploading insurance information, and adding payment methods. You need not do all of this manually.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to digitize your medical forms? Emitrr is all you need! Reach out to us and save time and effort for your practice.