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An appointment confirmation is a communication made to a customer about the details of an upcoming appointment and receiving confirmation regarding their presence in return.

Practically speaking the process of appointment reminder consists of :

  1. Choosing a communication medium
  2. Crafting the message 
  3. Sending it via the chosen communication medium
  4. Receiving confirmation from the customer 

Appointment confirmation works both ways, it helps the business be on top of their appointments and helps the customer secure a confirmed slot with the business.

The importance of appointment confirmation

Appointment confirmations are definitely not to be overlooked. With the help of appointment confirmations, businesses can ensure that no appointment slot is wasted. In other words, your business’s revenue generation will not take a tumble. If customers fail to show up at appointments, it translates to a lost opportunity for you to book that slot for some other customer, or in other words, it is a  lost revenue opportunity.

For example, if you run a healthcare practice, appointment confirmations become even more essential because now it’s not just your practice that will get affected but also it may bring in bad outcomes for the patients as well. Routine check-ups are necessary to keep one’s health in check and missing them may lead to repercussions later on.

Appointment confirmations also allow the customer to obtain all the information regarding the appointment. They can double-check the location, time, directions, etc with the confirmation message

What are some of the benefits of appointment confirmation?

  1. Customers feel at ease:

    Appointment confirmations have now become synonymous with scheduling and bookings. It is expected of businesses that pre-book appointments with customers to keep them in the loop about upcoming appointments. These ascertain a feeling of relief to the customers that have pre-paid money for the booking. 
  1. Reduces No-Shows

    As discussed above, increased no-show rates can adversely affect a business. To mitigate no-shows you first need to know what the no-show rate currently is at your business. You can calculate no-show rates by following this formula:

    No show rate = (number of missed appointments/ total number of appointments scheduled) *  100

    When you send appointment confirmation reminders to customers it helps reduce the number of no-shows as it ensures that the customer does not forget about their appointment. Even if they are unable to make it to the appointment, you will be informed about it before the appointment. This will help you book the appointment slot for someone else.
  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

    An appointment confirmation displays your business’s professionalism. It shows to the customer that you are serious about providing a good experience for them. A prior confirmation about the appointment helps the customer schedule their day accordingly.

    It also allows you to structure your day according to the scheduled appointments and make operations smoother at your business.

    What starts with an appointment confirmation can translate to an entirely smooth experience for the customer.


  2. Helps with cancellations and rescheduling

    Appointment confirmation reminders help in more ways than one. They can be drafted such that they include a CTA in the message body. The CTA can prompt the customer to confirm their presence. For example,

    You have an appointment with {{Business Name}} at {{Time}} on {{Date}}.Please reply to this email with C to confirm, R to reschedule, or X to cancel.”

    If the customer responds with the intent of canceling or rescheduling you can immediately follow up that text with a new appointment booking link. This will allow you to use the freed-up slot to assign the appointment to a new customer whilst still retaining the previous customer.

  3.  Saves time

    Appointment confirmation reminders can be automated for better efficiency. Automation makes minimal human intervention with confirmations and booking possible. This means that an appointment confirmation message can be scheduled to be sent to the customer. You can explore a software like Emitrr to automate appointment confirmations.

Which communication channel to choose for appointment confirmation messages?

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, the process of appointment confirmation starts with choosing a suitable communication medium. Broadly speaking, there are 3 communication channels you can consider for appointment confirmation. These are Calling, Texting and Email

Calling: Calling is the oldest method in the books. It is instant and if the customer picks up your call you can be 100% sure that your message has been conveyed. A drawback of calling is that it can be intrusive if done at the wrong time. Since there is no way of knowing when the customer is in the mood to receive a call, it might come off as intrusive. Multiple appointment confirmation reminder calls may not work well with calling as it’s easy for the customers to get irritated with repeated calling.

Texting: Texting has an open rate of 98%. Again, like calling you can be rest assured that your appointment confirmation has been received and viewed by the customer. Texting has the advantage that the customer can read the message at their convenience so you can be assured that the customer doesn’t get irritated or frustrated. You can schedule appointment confirmation reminders to be sent 2 or 3 times spaced out timely if required.

2-way texting yields better results than 1 way texting. 2-way texting allows for customers to continue a conversation with the business. Queries can be resolved quicker as the customer is engaged in text conversation. The ease of text messaging coupled with the provision of 2-way texting can help improve customer engagement significantly. Emitrr provides this capability of 2-way text messaging to its customers.

Email: Email is a widely accepted medium of communication for appointment confirmations and has been used by businesses for a long time now. Email provides more characters than text messaging to put your message across properly. However, the limitation with Email is that it is not as instant as compared to both calling and texting. Email has an open rate of 30% so you cannot be completely sure if the message has been viewed by the customer. 

How to write an appointment confirmation, what should be included in an appointment confirmation message?

Once you have established the medium for communication, next you need to craft the message. Some essentials components to be included in the message are:

1. Your business name

Make it clear at the beginning itself the name of your business, so the customer knows who is contacting them. If prior permission has been obtained from the customer regarding specific communication then they will recognize your business and not consider the message spam.

2Time and date

Make sure to include when the appointment is scheduled. This will include the date of the appointment along with the time.

3. Address

To make it easier for the customer to reach your business you can include the business location link in the text.

4. CTA 

A clear call to action will help solidify if the customer will be attending the appointment or not. You can add CTA such as “reply c to confirm your appointment” or “ reply X if you wish to cancel the appointment” 

Some sample appointment confirmation templates

Email appointment confirmations:

Subject: Appointment confirmation for (Service name)

Body :

Hi (firstname),

You have an upcoming appointment at ((business name)) on ((date)) at  ((Time)). Please respond to this email to confirm your appointment.

Location: ((Add location link))

If you have any questions you can call at ((phone number)) or send us a reply.

Have a nice day, 
(Business name)
(Contact number)
(Social links)


: Your Appointment Is Confirmed 


Hi [name],

Your [type of appointment] appointment is confirmed for [day of week], [month] [date]], [year].
Need to change your appointment?
To make changes to your appointment, click here, call 000-0000-000, or respond to this email.


Subject Line
: Confirmation of (Service Name)  on (Date-Time) 


Dear (Customer’s name),

This is a friendly reminder confirming your appointment with (Business Name) on (Date and time). Please try to arrive 15-20 minutes early and don’t forget your (Essential documents/ Gloves and masks/ Spare clothing etc.)
If you have any queries, or need to reschedule or cancel, please call our office at (Phone number) or drop us a mail (Email ID). 

We look forward to seeing you on (Date and time) at (Physical Location/Online meeting link)

Have a great day!

(Your business name)
(Contact details)
(Social media credentials)

Text appointment confirmations

Hi ((name)), you have an upcoming appointment with ((businessname)) on ((date)) at ((time)). Please reply with C to confirm the appointment, R to reschedule and X to cancel. 

Location : ((location link)


Hi ((name)), looking forward to seeing you on ((Date)) at ((Time)) for your appointment for ((Service name)). Reply with C to confirm the appointment or R to reschedule.


((name)), thanks for scheduling an appointment at ((Businessname)). We’re looking forward to serving you on ((Date)) at ((time))]. If this is correct, please text CONFIRM. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call this number directly.

How to send an appointment confirmation text/email using Emitrr?

To send an appointment confirmation text message you can follow these steps:

  1.  Login to Emitrr dashboard
  2. On the left navigation panel, select Text Campaigns>Manual 
  3. Select Send Campaign
  4. Add the below given details
Appointment Confirmation through Emitrr
  1. Select Next>Add list 
  2. Click Send

To send an appointment confirmation email message you can follow these steps: 


  1. Login to Emitrr dashboard
  2. On the left navigation panel, select Email Campaigns
  3. Select Create New
  4. Choose a desired template
  5. Add subject, body, sender location, and name and save it
  6. Select contacts to send 

Schedule to send the email or hit send.


Appointment confirmations are a great way to ensure that a slot at your business doesn’t go to waste. It helps you keep your schedule full as you get to be one step ahead all the time. Armed with the knowledge of the status of a customer’s appointment, you can structure your day/ week accordingly. The biggest advantage of using appointment confirmation is that it allows to reduce no-show appointments significantly. This in turn ensures that your business does not face a loss in revenue due to negligence. Invest in appointment confirmation software today to automate the entire process and make it 3x easier to keep track of your customers.

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