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Is the ClickSend software not meeting your business needs? Are you looking for a better ClickSend alternative? As a business, it is important to make the most of all the available channels to reach out to your customers and communicate effectively with them. Out of all the channels available out there, text messaging is the most effective one, as is clear from its open rates and response rates. To be able to make the most of it, you need the right business text messaging software at your disposal. 

Well, business text messaging software is crucial in building the bridge between businesses and customers. Recent stats show that there are 8.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide. Every mobile offers basic texting services such as SMS. So the outreach text messaging can have on your business is crazy. That is why businesses rely heavily on texting platforms. 

But these days the market is heavily saturated with such texting platforms and their immense claims. 

One such texting platform is ClickSend. The CllickSend software has been in the game for a decade. However, the offerings of this software are not enough for businesses that wish to extract maximum benefit from text messaging. Customers want a ClickSend replacement offering diverse features needed to sustain next-gen competition. 

If you are one of those ClickSend customers wanting more diverse texting software, then keep reading! 

  1. Emitrr
  2. SimpleTexting 
  3. EZ texting 
  4. Textmagic 
  5. Textellent
  6. Textedly 
  7. Textline 
emitrr best clicksend alternative

Emitrr is a highly-rated business texting platform and the best ClickSend alternative. Emitrr software has a five-star rating from review platforms such as Capterra, G2, and Software Advice for its customer service and ease of use. Emitrr supports efficient workflow through features like self-scheduling, review requests, and phone management. Emitrr works for small-scale and large-scale businesses making it a perfect ClickSend alternative. 

  • Two-way texting for efficient communication 
  • Send secure links through texts
  • Group texting feature for better teamwork 
  • Text alert feature to deal with urgent situations 
  • Mass texting for sending message outreach 
  • Send and receive images and files (GIFs, images, videos, etc.)
  • Send automated review requests to your patients 
  • Integrate your existing CRM system easily with Emitrr to maintain your contact list 
  • Read responses from reviews in a single conversation inbox
  • Automated text reminders to keep customers updated 
  • Live chat option to attend to the customer’s query immediately 
  • No-show follow-up through texts and calls 
  • Track metrics like missed calls, unique calls, total calls, message open rate, failed delivery
  • Use editable SMS templates to personalize your reminders and messages to feel more engaged with customers 
  • Letting businesses analyze and scale with API and activity tracking 
  • Text enable landline number and also get 10DLC support 
  • Ease of use 
  • Efficient software with no bugs or system failures 
  • Extensive customer support 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Variety of features
  • More features are coming soon 
  • Phone
  • Live rep
  • Chat support
  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge base

Starts at $30 a month. (You pay for what you use!)

SimpleTexting is a cloud-based platform that focuses on business text messaging and mass message campaigns. As a relevant ClickSend replacement, SimpleTexting aims to provide all the standard features along with ease of use.

  • Send two-way text messages to answer queries and book appointments 
  • Text-enable landline number to converse with customers 
  • Set up drip campaigns and track metrics 
  • Set up autoresponders 
  • Schedule text messages for a later date 
  • Assign conversations to team members
  • Integrate with CRMs to streamline workflows 
  • Use SMS templates to send mass texts 
  • Get 10DLC support 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Relatively expensive 
  • Poor customer support 
  • Automation issues 
  • Knowledge Base
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • FAQs 

SimpleTexting platform charges $29 per month for 500 messages 

EZ Texting is a practical texting platform, that also serves customers in Canada. It is a good ClickSend alternative that offers features like bulk texting, MMS, delivery reports, reminder campaigns, and text polls. EZ Texting offers reputation management through its features and quick customer service.

  • Two-way text messaging for quick customer communication 
  •  Autoresponders feature to improve response times
  • Text-enable landline number to converse with customers 
  • Schedule text messages for a later date 
  • Use templates to send group texts and mass texts 
  • Set up drip campaigns and tracking metrics option to increase reach 
  • Integrate with CRMs to streamline workflows quickly 
  • Get 10DLC support 
  • Flexibility with SMS campaigns 
  • Easy-to-use software 
  • Misleading pricing 
  • Knowledge base
  • FAQs
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Phone

The starting package is $25 per month (based on the number of contacts)

Textmagic messaging platform claims smooth workflow, SMS marketing, and one-on-one communication through texts. Textmagic is quite popular among small businesses for its simple yet effective features. Textmagic, as a ClickSend competitor, promises high SMS opening rates due to its customization experience.

  • Send bulk messages to garner sales 
  • Two-way text messaging for personalized conversations 
  • Advance scheduling of texts to save time 
  • Option to personalize texts with tags 
  • SMS templates to add a personalized touch to conversations 
  • Track and monitor SMS delivery 
  • Toll-free texting options for hassle-free communication 
  • Schedule SMS marketing campaigns for better customer conversion
  • Get 10DLC support 
  • Variety of customization options 
  • Swift Software 
  • Textmagic app price increases when the volume of texts crosses a certain threshold, so not budget-friendly
  • Perpetual email spam to communicate the same set of instructions 
  • Phone Support
  • Email/Help Desk
  • Chat
  • FAQs/Forum

It starts from $4.90 per month (for a limited number of texts)

Textellent, as a ClickSend competitor, offers next-gen texting features. Textellent focuses on SMS and MMS campaigns to garner maximum customer engagement for businesses. Textellent is preferred by local businesses for better business scalability.

  • Send mass text alerts and notifications 
  • Send automated campaigns to customers 
  • Set up text message marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with your CRM to streamline workflows 
  • Use autoresponders to improve response times 
  • Message personalization option 
  • Easy to setup
  • Poor customer support 
  • Integration options are very limited 
  • 24/7 (Live rep)
  • Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base

Starts at $29 per month. 

Textedly is a prominent SMS messaging platform and a capable ClickSend replacement. With ClickSend, users make subscriber lists to send thousands of messages. Textedly also focuses on building a reputation by analyzing metrics.  

  • Autoresponders to minimize response time 
  • Option to handle conversations with a team member 
  • Textedly allows you to schedule your text messages
  • Helps you build drip campaigns to follow up with customers 
  • SMS marketing campaigns to increase outreach 
  • SMS templates for sending mass texts 
  • Textedly interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate 
  • Ample features 
  • Integration options are limited 
  • Below-par customer service 
  • 24/7 (live rep) 
  • Chat 
  • Phone support 
  • Email/Help desk 

Starts at $24 per month (based on the number of messages)

Textline is a business text messaging platform that focuses on providing a smooth workflow to your business. Textline app is available both in the US and in Canada. Textline app’s good customer support and customization options make it a good ClcikSend alternative. The software aims for a personalized texting experience for its users. 

  • Two-way texting for quick conversation and appointments
  • Bulk texting to trigger one-on-one personal conversations 
  • Group messaging option to consolidate and target a group of clients 
  • Set reminders for individual conversations 
  • MMS messaging for more interactive conversations 
  • SMS automation to help with replies 
  • Survey links to get feedback 
  • Reporting and metrics to understand customer needs and demands
  • Easy navigation and non-complex layout 
  • A variety of integration options 
  • Slow customer service 
  • Hidden charges 
  • Email/Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base
  • Chat

Textline software offers three different plans namely ‘Limited’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Pro’. The most basic plan starts at $59.97 a month. 

Pricing definitely plays an important role when selecting a good business texting software. Customers want business texting platforms to be completely transparent with their pricing policies. Alas, this is not the case with ClickSend. 

Customers felt that the pricing of ClickSend was quite high compared to the features they offered. Unlike ClickSend alternatives,  the platform provides a non-flexible payment option. 

Texting capabilities are the star feature of a business texting platform. If texting features fail to perform, then the texting platform will collapse. Well, ClickSend customers have faced such issues. The customers of ClickSend complained that the texts started failing but still were charged. The SMS templates are not flexible. Even the layouts offered for SMS templates are outdated and difficult to configure. All these issues led to customers looking out for ClickSend replacements. 

The interface of ClickSend software has also disappointed the users. The users of ClickSend complained of facing issues with the interface. The  software interface was  “complex and cluttered.” 

The product and services drop-down menus don’t function properly and the overall performance of the software is prolonged. So, the customers have faced a lot of delays in their business outcomes with the ClickSend software.

Customer support is the backbone of efficient business messaging platforms. Customer support ensures that users’ problems are catered to on time. However, customers were very disappointed with the lack of customer support ClickSend offers. Customers complained that the CllickSend support team is very slow with responses. The support team is highly unprofessional and doesn’t offer many helpful solutions. 

The software speed and ease of use is a big factor when it comes to business messaging platforms. A swift platform ensures that users are easily converted into potential leads. ClickSend software has disappointed its users in this department as well. Users felt that the software had a lot of bugs causing many functionalities to be inconsistent. Even the backend has data inconsistency causing issues with the structural workflow. Due to all these errors, the software is slow and crashes at times. To save themselves from these consistent troubles, users wanted a better ClickSend alternative. 

Emitrr can be a trump card for your business because of its robust nature. Emitrr app performs well on any network and device easily. The failure rate of the platform is minimal thereby no system crashes. Emitrr platform is built for taking load. The software has gone through multiple rounds of testing to handle any input. It’s best to say that Emitrr software, as a Cllicksend alternative, is built to enhance the working efficiency of your businesses. Emitrr software is a perfect ClickSend replacement as its swift software provides scalability to your businesses. 

Emitrr really stands out as the best ClickSend alternative among all competitors. Emitrr offers numerous features like two-way texting, group texting, automated message responders, missed calls to text, VoIP, and many more. These features are easy to use and super swift. This was not the case with ClickSend features. All the features of Emitrr are smooth and intuitive, thus providing 360-degree efficiency. 

Emitrr’s customer support is rated 5 stars on major review platforms. Even the users on different software review platforms have raved about the round-the-clock support Emitrr offers to its users. Emitrr takes pride in offering the best customer service, offering help at every step of the way. 

There would be no integration issues or loss of contacts/customer lists with Emitrr. This is because Emitrr offers more than 1000+ integrations. Integrations help customers streamline their workflows with utter ease and save considerable time.   

The pricing of Emitrr is just so that every user can experience Emitrr’s top-notch services. The pricing structure of Emitrr is very transparent and flexible. Emitrr offers the best features and customized services depending on the client’s business needs. You pay for only what you use; there are no hidden charges, binding contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees involved. 

So after this detailed discussion about the best ClickSend alternatives, we bet you’d have shortlisted a few platforms to try out. Did Emitrr make it to your list? If yes, then book a quick call to understand how Emitrr can fit your use case. 

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