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Being able to maximize patient experience and satisfaction is an important objective that many dental practices strive for. That’s because the provision of exceptional care leads to better patient outcomes, increased revenue, reduced no-shows, and improved engagement. However, all of this can be achieved when you have the right patient engagement software by your side. 

Speaking of patient engagement softwares, Legwork is quite a popular one. A part of the Planet DDS Systems, this Patient Relationship Management software caters to dental practices, offering features to boost patient retention and engagement. However, a lot of Legwork users have been facing challenges such as slow customer service and integration bugs. This is why users are looking for better Legwork alternatives. If you’ve been using Legwork for quite some time and are facing issues with it, then it’s time you make a switch. 

So, if you are also extensively searching markets for a better Legwork alternative, we have got you covered. Sit tight, and get ready to take some notes.

  1. Emitrr
  2. Birdeye
  3. Podium
  4. Adit
  5. Tebra
  6. Doctible
  7. RevenueWell
  8. Spruce Health

Emitrr is a great Legwork competitor that offers ample features to help you streamline your workflows and improve patient engagement on a budget. Emitrr is a texting software that strives to provide the best patient experience.  Emitrr offers not only a variety of features but also the most efficient support channels for better user engagement.

  • Engage in one-on-one conversations with your patients 
  • Send automated reminders and confirmation messages 
  • Automate follow-ups with your patients 
  • Send automated review requests to your patients 
  • Integrate Emitrr with your existing EMR/EHR
  • Send text messages from your existing business number by getting it text-enabled
  • Read responses from reviews in a single conversation inbox
  • Send mass text alerts to patients regarding changes in schedules, upcoming offers, etc
  • Receive texts in one centralized inbox.
  • Create lists to segment your audience and set up multi-touch text messaging campaigns
  • Respond to messages from SMS, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, and website on one dashboard
  • Track metrics like missed calls, unique calls, total calls, message open rate, failed delivery
  • Automate patient appointment reminders by text, email, and voice
  • Use editable SMS templates to personalize your reminders

Birdeye is a popular review management tool in the market. Customers use Birdeye to enhance their reputation metrics online. This Legwork alternative provides advanced features and robust customer support. 

  • Two-way messaging for patients
  • Alerts and notifications to keep the patients updated on their schedule 
  • API and activity tracking features for healthcare businesses 
  • Customizable reports and forms 
  • Automated responses 
  • Data visualization using AI/machine learning to automate the health data of patients 

Podium as a platform claims to help businesses attract leads and convert them. They offer easily integrable solutions for businesses. Podium software centralizes your conversations for better communication and a better reputation. Podium, through all its features, focuses on setting up a good brand reputation for your company. 

  • Easy texting capabilities with patients 
  • VOIP system for small businesses is provided 
  • Website to chat to provide good support to patients 
  • Providing connection channels on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Send automated follow-ups to patients
  • Serves as a CRM tool for personalized  customer experience 
  • Customer feedback survey forms for better support 

Adit is a carefully designed dental practice software. Adit provides tons of features, and integration options for better patient engagement. Patient management is one of the top goals of Adit. As a patient engagement platform, Adit also promises to boost your business’s reputation in the market effectively. 

  • Two-way texting for patients
  • Group texting for better communication between patients and health practitioners
  • Customizable email campaigns to build brand reputation
  • Call tracking feature to help businesses retain patients
  • Online patient intake forms 
  • Online scheduling to ease the jobs of health practitioners 
  • Automated text and email reminders for patients
  • Patient recall with automated reminders 
  • Customizable website templated for gaining leads 
  • Complete report analytics for reputation management  
  • Dental digital marketing campaigns to increase reach

Tebra is a quite popular Legwork replacement. Tebra is an automated management solution for independent practices. Tebra specializes in EHR (Electronic Health Record) integration. Apart from this, Tebra as a patient engagement platform, caters to reputation management and patient feedback.

  • Two-way Texting for patients
  • Online scheduling for easy patient intake
  • Automated appointment reminders for patient care
  • Customizable patient intake forms to simplify the job of healthcare practitioners
  • Patient portal for sharing sensitive information 
  • Patient survey forms 
  • EHR integration and third-party integrations 
  • Customizable responsive website for scalability 
  • Digital marketing campaigns to attract patients 
  • Growth analysis for businesses 
  • Revenue analysis to help healthcare understand their business scalability 

Doctible is a patient engagement and management platform and a popular Legwork Alternative. The Doctible software focuses on prioritizing the reputation of your businesses. Doctible features are easy to use and meant for scalability. They provide review booster technology for practice management. 

  • Two-way messaging for patients 
  • Bulk messaging options so that customers can focus on better patient communication 
  • Appointment management and scheduling for the patients 
  • Automated scheduling for ease of patients
  • Live chat option to solve immediate queries of the patients 
  • Patient intake forms to get to know the patients better and their medical history 
  • Ease of rescheduling to give complete flexibility to the user and doctors 
  • Website and third-party integrations for seamless business scalability 
  • Patient survey forms and feedback to understand the patient’s needs  
  • automated, real-time updates and notifications so that a clear communication channel exists between patients and healthcare practitioners 
  • Letting businesses analyze and scale with API and activity tracking 
  • Prompt automated responses to increase texting efficiency 
  • Reputation management by detailed reporting and statistical analysis 

RevenueWell is a patient engagement platform that focuses on patient engagement in dental healthcare. They claim to provide a variety of capable features for smooth workflow. RevenueWell is a direct Legwork competitor in dental healthcare. RevenueWell claims to operate for better patient care and seamless reputation building.

  • Two-way texting for patients 
  • Online scheduling to ease the work of healthcare staff
  • Helping healthcare practitioners with digital patient intake forms
  • Automated appointment reminders for the patients
  • Review monitoring and automatic review collection to manage the online reputation of the businesses 
  • Customizable website design to cater to the different needs of businesses
  • The software keeps you updated with report metrics to understand audience response 
  • Activity dashboard for information updates for the patients 
  • Support channels such as chat, email/help desk, knowledge base, phone support, 24/7 (Live rep)

Spruce Health is an all-in-one healthcare communication platform designed for effective patient engagement. The Spruce platform promises seamless workflow to sustain all the business needs with its features. Spruce Health has features similar to Legwork and serves as a decent Legwork alternative.

  • Two-way texting between the patients and healthcare professionals
  • Bulk messaging
  • Automated message responders 
  • Virtual visits through video call
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet phone call) for efficient patient management 
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Reporting of statistics for businesses
  • Support channels such as email/help desk, chat, phone support, FAQs/forum, knowledge base

Legwork is a staple dental practice management platform. However, the customers of Legwork have concerns regarding the performance of the software in recent times. Let’s look at these issues in a bit more detail.

Legwork might have introduced digital patient intake forms for patient paperwork but customers are not satisfied as they cannot customize the medical forms as per their needs.

Legwork does promise swift integration but the customers have met with disappointment on this guarantee. The integration process has security problems and the whole process in itself is tedious with a lot of bugs. 

The messaging feature of Legwoork also has some bugs. Customers have faced significant delays in sending messages. Apart from this many customers complained of not being able to send images through text box. Also, there is no MMS option for texting. These small inconveniences have made an impact on customer’s business handling throughout the day.

There are a lot of additional and unnecessary features provided by Legwork. Customers who don’t use these features, especially small businesses expect some cost reduction in pricing. However, the pricing structure of Legwork is very rigid. This makes legwork not suitable as a “value-for-money” patient engagement platform.

Different forms such as patient intake forms, survey feedback forms, etc. don’t have customization features. Customers realized that these forms even lacked a sharing option. Businesses have faced delays in their processes and dissatisfaction from patients due to these issues. 

The support channels provided by Legwork don’t respond to the customer’s query on time. Customers have been left on hold with their issues due to no response from the support team of Legwork. 

Emitrr is one of the most efficient patient engagement and management platforms, and the best Legwork alternative. Here’s why: 

  • Emitrr offers 100+ medical form templates that you can easily download and customize as per your requirements
  • Emitrr integrates with 1000+ EMR/EHRs, thereby ensuring streamlined workflows.
  • Emitrr has been rated 5 stars for its customer service by review platforms such as Capterra and Software Advice.
  • Emitrr is easy to use and there’s no learning curve involved. This Legwork replacement also supports group texting and bulk messaging.
  • Emitrr is a true value-for-money software. Emitrr has extremely flexible subscription packages. There are no hidden charges or annual binding contracts. Emitrr provides the best to its customers at an affordable price.
Is Legwork a part of Planet DDS?

Yes, Legwork is a planet DDS company that offers innovative patient management solutions in the dental healthcare niche. 

What is the cost of Legwork Dental? 

Legwork Dental has different subscription plans. There’s no fixed pricing. Request a demo on their page to know more. 

What is the best alternative for Legwork? 

After comparing all the Legwork competitors, It’s visible that Emitrr software emerges as the best Legwork alternative. 

How to switch from Legwork to Emitrr?

If you wish to switch from Legwork to Emitrr, you just need to contact the support team. Emitrr’s support team will take care of data transition, number porting, integrations, and training; and will offer assistance as and when you need it.

Now that you have a comprehensive analysis of all Legwork alternatives, it is time to make a decision. Are you keen to explore what Emitrr has in store for you? Book a quick demo to see how this patient engagement platform can help you streamline operations for your healthcare practice.

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