What is call pop?

Call Pop | Screen Pop

What is call pop?

Call pop is a capability used by call center agents or by the front desk that enables them to access customer information for every incoming call through a pop-up agent that summarises important customer details. Call pop helps call center agents to get the most important information about the caller before they pick up the call which helps save them precious minutes looking up information in the CRM. In short, a call pop also known as a screen pop is a tool that helps agents reduce average handle times for every incoming call.

Why do you need call pop? 

 Making use of the call pop comes with many added benefits for call center agents: 


  • With the use of the call pop, an agent would be able to reduce the average handle time (AHT). How? The agent will not have to spend time manually searching for the callers’ information as it would automatically look up these details and present them to the agent. Lesser the time spent searching important information, the quicker will be the call resolved. This would lead to a reduction in one of the most  important metrics: Average Handle Time
  • Having the caller’s information available even before the agent/front desk answers the call will allow them to personalize their conversation with the caller.
    This would help create an opportunity to easily upsell another service to the caller or upsell a service to a family member.
    In case an existing customer calls in from a new/different number than the one stored on the file, call pop allows for adding new numbers to the customer’s file thus making sure customers are identified in the future irrespective of the number they call from.

What data points should a call pop include?

 Now that we’ve established the importance of the call pop, let’s dive 

 into the details of what a call pop can or should show an agent on an incoming call.
To start,with the obvious, a call pop should show the following basic details: 


  1. The caller’s name

  2. Date of birth (if available)

  3. Last call received/Last Support Ticket/Last Appointment

  4. Their Status: Current Customer, Past Customer, etc

 Industry-specific call pops should include relevant customer details relevant to the industry. 

 Let’s take the example of a healthcare call pop. The call pop, in this case, should show details specific to the patient, including but not limited to:

  1. Patient Name

  2. Next Appointment

  3. Last Appointment

  4. Payment Pending

  5. Insurance Details

  6. Details from patient intake forms (medical details etc)

Why do you need call pop?

  Call pop can help improve other KPIs 

  • The reduction in the metric average handle time is one of the most important advantages of the call pop/screen pop. As discussed above, with the caller’s information available to the agent automatically, the agent would not have to spend time asking these details from the caller and looking them up manually in the CRM/system of record.

  • The average handle time is equal to the (talk time + hold-time + after call work) divided by the total number of calls. With the information available to the agent with the call pop, there can be a significant decrease in the talk time and hold time as the agent would not have to reconfirm information from the caller or manually look for the caller’s information in the database. 

One of the reasons leading to missed and abandoned calls is customer frustration. This frustration usually stems from either a long hold time or a lack of understanding about the caller’s problem by the agent. With the help of call pop, agents would be able to bridge this gap of misunderstanding and come to a resolution regarding the caller’s problems quicker. 

So a reduction in the average handle time would also simultaneously lead to a reduction in other important metrics such as missed and abandoned call rate.

  • Another metric that would show a significant improvement is the CSAT. CSAT or customer satisfaction score is a measure of a caller’s satisfaction with the service provided. While customer satisfaction may be measured differently for different businesses, it is an organization’s responsibility to provide the customers with good quality service. Few of the things that they can do to ensure this good experience would be to not put the customer’s on hold for a long time and not take too much time to resolve a customer’s query.
    Hence the use of the call pop can help improve important metrics such as abandoned or missed calls, AHT, and CSAT. 


How does call pop look like?

Does your call center need a call pop?

Does your contact center even have a requirement for call pop? And if so, how can you identify it? 

 As we discussed certain important metrics can be improved through the help of call pop. 

  1. You need to know what the AHT average is in your contact center. The formula for calculating AHT is = (TotalTalkTime+TotalHoldTime+AfterCallWorkTime) 

Total No. of calls handled

The current AHT industry standard is 6 minutes and 3 seconds. 

  1. Call abandonment rate and the number of calls being missed in your call center is another important KPI.
    Call Abandon Rate (%) = No. of calls offered – No.of calls handled X 100
    No. of  calls offered

The current industry standard for call abandonment rate is between 5% – 8%. A call abandonment rate of 10% is considered ‘high’ according to industry standards. 

  1. Another important metric to consider is the First call resolution rate or FCR. If there is a low rate of conversion on calls it could be due to a low CSAT score or a low FCR. The industry standard for FCR is 74%. 90% is considered high and anything below 40% is low. 

If improving these numbers is something that is required for your call center, you can explore using call pop.

Call pop software could also have the capability of integrating with your PMS.

Some of the capabilities of our call center call pop includes – 


  1. Showing caller information such as appointments, recall, family members appointment., insurance, etc.  

  2. Being able to fetch, schedule and book appointment from the call pop software itself

  3. Create appointments directly from the popup agent




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