100+ Free Medical Form Templates

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Medical Declaration Form

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What is a medical declaration form? A medical declaration form is a documentation used to declare that a person is medically fit. It can be used before a person travel’s to a particular state or country. A medical declaration may…

Emergency Medical Form

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What is an emergency medical form?  An emergency medical form is a document that is used at the time of a medical emergency. It basically includes information regarding a patient’s medical history, emergency contact, current medications, and allergies. It comes…

Doctor Appointment Form

Doctor Forms

What is a doctor appointment form? A doctor appointment form is a document that is used by patients to book their appointments with a doctor. Typically this form is filled out by the patients either at the doctor’s clinic or…

Family Health History Form

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What is a family health history form? A family health history form is a record of a patient and his/her close relative’s health information. It could include information about up to 3 generations of the patient’s family. It is used…

ACP Form

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What is an ACP form? Short for Advanced Care Planning, the ACP form highlights a patient’s healthcare preferences and treatment goals, in case the patient is severely injured or ill and is not able to communicate the same. An ACP…

Dental Scheduling Template

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What is a dental scheduling template? A dental scheduling template is a tool that is used to organize and schedule dental appointments. It includes scheduling appointments for both routine checkups and specialized procedures. Dental scheduling can be done either manually…

Medication History Form

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What is a medication history form?  A medication history form provides a comprehensive account of all the medications that the patient is taking, including the medications that they’ve taken in the past. It gives the healthcare provider a complete picture…

Medical clearance form for dental

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As patients age, they are bound to develop medical conditions that can act as a hindrance during the time they avail dental care. Hence they are required to disclose their health history to their respective dental practitioners during each visit….

Urgent Care Release Form

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What is an urgent care release form? An urgent care release form is a document that is signed by patients upon receiving medical treatment at an urgent care center. This form typically states that the patient has received medical treatment…

Medical History Form

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What is a medical history form? A medical history form is used to collect information about a patient’s medical history. Past medical history includes information such as the patient’s past surgical history, family medical history, social history, allergies, and medications…

Dental Records Release Form

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What is a dental records release form? A dental records release form is an important document that allows patients to share their information with a new dentist. The dentist who received these records has to use the dental records release…

Patient Update Form

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What is a patient update form?  A patient update form is a document used to update a patient’s medical information. It is widely used by healthcare providers to ensure that the patient’s information is up-to-date and accurate. Doing so helps…