Top 5 Bad Reviews Examples With Accurate Responses

Table of Contents If you ever received bad reviews in your business, you will know that they often have repercussions. Recurrent bad reviews have the power to impact one’s business reputation negatively. People often look up health reviews before visiting … Read More

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Personalized text messaging

A Beginner’s Guide To Personalized Text Messaging: Way To Meaningful Customer Engagement

Table of Contents Even though text message marketing is far from the new kid on the block, it has not lost its charm with marketers and consumers alike. In fact, contrary to what we might think, text messages garner incredibly … Read More

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text abbreviations

How to use text abbreviations in business text messaging?

Table of Contents Introduction to text abbreviations In marketing, text abbreviations help communicate the right message to the customer while keeping it short and sweet. Often, businesses struggle with delivering the message while staying within the character limit. Businesses can … Read More

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google business profile suspension

How to fix a Google Business Profile suspension?

Table of Contents Google Business Profile suspension Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business Page is a profile that you create and manage on Google to improve your online visibility. It is a way to showcase your local … Read More

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plumbing software

Top 7 reasons why your business needs plumbing software​

Top 7 reasons why your business needs plumbing software Table of Contents Introduction All businesses work towards a common goal of getting more return on investment. A plumbing business is no different. Whether you are new in the plumbing business … Read More

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Reminder Calls

How can businesses create a successful reminder calls strategy and what are its benefits?

Table of Contents Most service-based businesses thrive on efficiency and excellent customer management. To run successful operations in today’s technology-driven world, businesses need to be smart and focus on saving time as well as effort. Automated reminder calls are one … Read More

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Appointment confirmation

How to write and send appointment confirmation texts and emails?

Table of Contents An appointment confirmation is a communication made to a customer about the details of an upcoming appointment and receiving confirmation regarding their presence in return. Practically speaking the process of appointment reminder consists of : Choosing a … Read More

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online marketing

How online marketing strategies can grow your dental business

How Online Marketing strategy can grow your dental business Table of Contents Introduction If you are a dentist, you probably have heard about the importance of online marketing strategy. It is one of the most powerful ways to promote your … Read More

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buy reviews on Google

Read this before you buy reviews on Google!

Read this before you buy reviews on Google! Table of Contents Introduction  Having a sound online presence has become an important prerequisite for businesses across the world, irrespective of their size and offerings. Considering that the digital age has blurred … Read More

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How to leave a review on facebook?

How to leave a review on Facebook?

Table of Contents Introduction Remember the last time you looked up a business online? You probably wanted to visit a restaurant or wanted to avail a certain service. What was the first thing you looked up? After getting the results … Read More

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