5 Ways to Incentivize your Shopify Customers to Return

It is said that returning customers account for 40% of the total eCommerce revenue and it costs anywhere between 5-25% more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. While it is said that acquiring a new … Read More

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Repeat purchase for your ecommerce

How to Drive Repeat Purchase for your Ecommerce

Whether you are running an eCommerce store since 10 months or 10 years, one thing that never changes is the never-ending battle for conversions. Every store wants both: new users and returning users.  While there are multiple channels and tactics … Read More

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Pros and Cons of Voice Commerce

I recently attended an eCommerce gathering here in New York and most of the people I met had two things at the top of their mind: Planning for the holiday season and wondering what is the impact of voice in … Read More

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This Is How the World Will Shop by 2022.

We talk about what we think the world of voice shopping will look like by 2022. … Read More

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The Cleaning Girls

How to Build and Grow a Home Cleaning Business: A Day in the Life of The Cleaning Girl Founder

1. Please describe your job. What does an owner do?I am the president of the company. It’s a full-service residential cleaning service company. Currently, we are present in 3 states on the East coast. We provide online booking, house cleaning … Read More

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How to Build and Grow a Shopify Store: A Day in the Life of Singals.Ca Founder

1. Please describe your job. What do you do as the founder?My job as the founder is not very well defined. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just say I do almost everything. Sometimes it’s about being the janitor, sometimes … Read More

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Rosie Cleans

How to Build and Grow a Home Cleaning Business: A Day in the Life of Rosie Cleans Founder

1. Please describe your job! What does a founder do? As the Co-founder, initially I was responsible for setting up the website, Launch27 POS, QuickBooks for accounting and ofcourse for hiring the right set of people.Now the role is primarily … Read More

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Voice for Laundry

How to boost your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Revenue through voice ordering

A step by step comparison with paid search ads. In this guide we look at how laundry businesses can use voice as a channel to drive more customers at lower costs. Focussing on voice commerce, we’ll explain exactly what it … Read More

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50 Shopify Stores

50 Shopify Stores on Our Wishlist for Voice Shopping

Why we think these stores could be a great fit for an Alexa skill/Voice shopping: Repeat order The value of returning customers is critical for the growth and long-term success of any commerce business.  How do we make a customer … Read More

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Increase repeat orders on Shopify using voice

At any stage of your eCommerce store, the most important aspect is to increase sales. Whether you are setting up the store or stocking your inventory or creating brand presence, the most important thing for your store is to increase … Read More

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