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The healthcare industry is transforming in more ways than one, with each transformation resulting in improved patient care and enhanced patient outcomes. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the healthcare industry has witnessed better communication and collaboration between healthcare providers and patients. While technology continues to make improvements in healthcare, it also poses a few risks, especially the ones that put sensitive PHI at risk. 

Collecting patient information securely and communicating with patients in a secure manner is one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare providers. This is because conversing and sharing patient information through calls, email, or messages is a clear violation of HIPAA and can invite hefty fines. Therefore, as a healthcare provider, you need to invest in a secure texting app that opens SMS as the medium to communicate with your patients securely and HIPAA-compliantly. 

Secure text messaging apps allow the use of advanced security features that ensure that any information you send out via text can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

The messages are shared using a dedicated texting platform such as Emitrr that offers such functionality. In the case of Emitrr, the user will have to enter the OTP received on their mobile number on the secure messaging platform to access the message. 

All such features aren’t available in regular texting, which makes it less secure and prone to data breaches. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you use secure messaging solutions to communicate with your patients. 

Here are some factors that make a secure messaging app a must-have: 

  • The information stays encrypted and confidential. This means it cannot be intercepted during transmission. 
  • The information transmitted can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. Even the service providers and network operators cannot access the content of the message! 
  • The messages sent by the provider can only be accessed with the encryption key. It also involves verifying the identity of the recipient. 
  • If someone with malicious intent is trying to access the message and fails the identity verification, they won’t be able to break into the platform through which the messages are being shared, which further avoids message tampering. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about all things related to secure text messaging, and will also provide some insights into the top secure texting apps ruling 2024. Sit tight and keep reading!  

  1. Emitrr 
  2. Textmagic 
  3. Textline 
  4. LumaHealth 
  5. Klara 
  6. OhMD 
  7. TigerConnect  
emitrr best secure texting app

Emitrr is a HIPAA-compliant text messaging app that healthcare practices can use for secure patient communication. To turn on secure messaging in Emitrr all you need to do is toggle on the secure messaging in the message box. By doing so the chat becomes end-to-end encrypted. To continue chatting securely, the patient needs to enter their mobile number and the OTP received on the said number. Aside from the advanced secure texting features, Emitrr also stands out in its Support, with a stellar 5/5 on Capterra. 

  • Engage in secure conversations with patients through secure text messaging 
  • Send HIPAA-compliant SMS reminders and confirmations 
  • Allow patients to schedule their own appointments through online appointment scheduling 
  • Manage access control, location access, interoperability
  • Set up real-time alerts and manage message lifespan
  • Assign conversations to team members and add notes 
  • Integrate with 500+ EHRs to streamline workflows 
  • Schedule important messages for later 
  • Launch SMS marketing campaigns 
  • HIPAA and TCPA-compliant 
  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Ample integration options 
  • Affordable product 
  • Excellent customer service
  • More robust secure texting capabilities are coming soon

Contact Emitrr to get a quote (You only pay for what you use!)

  • Email/Help Desk
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  • 24/7 (Live rep)
  • Chat
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Textmagic is a business text messaging app that offers secure text messaging as one of its capabilities to ensure smooth and secure transfer of information. 

  • Send secure two-way text messages to recipients 
  • Use SMS templates to save time 
  • Launch SMS marketing campaigns 
  • Send group texts and mass texts
    2FA and encrypted text messaging 
  • Assign conversations to team members 
  • Intuitive interface 
  • Easy to import contacts 
  • Expensive product 
  • Issues with message delivery 

Starts at $ 0.04 per message

  • Phone support 
  • Email 
  • Chat 
  • FAQs

Textline is a secure business texting service that offers functionalities for effective process automation, customer engagement, and team collaboration. 

  • Secure Two-way text messaging with recipients 
  • Integrate with CRMs to streamline workflows 
  • Schedule text messages for a later date 
  • Set up autoresponders 
  • Use SMS templates to send messages 
  • Easy to setup and use 
  • Seamless integration 
  • Clunky mobile version 
  • Limited automations 

Starts at $59 per month 

  • Email 
  • Knowledge base 
  • Chat 

LumaHealth is a HIPAA-compliant text messaging app that caters to health systems, health centers, and clinics; with the aim to constantly improve processes and workflows. 

  • Communicate with patients in real-time using secure messaging 
  • Send broadcast text messages to make announcements 
  • Converse in 20+ languages 
  • Send feedback requests to patients
  • Securely engage in web-to-text chat 
  • Integrate with EHRs to streamline workflows 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Easy customization of messages 
  • Inadequate customer service
  • Limited integrations 

Contact LumaHealth to get a quote 

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Klara is a patient communication and engagement platform that focuses on reshaping healthcare interactions. With Klara, you can either send standard texts or encrypted texts. For encrypted messages, a link directing patients to Klara will be sent. This will help you stay HIPAA-compliant and keep patient information protected. 

  • Two-way secure interaction between patient and provider 
  • Integrate with EHRs to optimize workflows 
  • Automate existing touchpoints to improve patient outcomes
  • Send appointment reminders and confirmations 
  • Allow patients to schedule their own appointments 
  • Personalize messages at scale 
  • Easy to use 
  • Good support 
  • Issues with integrations 
  • Relatively expensive product 

Contact Klara support to get a quote. 

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Knowledge base 
  • FAQs 

OhMD is a HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform. It ensures secure communication with patients through encrypted SMS links. Once the patient clicks on the encrypted SMS link, a secure chat will be initiated. 

  • Integrate your EHR system easily 
  • Send forms, surveys, and review links through texts 
  • Automate common workflows such as appointment scheduling 
  • Two-way text messaging for quick communication
  • Appointment reminder texts to deal with no-shows 
  • Send mass text messages and personalize messages at scale
  • Easy to use 
  • Glitchy software 

Starts at $7 per month 

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TigerConnect is a good secure texting app that facilitates HIPAA-compliant and secure text messaging for clinicians and patients. This clinical collaboration software is HITRUST-certified and offers ample features to keep patient information encrypted. 

  • Engage in secure two-way messaging with end-to-end encryption
  • Manage access control with a few clicks 
  • Send personalized group texts and mass texts 
  • Add attachments to your messages 
  • Send high-priority messages
  • Auto-deletion of messages 
  • Easy to use 
  • Great secure messaging feature 
  • Difficult integration 
  • Limited features 

Contact TigerConnect support to get a quote. 

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If you’re a healthcare provider and are looking for a secure way to communicate with your patients, you need to invest in a secure messaging app. Here are some benefits of using a secure text messaging app for communication: 

HIPAA mandates are something that you always need to keep in mind while communicating with your patients. Any infraction would cost you $50000 and repeated violations could cost close to $1.5 million. However, when you use a HIPAA-compliant secure texting app, you ensure compliance with respect to patient communication and hence avoid hefty penalties. 

With a secure texting app, you save hours worth of daily time while communicating with patients. While calls and emails are time-consuming, patient portals aren’t the most user-friendly. SMS is the only communication channel that saves you time as well as money. Not only can you securely communicate with your patients, but you also save on those never-ending phone bills! A secure texting app like Emitrr is compatible with operating systems and will help streamline communication for you. 

Why rely on pagers and computers when you have secure text messaging to send and receive PHI? With the help of a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app, you can share PHI to authorized personnel, provided that there is high grade encryption implemented in the app. With timely access to information, you will see a surge in staff productivity, which will further improve patient outcomes. 

With a secure texting app, you do not need to rely on patient portals to access or share Electronic Health Records of your patients. You can easily access and share EMR/EHR with the app. Also, you can integrate the secure messaging app with your EHR/EMR system which will further streamline workflows.

Sensitive PHI is subject to unauthorized access and transmission, which is why there are compliance rules in place. With a secure texting app, you get high-grade encryption and related safeguards to protect ePHI. Also, since you can set access controls with respect to who can access and edit patient information, you get complete control over the app. 

Look for a secure messaging platform that offers end-to-end encryption, which means that your recipient can only read the messages with the decryption key. This will ensure that the messages stay protected and free from any interception. Also, no outside parties will be able to hack into your business texting platform with such strong encryption. 

Your chosen secure texting app must be HIPAA, TCPA, and SOC2 compliant. With these compliance regulations, you will be able to ensure that you’re sending messages in the right way. For example, TCPA compliance requires you to seek permission to send messages to your customers. This means that your secure texting platform must encompass opt-in and out-out management capabilities. SOC2 compliance pertains to data controls. It means that the secure messaging app that you choose must allow you to set who can access the contact data. HIPAA is all about protecting patient information. With the secure texting platform, you should be able to send links in text messages that lead the patients to a secure portal. 

Choose a secure messaging platform that gives you complete control over who can access patient data. With a secure texting app like Emitrr, you can assign user statuses to yourself as well as your team members, along with specific permissions. These permissions could be restricted view of sensitive information or report access. 

To ensure secure communication, you need to implement consistent security measures one of which is 2FA or Two Factor Authentication. 2FA requires the users to verify their identities through two methods. For example, first, the user can enter their phone number or email ID and then enter the OTP received on the contact information added to verify their identity. Make sure that your secure text messaging app offers such a feature. 

Make sure that your secure text messaging app offers the option to save patient texts or delete texts whenever appropriate. There are some apps that also offer auto message deletion. Analyze whether you want such a feature and then pick the app. 

Out of all the 7 secure messaging apps ruling 2024, Emitrr tops the list due to the following reasons: 

  1. Excellent secure texting capabilities: Emitrr offers all the aforementioned must-have capabilities. Right from compliance to access control, from encryption to 2FA, Emitrr offers it all. The platform is SOC2, TCPA, and HIPAA-compliant, and also offers ample texting capabilities to help you automate repetitive tasks. 
  2. Intuitive software: The platform is fairly easy to use. If you want to send a secure text message to a patient, all you need to do is go to that particular conversation and click on ‘start secure chat’. It’s that simple! There is no learning curve involved, and everyone on your team can easily send secure text messages without having to spend hours wrapping their heads around the same.  
  3. Unparalleled support: Emitrr takes pride in its customer service and is rated 5 stars for the same by major review platforms such as Capterra and Software Advice. Emitrr offers end-to-end support through a phone, live chat, email, FAQs, and knowledge base; and is very responsive.  
  4. Affordable: The pricing plans are pretty flexible as you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden charges, setup fees, or binding contracts involved. The platform offers great value for money.  
What is the least secure messaging app?

When you go looking for a secure messaging app, make sure not to fall for free apps because they only offer encryption. These apps don’t aren’t HIPAA, SOC2, or TCPA compliant, and also don’t encompass other must-have features. Only look for secure texting apps that specialize in secure text messaging. 

What is a secure messaging system?

A secure messaging system is a platform that offers secure texting as a specialized capability. It helps you communicate with your patients and staff members in a secure manner. With a secure texting app, you can be assured that your messages are free from any interception by third parties. 

What is the most secure messaging app in 2024?

Among all the secure texting apps available in the market, Emitrr is an emerging leader as it offers just the secure texting capabilities that you need to communicate easily with your patients and staff. Also, the software is pretty easy to use and offers excellent support, should you face any trouble. 

If you are a healthcare professional and communicate with your patients on a regular basis, then texting is the way to go. Not only will you be able to deliver a better patient experience but will also save time and resources. However, to ensure you comply with HIPAA rules regarding sharing PHI, you must sign up for a secure texting platform that allows you and your patients to communicate seamlessly. 
Are you ready to take your texting game to a whole new level? Well, now is the time! Did Emitrr’s offerings pique your interest? Find out how Emitrr fits your use case by booking a quick call here.

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