How to text a landline?

Text a Landline

How to Text a Landline?

Have you wondered what happens if you text a landline? If you are a business owner then asking this question could be of particular importance to you. 

Why is that? Well, as much as 90% of customers prefer texting as a means of communication with businesses. For a business owner, that means that you create as many avenues as possible for the customer to easily text you. 

As is commonplace with businesses, landline numbers are a staple. They are often the main contact number displayed by businesses.

With more and more people preferring texting as the way to communicate, it has become quite necessary for businesses to ensure that texting is enabled for their landline numbers too. 

In this article we will be covering the following : 

  1. Why to text a landline
  2. How to text from a landline
  3. Reasons why you should enable texting for your landline device

Why does one need to text a landline?

Like we discussed in the beginning of this article, most customers prefer texting and may already be doing that on your provided number. To make sure these messages don’t get lost it becomes essential that business owners have enabled texting on their landline phones as well. 


One might ask, can you even text a landline? Yes, and it’s  just the same as texting a mobile phone number. Just follow the same process: 

  • Open the phone’s default messaging app 
  • Type the landline number into the recipient box 
  • Type the message and send

You are receiving the messages but how do you make sure that you get to read them and reply to them? You need to enable texting on your landline device. There are two ways one can go about it : 


  1. Use a texting software that would allow you to send, receive and compose messages. 
  2. Use a text to landline service that will convert the messages received into voice messages. 

Enabling or not enabling these services means that messages received on the landline can either be : 


  1. Sent into the void if receiving text messages isn’t enabled on your landline. This might mean that you are losing potential leads or unknowingly serving a bad customer experience to your existing customers by not replying to their messages. 
  2. Converted into voice messages. When the text to landline feature is enabled, messages received by the business will be read as a voice message or stored as a voicemail.
  3. Read and replied to with the help of texting software. Businesses using texting software will be able to do this

How to text from a landline?

If you have a texting software like Emitrr installed for your business needs, texting from a landline and receiving text messages to a landline will become extremely easy. You will just have to follow these steps : – 

  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. Go to Conversations

    3. Select a conversation

    4. Type your message and hit send! 

    5. If you wish to compose a new message to be sent from your landline you can do            that by clicking on the ‘send’ icon on the top right corner.

  6. Enter the contact details, compose the message and send!

Reasons why you should enable texting from your landline

  •  You get to keep your existing business phone number

    You may decide that you want to send text messages through a different mobile phone number and keep the landline number only for calls. This may not be the best idea for a couple of reasons. a) Using a mobile phone’s default messaging app to text customers could have some issues with privacy. These are not safe, and they may unintentionally risk exposing your customers’ information. b) If you decide to text customers from a different mobile number they might not recognize the number and mark the number as spam, causing repercussions to your business by spoiling the customer experience. When you enable texting from your landline number, both these risks can be eliminated. Texting softwares are compliant to the laws around texting and will ensure privacy of customers. 
  • Customers are already texting landlines

    Your customers might already be texting your landline phones assuming that texting is already enabled. It’s better to be prepared and be able to respond to these customers who are texting your business.

  • Customers prefer texting with businesses

    As discussed extensively in earlier blogs as well, as much as 90% of customers prefer texting as compared to calling. Texting also has an open rate of 98%, thus increasing engagement with customers. 

  • More businesses are texting with their customers

    Almost 40% of businesses have switched to text communication with their customers. They have realised the ease of keeping up conversations with customers via text and leveraged its power.

  • You can take advantage of automation to save time and increase efficiency

    Texting softwares allow not only to send messages to multiple customers at a time but also automate the entire process.For example you can use Emitrr’s texting software to not just send text messages but also schedule appointment reminders, surveys, marketing campaigns and so much more. It also allows for personalization of messages. It helps to save time, increase efficiency and improve customer experience. 

In summary, it is extremely important that businesses ensure that texting is enabled even on their landline phones. Let’s face it, any customer who is trying to reach out to you isn’t checking whether they are texting a landline number or a mobile number. Always be prepared to provide the best customer service by providing easy communication channels to your clients!


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