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You probably already know how crucial text messaging is to customer communication. This channel is a sure-shot way to ensure all relevant business communication reaches your customers. Businesses usually facilitate this through a business texting platform. 2 of the popular texting platforms that businesses use in this regard are TextMagic and SimpleTexting. In this article, we will help you decide which of these 2 should you pick for your business. We will be comparing SimpleTexting and TextMagic based on their features, pricing, customer reviews, and support. So read on to learn more.  

Text marketing platforms: TextMagic

TextMagic is a Text Message Marketing Platform that allows you to communicate with your customers via SMS. One of the oldest players in this category, TextMagic has been here since 2001 and is preferred by small businesses that need a Text Message Marketing tool and nothing else. 

Both ClickSend and TextMagic have been key players in the industry for a long time, but this also means they adopt necessary features way later than when required. More on that when we conclude on which Business Communication Platform you should choose between ClickSend and TextMagic. 

SimpleTexting is a true blue texting software. SimpleTexting is optimized for both medium and large-size business use. Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, healthcare providers, churches, and other organizations also use SimpleTexting.  The most popular feature of SimpleTexting is Mass Texting or Broadcast Texting. Mass texting alert allows businesses to send mass texts to their customer list. SimpleTexting also has some powerful integrations that make it a desirable choice for many businesses. Another major selling point with SimpleTexting is its affordability. Simpletexting’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform is the talk of the town! 

A texting platform should ideally contain a myriad of features aimed at making communication easier for businesses. Some of these features include:

Here are the top 20 features that you must look for while picking your ideal text marketing platform: 

  1. Two-way texting: This feature allows you to converse with your customers effectively. From responding to queries to sending appointment reminders; this feature reduces your call volume by 40% and also ensures customer satisfaction.  
  2. Group texting: If you wish to send a text to multiple contacts without having to spend a lot of time, then you can create a group, and send your message across. The group texting feature is ideal for internal communication.  
  3. Mass texting/bulk texting: If you intend to send a text to multiple contacts without a group message, mass texting is what you need. With such a functionality you can send a text message to as many people as you like, and receive responses in individual chats. 
  4. Drip campaigns: You can send automated messages to your contacts with this feature, thereby fostering your relationships with your subscribers while also saving time and money.  
  5. Auto-reply: The texting auto-reply functionality is ideal when people reach out to you during non-operational hours. You can set up automated messages that can reach people in response to the triggers set by you. 
  6. Keywords: When you set text messaging campaigns, you can set certain keywords that people can text your short code or long code number to join those campaigns. It’s a great way to filter your potential customers.   
  7. Text message scheduling: With this feature, you can schedule messages to be sent out at later dates. Whether you wish to send time-sensitive information or improve customer engagement, such a capability comes in handy. 
  8. Integrations: This feature is essential if you don’t want to keep switching in between your texting platform and your CRM/EHR software. Integration helps centralize your workflows and hence your chosen platform should offer ample integrations.    
  9. Text forwarding: Pick a software that allows you to forward inbound text messages to your preferred messaging dashboard automatically. Doing so helps manage extensive contact lists and also improves employee collaboration. 
  10. Adding signature to text messages: If you’re looking to improve brand recall, and enhance message readability, you need to present yourself in a certain manner, even if it is in a text message. Adding a signature to text messages can help establish authenticity and add a professional touch to your message. 
  11. Automated reminders: If you run a service-based business, you might need to send appointment reminders to your clients. If you seek to automate that process and save 3-4 hours of daily time, then this feature is a must-have.  
  12. Birthday text: Strengthening relationships with your customers is important if you wish to grow your business in terms of your customer base and revenue. Look for a platform that allows you to send automated birthday texts to your customers.  
  13. Webchat to text: If you seek to convert your website visitors into customers, then you need this functionality. With webchat to text, you can converse with your website visitors even if they move away from the webpage. 
  14. MMS: To engage your customers, Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS messaging is the extra effort that you can put in without having to spend a lot of time. Choose a platform that allows you to send multimedia content to your customers and generate more leads. 
  15. Landline texting: If you already have a landline number that you use and don’t want to purchase a new number just for texting, then you can have your landline number text-enabled.  
  16. Opt-out management: When you send out marketing messages to your customers, you also need to give them an option to unsubscribe from those messages. Pick a platform that has such a functionality.  
  17. Message Personalization: This is a great functionality that allows you to send personalized messages at scale. This will help you connect better with your customers, without having to put in a lot of time and effort. 
  18. Reporting/Analytics: In addition to running marketing campaigns, you also need to know how those campaigns are performing, and assess whether you need to make any changes in your strategies. The reporting/analytics feature helps you do exactly that. 
  19. Shortcodes: Make sure that your chosen platform offers assistance pertaining to texting with shortcode numbers. You’d need this functionality while sending marketing messages at scale.
  20. 10DLC support: If you want to get started with A2P messaging, then you need to have 10DLC registration. Make sure the platform you choose offers assistance in this area.

To get a more comprehensive overview of the platforms we are also introducing Emitrr as a third platform, so you can see how TextMagic and SimpleTexting stack against Emitrr as well. 

Here’s a feature-by-feature comparison of the platforms: 

Two way textingYesYesYes
Group texting NoYesYes
Mass texting/bulk textingYesYes (Limited)Yes
Drip campaignsYesYesYes
Auto-reply YesYesYes
Text message schedulingYesYesYes
IntegrationsYesYes (Limited)Yes
Text forwardingNoNoYes
Adding signature to text messagesNoNoYes
Automated remindersYesYesYes
Birthday textNoYesYes
Webchat to text NoYesYes
MMS messaging YesYesYes
Landline textingYesYesYes
Opt-out management YesYesYes
Message PersonalizationYesYesYes
Shortcodes YesYesYes
10DLC YesYesYes
Feature comparison: Textmagic vs SimpleTexting vs Emitrr

Key Highlights:

  • Out of the 20 features mentioned above, only Emitrr supports all of them. 
  • TextMagic has 15/20 mentioned features. 
  • SimpleTexting has 18/20 features. 
  • The Capterra Feature rating for Emitrr is 4.8, the rating for SimpleTexting is 4.5 and TextMagic has a rating of 4.3. 

Let’s understand the different pricing plans for both SimpleTexting and TextMagic. 

SimpleTexting Pricing 

SimpleTexting pricing plan Level 1 starts at $29 per month. With this plan, you get 500 credits.

Simpltexting Enterprise plan which is the highest-level pricing plan would cost upwards of $1000 if you wish to send 50,000 + messages. 

TextMagic Pricing 

TextMagic does not have a tiered pricing plan. It is a pay-as-you-go service. It starts at $20 with a one-time purchase.  

Emitrr Pricing 

Emitrr’s pricing starts at $30 and can reach up to $300 depending on the volume of the texts you send and the features you wish to add. You only pay for the features you use!

At the starting price of $30, you get multiple features aimed at Communication, Productivity, and Team Collaboration.

Key Highlights

  • Emitrr’s pricing allows you multiple texting features at the same price as other texting platforms. Some of these features include 2 way texting, reviews and reputation management, group texting, automation, message scheduling, conversation assignment, etc.
  • TextMagic does not have a tiered pricing plan.

To ensure a smooth experience with a texting platform, the Support should stand out! A couple of things to consider while looking at a platform’s Support are the support channels (email, chat, phone, knowledge base), ticket resolution rate, and support ratings by existing customers. 

Let’s have a look at how SimpleTexting and TextMagic fare when it comes to Support. 

Support RatingSupport Channels
SimpleTexting4.8Email, Phone, Chat, Knowledge Base
TextMagic4.5Email, Phone, Chat
Emitrr5Email, Phone, Chat, Knowledge Base + 24/7 Live Support
Support Summary: TextMagic vs SimpleTexting vs Emitrr

Key Highlights:

  • Both SimpleTexting and TextMagic do not provide 24/7 Live Support. 
  • Emitrr is the only platform that provides all the necessary support channels.
  • TextMagic also lacks a Knowledge Base
  • Emitrr is rated the highest for Support on Capterra, with a 5/5 rating. 

Customer reviews are a great way to assess whether the texting platform is going to be a fit for you. Real users sharing their experience with the platform can certainly help ease your decision-making process. So let’s have a look at what existing TextMagic and SimpleTexting users have to say about their experience. We will look at 2 categories of reviews: support reviews and product reviews. These will help you get a more rounded view of the platform. 

SimpleTexting Reviews
Here is what Simpletexting users have to say about its support

Simpletexting support review

Key highlights: 

  • Users are dissatisfied with the Customer Service. 
  • Customer Service takes long days for resolution 
  • Users are charged unfairly at the time of cancellation 

Here is what Simpletexting users have to say about the product experience 

Key Highlights:

  • The platform is fairly easy to use
  • Unable to replicate campaigns
  • Improvements needed to the software

Emitrr reviews 

Here is what Emitrr customers have to say about its Support: 

Emitrr support review 1
Emitrr support review 2
Emitrr support review 3

Key Highlights:

  • Customer Support is highly valued and rated by Emitrr customers 
  • Support is prompt and knowledgeable
  • Customer Support team is adaptable and friendly

Here is what customers have to say about the Emitrr platform:

Emitrr product review 1
Emitrr product review 2
Emitrr product review 3

Key Highlights:

  • The platform is intelligently designed
  • It is quite user-friendly and involves a minimal learning curve 
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate 

A texting platform should also be able to integrate with relevant other software systems to make business operations easier as a whole. For example, integration with CRMs is important to ensure automated campaigns. 

Across different industries, various software systems are used and so a texting platform should be able to integrate with these varied software platforms. 

Let’s have a look at how Emitrr, Textmagic, and SimpleTexting perform in terms of their integrations. 

Emitrr500+ integrations across different industries such as dental, recruiting, real estate, ophthalmology, veterinary, primary health care, financial, chiropractic etc
TextMagicIntegration with Zapier that facilitates all other software integrations
SimpleTexting72 integrations 
Integration Summary: Textmagic vs Simpltexting vs Emitrr

Key Highlights: 

  • Emitrr has the most integrations of the three spanning across different industries. 
  • TextMagic has only 1 native integration. 

From the above comparisons, one can easily see that SimpleTexting towers over TextMagic when it comes to a more robust set of texting features.

It also offers more sets of pricing plans to choose from. Therefore depending on the business need, you can choose which plan suits you the most. Also, there’s quite a bit of a gap between the pricing packages in SimpleTexting. For example, if your daily messaging requirement is 5,000 texts, you cannot choose the fourth plan, you’d have to pay extra and choose the 5th plan that offers 7500 texts. 

With TextMagic however, you have the advantage of creating a customized plan for yourself as you go. As your business grows you can easily increase the number of texts through TextMagic’s pricing structure.

When it comes to Support, SimpleTexting performs slightly better than TextMagic.

If you own a small business TextMagic could be the way to go since you get to create a plan that works for you, and you wouldn’t need more robust texting features. A large business might find SimpleTexting to be more fitting considering its multi-level pricing plan and abundance of features.

However, if you are looking for a tool that covers the strengths of both these texting platforms, you should turn your sights to Emitrr!

Emitrr is a complete customer engagement and interaction platform. Emitrr offers features that complement the entire customer journey. It ensures that businesses stay connected to their customers through every channel, be it text, call, web chat, or other communication platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

Why do we say it is the better platform? Emitrr offers an array of features that are aimed at helping businesses build a connection with their customers and help steer business growth as well. It helps businesses onboard their customers easily and keep them connected at every point in their journey. 

With the help of Emitrr’s features, businesses have successfully converted a large chunk of their call volumes into text, mitigated missed calls by turning them into text conversations, built their online presence by focusing on their reputation management, fostered collaborative approach within their teams to resolve customer queries quickly and so much more! 

Here are some features that Emitrr offers that facilitate the above results:

  • Conversation management: The conversation management feature allows teams to collaborate and resolve customer queries quickly. Some of the conversation management tools include:
  • Notes: This feature allows team members to add notes to a customer conversation that is only visible to them. 
  • Conversation assignment: This feature allows the administrator to assign conversations to team members. The assigned team members can then take over the conversation. 
  • Read and Unread conversations: This feature allows clear distinction between read and unread messages so that the team members know which conversations to focus on. 
  • Dispositions: This feature allows you to characterize conversations based on certain criteria. 
  • Folders: This feature allows you to add conversations into different folders. It’s a great method to organize your conversations. 
  • Open and Closed Conversations: Once you have dealt with a particular conversation you can simply mark it as closed. You can also access conversations based on whether they are open or closed. 
  • Filters: You can filter conversations by various parameters such as who it is assigned to, its disposition, campaigns, tags, etc.
  • Missed call to text: As discussed in a section above, the missed call to text feature allows businesses to engage callers, by following up immediately with a text message. This way no customer coming your way will be left unattended. Whenever a customer call is missed, a text will be sent that says: “Sorry we missed your call. Can we help you with something today?’. This text can be customized as you wish.
  • Reputation Management: With the reputation management features you can send review requests to your customers to prompt them to leave your business a review. You can also respond to the reviews you receive on your Google My Business page through the Emitrr dashboard itself. More reviews, mean more visibility of your business on local SERPs.
  • Email campaigns: You can also send Emails to your customer base right from the Emitrr dashboard. You will have email templates at your disposal to make it easier for you to curate emails. All your communications be it text or email can be easily streamlined on Emitrr.
  • VoIP: VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet. VoIP features such as call forwarding, call routing, transcripts, call recording, voice notes, etc make it super efficient and easier for businesses to effectively handle all customer calls.
  • Secure Texting: Emitrr’s texting capabilities are end-to-end encrypted and adhere to HIPAA guidelines. This way customer data and privacy are protected at all times. 

Apart from the additional features, here are some other factors that make Emitrr stand out from TextMagic and SimpleTexting: 

  • If you’re just starting with texting and are using a business texting software for the first time, you need not worry about anything as there is very little for you to learn. The platform is fairly easy to use.
  • If you’re migrating from another texting platform, there’s no learning curve involved.
  • The platform offers 24/7 live support, which both TextMagic and SimpleTexting lack. Emitrr’s support is rated 5 stars and is something that we take pride in.
  • The value for money of this software is pretty good as the pricing plans are affordable and you only pay for what you use.

As you can see in the above comparison chart, Emitrr has the highest ratings across the board with a stellar 5/5 rating for its customer service. Emitrr’s Likelihood to recommend stands at 95% which is again the highest.

Depending on your business texting features, the price range, and the support requirements you can choose a texting software best suited to your needs. Whether it be SimpleTexting, TextMagic or Emitrr make sure to choose a platform that fits your business the best. Happy choosing!

If you wish to learn more about Emitrr, simply schedule a demo here.

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